[GET] Instant Local Leads Software DOWNLOAD

[GET] Instant Local Leads Software DOWNLOAD

Attention Local Marketers:

Let Me Show You The Fastest And Easiest Way To Build A List Of Local Businesses In Desperate Need Of Your Services…For FREE!

Dear Local Marketers,

We all know that there are a gazillion small businesses out there that need our help!

The market is huge, the opportunities are endless…blah blah blah.

But which of the 25 million small businesses actually needs your help?!

And how in the world do you get in touch with them!

Well, the software you are seeing today has finally made it EASYFAST and CHEAP to build a big, targeted list of local businesses that clearly need your services!

NO MORE buying expensive lists that are already 25% out of date the day you buy them…

NO MORE wasting time scouring the Internet searching for businesses in your area or industry vertical…

And NO MORE waiting around for the right prospects to contact you, wondering where your next opportunity is going to come from!

Instant Local Leads Lets You Instantly Generate Unlimited Local Business Leads In Any City, State or Country…And Gives You The Information You Need To Know Exactly Which Ones To Go After First!

Easily produce unlimited lists of targeted local leads across any vertical you choseanywhere in the world within seconds:

Get actionable insights from Instant Local Leads so you know which prospects to target and how:

Use simple tools integrated into Instant Local Leads to quickly run reports about your prospect’s website, display the way their site currently shows up on mobile browsers, and how the site could look once you are done with it!

But Mike…There Are Lots Of Lead Scraper Tools Out There.
Why Is This One Any Different?!

That’s A Great Question…I’ll Give You Three Reasons Why!


Reason #1 – Our Scraping Algorithm Delivers Better Results

There are lots of scrapers out there that just grab every bit of junk they can find on the web and deliver to you…hoping you’ll be too overwhelmed with the data to mind that it is nearly worthless. Old Yellow Pages listings, outdated business profiles – nothing is off limits as long as they can impress you with a bunch of data.

We take a different approach. Our scraping algorithm is designed to only bring you back the best qualitymost complete business information we can find so that it’s actually usable in your sales efforts. Imagine that!

The last thing you want is to have your lead scraper give you a bunch of junk data, only to find out after you’ve loaded it into your CRM and made a bunch of calls, or sent out an expensive direct mail campaign!

In testing performed by Ernst & Young Auditors (not true), Instant Local Leads software was able to pull TWICE AS MANY PHONE NUMBERS as another leading scraper we tested against (true)!

The Instant Local Leads software gives you data you can trust!

Reason #2 – Our Software Delivers Insights You Can Use To Contact And Engage New Prospects Immediately

You don’t just want addresses and phone numbers – you want to know if they actually NEED something from you as well! This dramatically reduces your prospecting time by allowing you to focus on the prospects that you know have a problem you can solve!

Instant Local Leads tells you things like: If they have a mobile website or not, are they using flash on their main website, do they have a Facebook page, how many likes does it have, etc.

You can use these insights to add firepower to your prospecting and make sure that your time is spent on your most likely opportunities!

Reason #3 – It’s Cheap!

Sure, you could drop $97 or even as much as $297 for some of the other scrapers out there, or you can pay a small fraction of that to get ours!

Why are we charging so little?

We are releasing the software to a limited number of people now so we can get real feedback and continue to develop it into the best possible scraper on the market. You benefit by getting in early and helping us out!

The Instant Local Leads Software Will Produce Hundreds Of Geo-Targeted Leads And Detailed Information To Help You Make Contact And Close Deals – GUARANTEED!!!

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