[GET] Kindle Money Magnet Pro DOWNLOAD

[GET] Kindle Money Magnet Pro DOWNLOAD

Are YOU Having A Hard Time, Struggling to Make Real Money Online? 
Then Your Search is Over NOW!

“Discover The Exact 5-Step-System that 
I am Using to Make Over $5,000 per month 
in Passive Income on Complete Autopilot 
Publishing Kindle Books!”

“Now ANYONE (Even YOU) Can Earn Thousands – Without Scams, 
Loopholes, or BS – with this Super Simple and Fail-Proof System.”

Before I get started, let me ask you:

  • Are you sick and tired of Wasting HOURS of your precious time (time that you should be spending with your loved ones) going through “in-depth” training of OUTDATED CRAP that just doesn’t work anymore?
  • Aren’t you fed up with struggling day in and day out just to squeeze a few dollars out of the internet?
  • How many times have you told yourself “Today is the day” only to end up empty handed and frustrated?
  • (And I hate to mention this…but…) Do you really want to look in the mirror or your loved ones’ faces and say “I give up. I need to go back to a J-O-B.”?

If any of this even sounds remotely familiar…
then… Trust Me when I say this:

I know exactly where you’re coming from. I struggled for years trying to figure out how to make money online, but now I’ve “cracked the code,” as you would say, to making REAL MONEY online.

Hi, My name is Vicky Sharma, 
and I am a young 22-year old entrepreneur from Delhi, India.

Vicky Sharma

A little over two years ago I was exactly where you are right now.

In fact, I spent MONTHS trying to figure everything out and YES, prayed, cried, and tried everything before I started getting REAL results.

I was struggling desperately to make money online. I’d been working tirelessly and doing my best, but nothing seemed to work out.

I needed money desperately. It annoyed me that my situation wasn’t improving and things seemed to be deteriorating before my eyes.

The System I am going to show you is
very simple and very doable!

I tried several things to make money, but the first money I made was from publishing books on Kindle.

I love to publish books on Kindle because it creates a monthly passive income stream for me on autopilot. And believe me, this system is very simple and very doable.

No money to invest? Not a problem!


I was searching for something which takes zero investment,or very little investment, because I had no money at that time.

I researched a lot and I found that I can make money by writing Kindle Books. And I found out that I can publish my Kindle books with zero investment.

So, I didn’t think too much because I had very little time and I just took action and started writing my book. I completed my first book in just two weeks and I published it on the 28th of July, 2014.

Believe me, you will love to see Your
First Money directly into YOUR Bank Account.

To my surprise, I saw that in the month of July (28th – 31st) there werefive books sold and I had royalty of around $13 in four days.  


I know, this is a very small amount, but for me it was just the beginningI knew that I could easily scale this business.

I still remember, I was jumping on my bed while seeing the sales graph of my book because this was the very first income of my life.

And I can’t explain in words how it felt.

Then Just Copy & Paste the System and see the money rolling into your Bank Account!

In the month of august after testing and trying some different things, I found that there was a sudden growth in the number of sales of my book, and that month alone I had $448 in royalty from my one book. 


This was awesome. In August I wrote my second book in just three days (I will show you how to do that in this course).

And in September, my sales increased and I had $714 in royalty payments.


In only two months, I was able to publish 12 more books in different niches under my different pen names, and I was able to make around$5,132 of passive income in the month of November.

Have a look… 



And then I thought about how easy it is to make money online through Kindle books. But many people are not aware of this. They have no idea what they are missing.

So, I compiled all of the knowledge I had learned while writing and publishing my books into a simple 5-Step System and fused it into a simple 93 page pdf report…

Introducing Kindle Money Magnet PRO…

KMMP Product Image

If you follow this guide and take action, then every month you will definitely attract money like a pro from your Kindle books.

That is why I have chosen the name, Kindle Money Magnet PRO for this awesome guide.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Benefits Of Kindle Money Magnet PRO:

  • This powerful system will not only save you time, but give you the right steps and tools to create and sell many copies of your Kindle books.
  • I had doubts about starting on Kindle, yet with little effort I hit #1 in the Top Free books on the Kindle Lists for my categories and sold books everyday. I was shocked at how fast, easy, and FUN it was to make money with Kindle.
  • Now imagine partnering with a multi-billion dollar company who wants you to win. Yet they do the hard work. Since Kindle pays you up to 70% on book sales, you will make a very healthy cash flow for years from your books.
  • This Proven System will help you to publish your book in front of 300 million hungry readers ready to give you their money. Kindle’s 24/7 traffic and sales means you can sell Kindle books while you are sleeping.
  • I will show you a 3 Day System to write a book which will help you create great writing out of thin air… and make boatloads of money doing it..
  • Imagine quickly growing A CASH MACHINE on Kindle, the #1 eBook selling platform in the world, and having massive fun doing it.
  • This Brain-Dead, Easily Done-for-You Step-by-Step Plug and Play MethodWill Get You Skipping the Learning Curve and Jumping Into Profit By This Weekend!”
  • Even if you are broke today with no time, you can do this.I understand and I have been there too. With Kindle, I found it was quick and easy to start making money.
  • You get paid on time, every month! (Just like a paycheck, but more reliable!) And your pay increases every month, which can’t be said for most jobs.
  • Kindle Money Magnet PRO gives you a secret formula, a proven system that saves you time, money, and energy, and guarantees your success. So you can focus on living the life of your dreams now.

Quick Sneak Peek at my 5-Step System of Kindle Money Magnet PRO:

Step 1: Research Phase:

In the first step, I will show you how to find out the best selling niche/topic to write a book on. This is the most important stepbecause if you will write a book for which there is no market, then no matter how awesome your book is, it will not sell.

  • Which one is right for you, Fiction or Non-Fiction?
  • What is the Right Strategy for Research?
  • What are the 7 Awesome Tools for Research?
  • How to find out Which Niche will be the Most Profitable?

Step 2: Writing Phase:

The second step is to write the book on the topic you have decided.Many people are giving you very complicated and lengthy ways to write a book. But I will show you how to write a book only in three Days! Yes, only 3 Days!

  •  What is the 3 Days System to Write a Book?
  • How to Create the Hook for your book?
  • How to Create the Attention Grabbing Title for your Book?
  • What is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Write your Book?

Step 3: Formatting Phase:

Once you have written your book, the next step is to format your book so that it will look nice on the Kindle device. I will show you the fastest and easiest step-by-step method to format your book for Kindle to save you time and headaches.

  • How to Create beautifully formatted Kindle books with no fuss?
  • What is the Best Free Online Conversion tool to convert doc file into Kindle Format?
  • What is the Tested and proven formatting secrets to save weeks of wasted time?

Step 4: Publishing Phase:

The fourth step is to publish your book on Amazon. I will show you the exact step-by-step blueprint to publish your bookwhich can be done in under 10 minutes.

  •  How to Create the Eye Catching Cover for your Book?
  • How to write a compelling description for your Kindle book?
  • How to choose keywords for your book which will maximize your sales?
  • What is the Exact Step-by-Step Blueprint to Publish your Book under 10 Minutes?

Step 5: Promotion Phase:

The success of any Kindle book depends on how the promotion has been done. The fifth and last step is all about the promotion. I will show you how and where to promote your book for maximum exposure.

  •  What are the 5 Awesome Strategies for Getting Reviews?
  • What are the 7 Methods for Promoting Your Book?
  • What are the Powerful Marketing Strategies which will help your Book toDominate other Books in your Niche?

Here are some of the Awesome Features of Kindle Money Magnet PRO:

  •  I will show you How to Find Red Hot Niches That Are Easy to Break Into and Offer The Highest Possible Profits.
  •  The Secret Little “Trick” That Will Show You Exactly What Your Readers Want So You Can Give It To Them And Cash In Big Time!
  • A step-by-step Highly Effective System to write a best selling book only in 3 Days, for use by authors at all writing levels.
  • This course gives you an exact game plan to use to write and generate book content in the easiest, most effective ways possible.
  • How to Optimize Your Book Details While Publishing In A Way That Will “Magically” Attract and Hypnotize Readers To Buy Your Books!
  • How to price your Kindle book to undercut your competition…and make your books irresistible to buyers.
  • A Very Special and Little Known Way To Make Your Book Description Stand Out That Will Double Your Kindle Book Sales…
  • I will show you Powerful Marketing Strategies which will help your book to dominate other books in your niche and become a bestseller. You can rise to the top of Amazon’s ranks in only a couple weeks.

And that’s not all… Act Right Now & I’ll Throw In Special Fast Action Bonuses that alone are worth way more than the price of the product alone:

Bonus 1: Quick Start Guide: The Exact Checklist I use to Write and Publish Book

3D-box maker » 3d-box  amp; package on-line for free (2)

Bonus 2: 129 Hot Niches to Write a Book on


Bonus 3: 70+ Places to Promote your Book


Bonus 4: The Exact Template I use for my Kindle Books

3D-box maker » 3d-box  amp; package on-line for free

Check out what People are saying about 
Kindle Money Magnet PRO:

As a #1 International bestselling author and publisher, and with over 40 bestsellers for my clients, I have to say That Vicky has written an exceptional book in ‘ Kindle Money Magnet PRO’. I was lucky enough to get a review copy, and boy do I appreciate that. If you’re looking at becoming a published author and grabbing a piece of the Amazon pie, with a residual income, then grab this course while it’s at a crazy price. Super easy to follow and use, with mega fast results, this is a game changer for sure. Thanks Vicky, and best of luck.”

Kevin Long aka The Kindle King#1 International bestselling author

“In this awesome guide you will find an enormous amount of practical tips on successful eBook publishing! As a new eBook publisher I can tell you that all of the advices provided by Vicky Sharma do work and are widely used by bestselling authors on Amazon. If you put the time and effort into eBook publishing, with the provided information you can achieve great results. I highly recommend this guide for those, who want to start publishing their own books, but do not know how to do it exactly; and also for those new authors who are seeking for an advice from experienced publishers.”

Natalie Hallwriter / blogger

“I’m new to the Kindle world…but not the Internet Marketing World. After reading Kindle Money Magnet PRO and applying the strategies of this guide, I have written 4 Kindle books in 1 month and have been fortunate to have had them ranked as Best Sellers in their respective categories. I personally liked the 3 Days System to Write a Book that Vicky have designed. Believe me, anybody could write a quality book only in 3 days with this System. This book has provided me with a structure, process and metrics that makes sense to me and I am loving it to apply. Thank you Vicky for this awesome Guide.”

Sumit Dasauthor / internet marketer

“Kindle Money Magnet PRO gave me what I needed to know. This guide is laid out in a great format with step by step instructions that clearly explain what you need to do, why you need to do it and how it can be done. It gives you an easy to follow guide that clearly explains each technique and tip so that you can apply them to your own books for the purpose of selling more. This guide is amazing for anyone interested in getting started in self-publishing, and is a good motivator to get people off the couch and into the writer’s chair. I am already looking for the catchy title and clickable cover design! Great job Vicky!”

Marjan Bazalac M.D.author / entrepreneur

“Kindle Money Magnet PRO helped me out a lot in terms of making money through Kindle Direct Publishing platform of Amazon. Tons of information within this guide that is practical and useful for any level. This guide offers constructive, applicable advice for building your Amazon empire. It is designed to be a beginner’s crash course to getting you up and running. You’ll learn everything from book ideas, what sells; cover design, tips on writing, publishing your book through kindle blogging. Such a helpful guide! I recommend this to anyone who is searching for the easiest way to make money online!”

Viktoria MooreBest Selling Author

Serious question time…


Are you buying products because you want to be ‘entertained’ or because you want to make real passive income and live the life that you’ve always dreamed about?

The truth is, the gurus are entertaining. And the sales videos with rooftop pools, mansions and Lamborghinis are great for ‘entertainment’…

But the truth is, 99% of guru products don’t actually give you the information that you need to succeed as a full time marketer.

Chances are that you’ve already bought one or more guru products in the past and yet here you are, still looking for the solution that will help you to achieve your financial goals…

It’s time to change your life…


I’m not a guru and if you’re looking for videos with paid actors, Lamborghinis or people being drenched in expensive alcohol, you’re going to be disappointed…

However if you’re looking for a real solution that works, this is it… It’s time to change your life!

No Experience Required
(in fact, the less you know – the better!)


Kindle Money Magnet PRO is the only product that you need to follow to create a full time passive income for you on the Internet. If you work hard, apply the methods in this Guide, then there is no reason why you can’t generate a full time passive income on the Internet just like I have…

This Guide teaches you a variety of under utilised, innovative methods to execute this dead simple strategy that ensures that you make money on complete autopilot…

And if You Act Right NOW, you can grab Kindle Money Magnet PRO for a very SPECIAL Price…


This Guide is the result of thousands of hours of education, hard workand trial and error.

I’ve spent months on creating this awesome product and I have compiled each and every important essentials for making passive money by publishing kindle books.

With that in mind, I could easily charge hundreds of dollars for this information and you’d still be getting a bargain…

Because This Strategy flat out Works…

But I’m not going to charge hundreds. In fact, not even $100… Not even $50…

If you act today, you can purchase Kindle Money Magnet Money PRO for the lowest price possible.

You’ve seen the results. You know the story. Don’t wait for a miracle to happen. Don’t wait to win the lottery. Tomorrow won’t change if you don’t take action today!

Take control of your financial destiny and start living the life you deserve. Invest in The Kindle Money Magnet PRO today:

There’s Absolutely NO RISK!


Your Money Is Safe, Don’t Worry. I Offer a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee…

Kindle Money Magnet PRO will make you money, believe it or not.

I understand that in the past you’ve been misled and feel pretty skeptical, and that’s understandable.

In order to show you HOW much trust I have in my system and that I am completely sure that once you put everything into action YOU will see results…I offer a, 30-days money-back guarantee.

Due to the nature of the business I offer an unadvertised 30 day modified refund policy….

Apply everything I teach and fail with proof… Get your money back. If you don’t, then no chance. I run a business and you would be surprised how many people just buy to have a peek. I am sure this is not you, but people do do it and I need to protect the integrity of my business….

Now how can I help you succeed?

Hit the Buy Now button below To Invest In The Kindle Money Magnet PRO Now!

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