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Dear Fellow Marketers,

Iam writing this for you today because i have something that has the potential to revolutionize your financial freedom in best way possible. 

It Changed my Life in best way possible.

Yes, I was that newbie.

Manjiri here and partnered with Vik Pandey and Surya in association to bring you very best in CPA Industry which will pick the race like usain bolt in 2015.

If you have been struggling with CPA even after putting a lot of hard work or you are experience CPA Marketer looking to grow your business exponentially with new & untold high converting traffic strategies Then You Should read every single word on this sales page.

There has never been a more exciting time in CPA Marketing then right now.

Just when you think that you have it figured out, there becomes a shift in the game. It is amazing how seemingly out of nowhere the Internet can provide you with an insane amount of HOT untapped affiliate marketing programs which are better than traditional CPA Market.

This package of Goldmine Affiliate Theme for CPA, Deal Actions builder and Our Step by Step Complete Guides are door to prosperous life where you will rule the game without much competition and low commissions rates like in those of other programs.

I remember my early days of making websites, doing different stuff to promote in many affiliate platforms, looking for low competition niches to working hours and wasting hard earned money on all those B.S Courses.


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If your Answer is YES to any of above question

I know how you exactly feel friend

Many marketers started online career in front of me and rose to fame while I was struggling at one place seeing them running and winning in life.

I feel no shame today in saying that

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I googled about highest paying affiliate commissions program and that’s how I got to know about These Inhouse Affiliate Marketing Programs which are paying higher than all of these Big CPA Networks like Maxbounty, Peerfly etc.

I spent month researching about reliability of this system and how to approach it in easy step by step manner. 

I picked the pace slowly and started decoding secrets of these marketers who were doing it from quite some time but remain silent because they don’t wanted this platform to go exploited just like All CPA Network Programs.

So What I Discovered

  • Several Small Inhouse Affiliate Programs are giving higher commissions as compared to big CPA Networks.
  • These Inhouse Networks are mainly property of Product Vendors Thus Affiliates can have direct interaction with Product Representative and discuss deals.
  • Deals are mostly negotiable between affiliates and vendors. If you have good plan to promote. They will support you with better affiliate commissions on same product as compare to other affiliates.
  • These Networks are more welcoming as Affiliates are already in scarcity for these type of InhousePromotions.


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All you need is determination and Inhouse Affiliate Goldmine System to cash in from easiest selecting cost per action affiliate programs to get paid with only few minutes of work.

It Indeed is that simple folks

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Well keep reading folks because here’s what we’ve decided to do 

I gathered everything which I researched along with these untapped affiliate programs plus our goldmine theme into one great big monster package and deliver it here.

Proudly Presents…



Here’s Glimpse of What is Inside

  • Overview of Our Success Strategy
  • How to find these Hidden Goldmine Networks
  • Finding High Converting Offers to Promote
  • How to Apply for programs and Get Selected in These Inhouse Networks
  • How to Negotiate for Better Deals
  • Live Examples with Few Networks and how to best milk from them
  • How to do Research on Offers and Predict It’s conversion Rates
  • How to Launch Campaign from SCRATCH
  • How to Analyze Campaigns Results and learn from it for future
  • Next Steps After Launching Campaigns
  • Secrets of 6 Figure Marketers which make them Tons of Money


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Building The Most Complete Review Websites

The IAG Theme is made with affiliate marketing in mind. It has the ability to display the products on the homepage in a way that will attract visitors along with useful review information.

  • Create Your Own Affiliate Review Website In 10 Mins.
  • Star Rating System – It comes with a built-in star rating review system, so users can see at a glance how a product is generally rated.
  • 25+ Shortcodes – With our collection of shortcodes, you can easily create beautiful and complex layouts without having to delve into a sea of complex code. Shortcodes will greatly improve the functionality and variety of your content without the frustration that comes with learning advanced web development techniques.
  • Highly Customizable – Update sliders, change color schemes, turn-off certain sections in the website.
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You can very well guess that your about to touch goldmine of recursive passive success by availing Our Goldmine Software Website Theme and Step by Step Guide in such low price. 

When was the last time You Found A premium affiliate Marketing Website Theme and Course that cost so less ?

Wait!!.. Let’s Make it Affiliate Karnival for You

Awesome Bonuses For Fast Action Takers

(Available If You Buy Within First 24 Hours Only)


No Cost Affiliate Marketing

No Cost Affiliate Marketing Video Course aims to turn at least 500 struggling “Newbies” into profit-generating internet success stories

Paid Traffic Report

Learn the exact same steps to get massive army of visitors to your website’s doorstep faster than you ever thought possible in minimum budget.

Paid trafiic is a results-driven strategy, that when used correctly, can not only blow the lid off your ROI in a very fast time, but has the potential to explode your online business more rapidly than you have ever dreamed.



The Ultimate Google Hangouts Marketing Companion

This is your perfect Google+ Hangouts Professional Marketing Guide

  • 1. Overview – Google Hangouts For Internet Marketers
  • 2. Why Marketers Should Be Excited About Google Hangouts
  • 3. What You’ll Need To Setup For Google Hangouts
  • 4. How To Setup Your Google Hangout
  • 5. Logging In To Invite People
  • 6. Google Hangout Internal Chat
  • 7. Google Hangouts Screen Share
  • 8. Audience Questions Plug-in
  • 9. Cameraman Capture
  • 10. Hangout Toolbox
  • 11. Google Effects
  • 12. Apps For Google Hangouts
  • 13. Google Hangout Controls
  • 14. Google Hangouts Affiliate Marketing
  • 15. Google Hangouts For Content Marketers
  • 16. Google Hangouts For Offline Marketers
  • 17. Google Hangouts For Product Creators
  • 18. Google Hangouts For Service Providers
  • 19. Google Hangouts As A Speaker
  • 20. Google Hangouts For Marketers Conclusion

What Experts Think
About InHouse Affiliate Goldmine


Jai Sharma

  • I have been online for about five years. I made some money but I’m at the point where I want to take my business to a whole new level. Coming here has been seriously mind blowing.


Dinesh Taunk

  • Content these guys have provided is top notch. I have found some really golden nuggets in this information. wordpress Theme they have provided is really great for everybody who wants to start their affiliate business.


Ankit Mehta

  • I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content. The information are laid out simply, easy to follow, easy to learn and easy to implement.

So Ask Yourself Now


This is one of those moments that comes along just once in a blue moon.

This is a brand new way to make money with Innovative CPA that 99.4% marketers don’t know and other 0.6% don’t want to reveal to safeguard their monopoly in these Inhouse Hidden CPA business. 

But right now you are not going after them. You literally are not tapping a resource that conservatively has over So many eyeballslooking to see what YOU have to offer. I am talking about whatever it is you want to do. This is with an untainted resource. 

There are so many places like Youtube and Facebook among others that can get you views potentially but there is so much competition. They are tainted because they have been overexposed to marketers and marketing.

The potential is staggering… The results are crazy.

You want to be heard? You want traffic? You want to make money? You want a brand new source that hasn’t been tainted by everyone else? You want to shoot fish in a barrel? Then come join me in utilizing this amazing new traffic source and the easy to use strategies that I am implementing.

Be in front of Hundreds of new hidden affiliate networks, Tonight! Not tomorrow, not next week. But tonight. At will and at your discretion.

So What You Should Do Next?

  • I’ve made it completely Easy for You to access this course
  • If you’re serious about making money, This is easiest and best chance for you to start of Now. Buy This Package before I put it down and sell it on private mastermind group for $2000+ again.

Let me get straight to the point, I know you’ve seen many one click push button money softwares which are crap when executed. I know you’ve seen over complicated systems of 5-6 hours video trainings and which do nothing in end or require too much of efforts. 

This System is Based on SMART Work which I did in previous few months and earned commissions. Now same system is in front of you which even granny can handle and operate.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

money-backTry Inhouse Affiliate Goldmine Now For 60 Days Risk Free!

I’m fully confident that you’ll love Inhouse Affiliate Goldmine on a whole new level. If by any chance 
you aren’t as satisfied, then send us a support ticket and we’ll do a full refund. 

As you always wished, this is a ‘No Questions Asked’ Money Back Guarantee.


P.S If you’re still undecided remember it won’t stay at this price forever.

P.P.S Don’t forget my ironclad 30 days, ironclad money back guarantee

If youve read this sales letter until very end, you are obviously very interested.

What are you waiting for? You Owe it to yourself today to finally have answers you need to be able to quiet your day job. 

And I would HATE to have you come back to this offer 5 minutes too late and see increased price.

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