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From the desk of Derrick and Edward

Dear Marketer,

Imagine how your life would be if you would just know a simple method that it is absolutely ALL you need to build Small but INSANELY profitable email lists that every day, and almost on complete autopilot, produce results like these:

or maybe something like these:

and I could be showing you proof after proof all day long but I have something way more important to tell you…

but before doing that let me know if this sounds familiar to you:

  • You’ve been trying to build a list but all your subscribers are only freebie seekers that never buy from you
  • You’ve tried paid traffic like Solo Ads to build your list but you LOST your money and didn’t make a penny in return
  • You know the money IS in the list so you buy product after product hoping to get some REAL stuff about how to build a solid email list but you end up losing your hard earned money and completely overwhelmed by crap information.

If that sounds familiar to you… well…

It’s NOT your fault

Unfortunately most of the information available online these days is DEAD WRONG.
There was a time, not that long ago, around 5 years when you could send a broadcast to your list, even if it was small and you would end with a nice 3 or even 4 figures payday.

Unfortunately, that’s not real any more.
I’m sure you’ve seen marketers here and there saying all the time: the money is in the list, and actually that is true in some point, but I would say that the money is not only in the list, but mainly in the RELATIONSHIP you have with your list…

Making Money with Email Marketing IS EASY, it is VERY EASY if you master this simple word: SYSTEMS

There’s a proven formula to create solid relationships with your list, that works in any market, any niche, any country and any language.
In fact, check some results that our students are getting right NOW by only sending an e-mail to their lists:

including 4 figures paydays like these:

and today you can learn exactly how to get and convert subscribers into REAL money coming to your bank account, every single day like clock-work!


The Exact Strategy We Used to create and convert a small list of 500 Subscribers Into over $30,000 Virtually Overnight and with just a few hours of work
Imagine waking up each day with the POWER to make SALES on DEMAND to any offer and in ANY NICHE… How Cool it would be?
And the Best part…

It is so simple that even
my 10 years old kid can do it

and this is only the tip of the iceberg, but before we continue, let me WARN YOU:
This is not probably like anything you’ve seen online. This is not a 1,000 pages book or a 150 video course. This is a simple book, direct and to the point, with real examples of our own experience so you can learn the strategies and start taking action right now
You can apply these principles today and you can start to see REAL results before your head hits the pillow tonight.
I know for a fact that the first time I applied the psychological tricks inside Conversion Crusher, my open rates, click throughs, and EPCs for my list went through the roof.
I’m confident that it will work for you too because even if you have no list, I’ll show you how you can start getting other people to build it for you, for FREE

So, at this point you’re probably wondering…
How much it will cost you to access to this PROVEN NO-FAIL Instant Cash Machine?

Well, I guess you’re probably going to be surprised. As I said, only a few close students have been able to access to this and they’ve paid me thousands of dollars to train them, but their results have been so good and so “unlimited” that we have decided to share this for a very low price


In simple words, if you follow the instructions and take action, there are no reasons for you to fail and we want action takers, we want people willing to take this and use it to launch huge and profitable traffic campaigns immediately.

We don’t want this Training to be out there around people who won’t do anything ever, because they’re just time-wasters and they will never make a single cent online.

That’s the reason why

We have decided to sell a very limited amount of copies

Once we reach that limit, we will close this special offer for good. And if you take action FAST and get your copy today, you’re still going to get a huge price discount, but it rises with every sale so click the button below and download your copy NOW:

What you’re getting today is the exact blueprint to not only Build but also CONVERT LIKE CRAZY with your E-mail Marketing Campaigns that drive UNLIMITED TRAFFIC and Generate SALES ON DEMAND

You can use this to promote:

  • Your Own Products
  • Affiliate Offers
  • CPA Offers
  • Clients Offers
  • Generate Leads on Demand
  • Generate Leads and Sales for Clients
Virtually the Sky is the limit!

And for your complete peace of mind, check our TRIPLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE:

You want results right?

We do this every day in our business, it really is a NO-FAIL campaign. If you put it to work, launch your campaign and you don’t get an avalanche of traffic, subscribers and sales within the first 7 days, then we will triple your money as a way to thank you for your efforts.
This is how we think all marketing should be done, get RESULTS or pay nothing.
So you have EXACTLY NOTHING TO LOSE and literally a LOT to gain.
If you’re not taking action and buying right now, then you’re probably not the serious person we’re looking for.
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