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“Discover How To
Quickly Get
Over 100 Leads a Day
For Your Business
Using Your
Instagram Account”


From the desk of: Pedro Lopes

Dear Opportunity Seeker,

I’m going to share with you the power of Instagram today, free of charge.

Why free? Because I honestly don’t believe Instagram gets the attention and recognition it deserves.

I honestly don’t think I can charge for a product on a severely under-hyped market, Not yet at least…

Speaking of being charged, I have a couple questions for you:

When’s the last time you invested your time or money on something and actually sawresults?

When was the last time you got excited about something, only to end up disappointed?

I know the pain and frustration

I know the feeling of wondering if you should or shouldn’t spend your hard earned dollar on that WSO that’s supposedly gonna change your life!

Trust me, I know

Well, today you won’t have that dilemma, today is your day of compensation!

Ever wondered how some Instagram accounts reach 100s of thousands of followers?

Without being Kim Kardashian…

That was me, I wondered too… 

I did months of researching and spent money where I probably shouldn’t have

I banged my head over this for a long time, and after much frustration…

I finally got it!

This is an account that I created just a few weeks ago…

And here are some shots of audience reaction after just ONE post!

This is more action than I had on my personal account that I had for years!

Best part, I spent less than 5 mins a day on this account… If that!

I’m going to share my secrets with you today…


Why is this report so glamorous you ask? Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to start from scratch and be an Insta celebrity in weeks – not months, not years
  • How to create a targeted audience, hungry for your content and your offer
  • Hashtags – how to use them to your advantage, when not to use them
  • How to gain at least 20 followers a day adding fresh daily leads for your business
  • Automation – set it and forget it tactics and secrets so you can enjoy that Margarita
  • Rookie mistakes to avoid – never get banned or harassed by the Insta Police
  • Turn your Insta account into a cash register – get paid every time you post

Plus, much more…

Are you a Network Marketer? Great! 

Implement the strategies in this report and watch your downline explode!

Offline business? Yes! This is for you!

Few things nowadays can help your business go viral like IG, get yourself out there!

Is it newbie friendly? You bet your new iPhone 6 Plus it is!

Anybody can pick this up and have a targeted audience of real, live, liking, following, commenting and buying people as soon as tomorrow!

Why should you pick this up? 

Well, other than the aforementioned benefits in the bulleted list… It’s FREE!

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