[GET] Instant Spokesperson Essentials Make Cleverly Simple & Engaging Videos IN Minutes DOWNLOAD

[GET] Instant Spokesperson Essentials Make Cleverly Simple & Engaging Videos IN Minutes DOWNLOAD

Now YOU Can Amaze Your Clients AND Explode $ales

While Secretly Eliminating Production Time & Costs! 

Instant Spokesperson Essentials consists of a complete, set of pre-made, local niche-market videos that marketers can utilize to bring in more sales to their offline, video marketing businesses.

Check Out Some Of The Samples We Have Below…​

PLUS A Bonus Video To Help Them Sell 

The Other Videos!


Bankruptcy Lawyer

Flooring Company

DUI Lawyer

Home Remodeling



Personal Injury Attorney

Real Estate

Pest Control

Not sure how to USE all these tools?

When you are ready to start selling video ranking services or want to do complex video editing you will be delighted to know you can rely on our training group to get you moving there as well!

Worried about how to edit the videos?  Don’t be! 

Don’t have a way to edit videos and add branding… and you don’t want to spend $400 on an editing program?  Our professional video editing software will give you all the tools you need to edit like a boss!

When A Client Has Different Musical Tastes, We have you covered!

We have a variety of extra music tracks to help make you look like a musical virtuoso 

to your clients

Need To SHOCK Your Client With Crazy Conversions?

Try adding the included animated call to action graphics to your videos!  Add ‘Facebook Like’, YouTube Endscreens and much more!

Whenever you get STUCK we have the SOLUTION!

Whenever you get stuck or have any questions you will be able to solve your issues quickly inside our support center And/or you can lean on the wonderful mastermind group you will have instant access to!

HD Backgrounds

Need to add some extra branding for a specific client, and don’t know how to make it pop?  We provide a variety of HD backgrounds to make your work stand out

I was so fed up with wasting my time messing around endlessly trying to make videos, 

Then I noticed that my competition was often stealing sales from me just because they happened to finish producing theirs faster.

Then it hit me, I NEEDED a way to beat them to the sale. I had to find a faster way to produce better videos or I might as well quit.

First I tried using Animoto and other online video production tools. Heck I even bought LOTS of video creation software.

My business improved but I was still BLEEDING sales.

I was watching literally dozens of jobs get lost to my competition  just because making the darn videos myself was time consuming and riddled with so many “back to the drawing board” moments it was ridiculous.

If you have ever tried to make just one video, you know what I mean.

Well If I can’t make one video quickly, how the heck am I going to make dozens?

I also had some complaints…animations looked fake, they wanted real humans to represent their business.

I tried fiverr and many other outsourcing services BUT the turnaround time and quality was lacklustre.

Now You Can DOMINATE The Hottest Selling Offline Niches Niches…

We currently cover the following niches

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Flooring Company

DUI Lawyer

Home Remodeling



Personal Injury Attorney

Real Estate

And we have new ones every single month!


Guaranteed Success

Our 30 day, if you can’t sell it, we will sell it for you guarantee!

If you have more than one client refusing to by a your videos, simply get that in writing from your client, send it to our team and we will reach out and make the sale for you!

If we can’t sell it for you, we will refund your purchase price!


What exactly is Instant Spokesperson Essentials?

ISPE is a collection of pre-made videos that serve the main purpose of generating more leads and sales to offline businesses in the hottest and most profitable niches.

How can it benefit me and my offline, video marketing business?

ISPE can benefit you simply by meeting a high demand of offline businesses engaging in video marketing and putting more money on your pockets.

How soon should I expect to see results?

Your results depend all on when you take action and your current-client base. However, it is common we have marketers who go out and find new clients and see a very quick turnaround.

Are there any upsells that follow Instant Spokesperson Essentials?

Yes – We highly recommend that you pick them up because they will tremendously boost your revenue in your business.

As a special added bonus, 10% of all sales all sales will be going to Toys For Tots to help needy children during this 

Ray The Video Guy here, here and if you’re somebody who works with local businesses such as;

 lawyers, caterers, home remodeling companies, pay for service doctors, 

mechanics, pest control companies or real estate companies?

then I’ve got something that’s going to help you to help  get them more calls AND YOU more sales. 

I have been selling videos to business for the last 15 years. At first I didn’t make much money at all because 

I was wasting ALL of my time trying to produce the best videos myself.

“This is brilliant Ray.  Thanks for putting these packages together. Hopefully there are more in the pipeline in the coming weeks.”

– Mark

Ray Lane hope you keep making Pre-Made videos for different niches. You do a great job!!!”

– Larry

Kudo’s to Ray and the Gang at Instant Spokesperson Videos, their done for you commercials have allowed me to reach a bigger audience so much faster and the ease at which you can sell their videos has had a significantly positive affect on my bottom line!

– John Charbonneau 

Video should be the foundation of all of your marketing efforts — online and offline — I have been helping clients make more money using videos since 2010. Bottom line: Video works! Use it! 

– Tamara Patzer, Total Audience Market Immersion, Business Consultant

“Video has been the cornerstone product that companies buy from me. Selling video has made a greater impact than any of our other offers combined.”

– Owen Video

Effortlessly Produce & Sell High Quality Local Niche Videos In Minutes!

Work less & Sell More Videos To A Larger Audience – Faster!

Skip The Hassles Of Video Production 

Amplify your video sales volume while boosting your bottom line

Fast-Forward To The Profits!

ReBrand Our Pre-Made Niche Videos With YOUR Clients Logo

Sneak In And SELL Them While Your Competition Struggles The OLD WAY

Take just a couple minutes to review this page you will discover how you can be doing this TODAY!

This works because of three simple reasons I have tested this to death!

AND HONESTLY? My sales SUCKED! I wanted to quit…Then I had what seemed like a crazy idea…

What if I could leverage premade videos and just rebrand them with a logo and resell the video?

Most of my business friends LOVED the idea because it would save clients massive time AND  money!

I liked the super fast turn around time, it seemed like it was worth a try. I had only one question to answer…

Would client’s mind using the same pre made videos, other businesses are using?



YES they want unique videos for some of their needs, but 80% of their needs can be met with pre made videos!

This saves them a TON of money, drives traffic at their offers and creates sales, for them AND you!




Divert those savings into paying me to produce high end videos OR better yet, use them to pay for other services I offer.

Then it hit me…Wouldn’t it make even more sense to divert those savings into testing even more pre made videos

Obviously I had options for them now, I needed to discuss this with some random clients.

WOW…imagine my surprise, when I first tried this….and it worked!

All of a sudden I was the expert because my pre made videos gave them a strategy they could deploy almost immediately!

No more big budgets, lengthy production schedules, high priced script writers, actors and shooting equipment.

​Now we were playing with power and these clients were all of a sudden MAKING MONEY FASTER

But here is the real trick, they were now empowered with simple, fast, highly profitable, convincing & engaging videos created by their new video marketing expert!

I became a long term asset to their business and they began to spend more and more money on my other services.

For me it was an easy, no brainer, quick solution to years of struggle and stress BUT For them? It was a miracle, 

if one video didn’t feel right? I just showed them another!

Fast forward to today and business couldn’t be better or easier, 

Today we are producing new videos constantly so you never have to worry about selection.  We even take requests and when the crowd wants a niche covered, we do it!

We can confidently say we are here for your success.  Be sure to read some of our testimonials on this page, Our CLIENTS absolutely LOVE US & their BUSINESS THRIVES!

Video Marketing Made EASY!

But There Is Even More To Help You Succeed!

But That’s Not The Best Part…

More than anything, ISPE allows you to get paid FAT checks for very little to minimal effort invested on your behalf.

Right about now you are wondering how much this is going to cost you.. 

Just to recap, you are getting…

• 10 pre-made, ready to sell local videos, in 10 hot niches

• Extra music tracks, so you can easily customize the videos to your needs

• Extra images to fully customize the videos

• A professional video editing program, which will save you HUNDREDS

• Training on how to customize the videos

• Animated video graphics to help improve conversions of your videos

• A mastermind group, filled with others that have experience in this field!

[GET] Instant Spokesperson Essentials Make Cleverly Simple & Engaging Videos IN Minutes DOWNLOAD

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