[GET] Income Riches Build Insanely Profitable Affiliate Sites Suck In Free Traffic On Autopilot DOWNLOAD

GET Income Riches Build Insanely Profitable Affiliate Sites Suck in Free Traffic on Autopilot DOWNLOAD

From The Desk Of John Richards
Full Time Internet Marketer

I‘ll cut to the chase. If you follow the Internet marketing gurus’ instructions, I *guarantee* you will FAIL.If you are now in the situation where I was a short time ago, I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through! At this point you are fed up with lining the pockets of the “Gurus” and seeing no results. You have heard it all by now–they promise if you buy their latest product you will make a boatload of cash in a short time with no effort and no work. Well, guess what? We no longer believe them, do we? They have fooled us for the last time!

Sure—they made money on their product. But they made it by selling it to us! Not by actually using it to make money. Now we know why…because their systems don’t work! We know, because they never worked for us! Doesn’t that make you mad? Enough already!

It is not your fault if you have spent money you could not afford to lose, maxed out your credit cards and suffered disappointment after disappointment when you didn’t make any money. It’s their fault—because they never had a program or course that would work in the first place! We were duped! Well, that’s over now, once and for all.

I started out just like you. I went online after losing my job and hoped to make some money from the Internet riches I was hearing about. I bought one product after another….ebooks, videos, courses and coaching programs….that turned out to be more videos! All promising that they had the answer to making money online. I actually did make a little money, too. A few dollars, that is, after I had spent thousands! I actually helped the so-called “experts” retire rich and I saw many of them leave the “make money” niche in Internet marketing–with some of my hard-earned money in their pockets!

“They Had A Real Gold Rush Going On!”

I just lined up with everyone else and I kept buying course after course and got more and more confused because they gave conflicting advice and pieces of a puzzle but never gave the whole picture. There was always a key piece missing. Most of the methods were fads or old methods that were already worn out by the time they got to me. So although I made a few dollars, it was nothing like what I was promised or what I needed for myself and my family.

Was this major frustration for me? You can just bet it was!

At that time I had one Clickbank account, not several as I have today. The account was free to open and as a few of the courses taught, I opened the account to promote the many products they offered that I could sell as an affiliate.

My main problem was “How can I start filling my ClickBank account with cash?” as I was being taught to do. Oh, sure, the gurus told me to do it…but not how to do it!

I knew I would have stiff competition for one thing, as there are literally a few hundred thousand affiliates in the world struggling to get a toehold in the same marketplace. By now I had used up every bit of credit, cash and loans I could get my hands on and I was deeply in debt. Where was the money I was supposed to make? I was worse off than before! I was so broke I could simply not buy another course from the “experts” even when they ran sales (mostly of their old out-dated products, by the way.) Even if I had the money, I was not sure I would want to spend more money in order to be disappointed once again. I was hurt, disillusioned and disgusted.

I Literally Tried Everything…And Nothing Worked! Broke, Frustrated And Disgusted…

Some days I wondered why on earth I didn’t give up then and there. What kept me going?

Call it intuition, call it my gut feeling…I just knew if I didn’t give up, didn’t quit, I would make it. I had no practical reason to think that I could succeed but I just believed in myself—and you really need that belief.

I failed so many times, but I just refused to be a loser.

I knew that when I made it, I would have all the abundance the Internet promises. I was holding out for that! I just needed the right information, to learn the correct way to do things to accomplish my goals. I had to discover whatever the secrets were to making money online.

I also refused at that point to sell any kind of junk courses to someone else. I knew I could make money doing the same as the gurus, but I am a man of principle. I wanted to find the real deal….so I kept working at it.

“Finally…One Day… “

I still had my Clickbank account and was promoting a product as an affiliate. I was continuing to try different products and was probably up to about 100 times trying to make decent money. I was so desperate I would try just about anything at this point. And then…

It Actually Happened…I Struck “GOLD!”

At first I didn’t get too excited because I had made a little money at times but it never amounted to much or lasted long.

But then the next day another sale came in!

And another and another…Each day…more sales!

My confidence started to grow but I did not want to depend on it just yet. I decided to try what I had done with a different affiliate product. To my surprise, more cash started rolling into my ClickBank account!

AT LAST….I Had Found The Secret Code!

I began to realize this was not just a few sales on one product that would end before it got started. This was different. Because I could re-create what I did and get the same results, I realized I had stumbled on a system.

I found what I had been chasing, looking for and trying to learn for so long! The secret code of ClickBank riches! My own sustainable system that would keep bringing in cash as long as I used it!

I immediately built a few more affiliate sites just to test out my system. One by one, they pumped in the cash—just like turning on the ClickBank faucet!

There was a bit of surprise in all of this, too, because I realized that developing my new system had little or nothing to do with what I learned from all the other products that cost me so much money—not to mention wasted time. That fact alone really riles me up even now! When I think of the thousands of dollars I spent, I find it ironic that in the end I Cracked the Code myself with no help from any of the gurus.

My Web Sites Reached Page 1 On Google Within 3 Hours!

My system takes very little time to get started. You will not spend months trying to drive traffic or weeks waiting for your site to rank on Google. I discovered how to get your affiliate sites on Page 1 on Google within 3 hours—or even less!

As I mentioned, I used to be concerned about competing with thousands of affiliates. Not anymore – now I know that most of them have no clue about how to make money online, either! Now my discovery will be yours, too, and you will also stand head and shoulders above your competition!

I also believed that I had to pay for traffic if I wanted to succeed. That may be fine if you know how to make it work and have deep pockets – which I did not have! Well…now I do not pay for any traffic at all, and when I show you the system I discovered accidentally, you will know how to get FREE traffic, too.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, or have a PhD, either. I do not consider myself a genius, yet I figured it all out and I have it all done for you. If you are as fed up as I was with jargon and complicated programs that never worked anyway, I have the answer you have been seeking. Your frustrating days and lonely nights of trying to do it on your own are over! I just can’t wait to share it with you…

“Introducing Proven Income Riches!”

Finally…Proven Techniques That Show You Exactly – Step-By-Step – How To Make Real Money!

“You Will Soon Have The Money And Freedom You Deserve With Fat Checks From ClickBank Each And Every Week”

Even though I discovered the money-making secrets in my system as a ClickBank affiliate, the general principle will work with any kind of affiliate marketing, including in-house or third party products.

The reason I like ClickBank is that it is easy to use and new products are added constantly. You can find and promote products in any niche – all from one convenient location.

My core system will teach you how to build fantastically profitable affiliate sites that will reach Page 1 on Google within 3 hours or less…and all with my automatic “set it and forget it” technique!

You Need To Know Why This System Is Different:

This is not a fad or a get-rich-quick scheme. As I already said, I will not promote the kind of junk courses that were sold to you and me in the past. I also do not like short-term trends for a quick buck. I know you want to build a sustainable business that will pay you for years to come. Income Riches will continue to work, day in and day out. You can count on it.

This is NOT an overpriced rehashed eBook. By now you have tons of eBooks gathering dust on your hard drive just as I did. Their vague explanations never taught us how to make real money. They were good for one thing–to put us to sleep! You can tell I have been there. That is why I have made videos for you, so you can learn all my secrets the fast and easy way–with nothing missing.

This System is not tied to the “make money online” niche. Most marketing courses are pointing people to the same shark-infested red ocean of the over-saturated “make money” niche. Income Riches will take you into the blue ocean of abundance! It will work with any other fresh, profitable niche and you will not be limited to the shop-worn castoffs the gurus already abandoned.

Here Is Some Of What Income Riches Will Do For You:

bullet Find out who to sell to, what to sell them, and how much profit you will make
bullet How to build a list of keywords that will take your site to No. 1 on Google
bullet A domain secret that will improve your sites’ rankings without backlinks
bullet How to create as many web sites as you want without knowing even one bit of HTML or any other technical wizardry
bullet How to add content to your sites
bullet Where to place your affiliate links to get as many visitors as possible to click on them
bullet How to pre-sell to skyrocket your sales
bullet Getting your web site to page 1 of Google in 3 hours or less

In Income Riches You Will Also Learn:

bullet Why WordPress is the best tool for website creation
bullet What WordPress themes to use to turn your visitors into customers
bullet The key to get your website visitors to click your links and buy the products you recommend
bullet The secret method to get your new website indexed by Google in 7 days or less
bullet How to upscale your Internet marketing business to a job-replacing 5 figures per month
bullet And much more!

Here Is A More Detailed Look At My Step-By-Step System:

Video 1 – Market Research

Income Riches

First – Get away from the “make money” niche! It is more and more saturated every day. Gurus have taught everyone to start there but that is a sure path to failure for most. The top marketers have already drained that niche dry and you do not need any further beating and battering by them.

This video will show you:

bullet How to find the most profitable niches with good products to promote and the least competition
bullet Free or low-cost tools that you can use to identify what the market is looking for
bullet How to determine if the niche you are considering will convert into cash for you.

Running Time: 12 minutes 08 seconds

Video 2 – Keyword Research, SEO Competition Analysis And Domain Secrets

Income Riches

Whenever I see a course advertised that says “No Google Needed,” I know it’s a “make money” or “get rich quick” fad course. If you want a real business that lasts, you need the right keywords that will move you toward a high ranking with Google.

This video will show you:

bullet How to create a huge keyword list by clicking a few buttons
bullet Discover the right SEO keywords with low competition and just the right volume to rank No. 1 on Google
bullet A domain secret I discovered by accident that most marketers do not even know about! This little technique alone will shoot your affiliate sites up in the rankings with little to no effort at backlinking.

Running Time: 13 minutes 51 seconds

Video 3 – Related Keywords

Income Riches

This secret will make your affiliate sites or website so keyword rich that they will automatically rank high with Google.

These are long-tail keywords and you will generate passive traffic from them in addition to your primary keyword.

This video will show you:

bullet The importance of keywords that are related to your primary keyword and how to find them.

Running Time: 03 minutes 06 seconds

Video 4 – Wordpress Installation

Income Riches

Google loves WordPress blogs and they are the best way to set up your affiliate sites. You do not need to know anything about HTML to edit your blogs and they are automatically SEO-friendly.

You do not need technical skills and even if this is all new to you, don’t worry. I will teach you simple steps to set up your own WordPress blog.

This video will show you:

bullet How to redirect…or point…your Domain DNS to your web host provider and install WordPress on your domain step-by-step. 

Running Time: 03 minutes 59 seconds

Video 5 – Wordpress Settings And Must Have Plugins

Income Riches

Once WordPress is installed, you should set it up to look more professional and install some important plug-ins to ensure your sites rank well with Google.

This video will show you:

bullet The most important WordPress settings
bullet Free themes that are proven to convert
bullet The must-have plugins you will need for Search Engine Optimization (Google ranking)

Running Time: 12 minutes 54 seconds

Video 6 – Adding Content To Your Website

Income Riches

People buy from those they know, like and trust. It is important to let them know something about you. If you do not do this right, your sales will suffer. I will make sure you know exactly how to turn your visitors into customers.

This video will show you:

bullet How to add content to your new sites
bullet Where to place your affiliate links for the greatest conversion
bullet How to use story copywriting strategies to build a relationship with your visitors
bullet Pre-sell techniques that will skyrocket your sales.

Running Time: 15 minutes 57 seconds

Video 7 – Creating Pages And Widgets

Income Riches

To stand out from the crowd, you need to add personality to your affiliate sites.

This video will show you:

bullet How to us WordPress widgets and create WordPress pages

Running Time: 08 minutes 50 seconds

Video 8 – Getting Your Site Indexed Fast

Income Riches

3 hours or less….? The sooner your site is indexed in Google, the sooner you will climb the ranks…You read that right…I’m talking 3 hours or less!

Since Google has hundreds of thousands of new websites every day to index, a new site can take quite a while. Allow me to prove that you will not have to wait months to get indexed by Google because I will show you my top secret method that will get your new site indexed in fewer than 7 (seven) days! Sometimes even faster.

Think of it! In one week you can be indexed in Google and climbing toward Page 1 within 3 hours after that!

This video will show you:

bullet How to get your website on Google page 1 in 3 hours or less

Running Time: 05 minutes 56 seconds

Video 9 – How To Scale Up To A 5 Figures Per Month Business

Income Riches

Take your Internet marketing business to the next level!

This video will show you:

GET Income Riches Build Insanely Profitable Affiliate Sites Suck in Free Traffic on Autopilot DOWNLOAD

bullet The most Frequently Asked Questions
bullet How to continue to use my Income Riches to scale up to earning 5 figures per month from your affiliate marketing business.

Running Time: 08 minutes 32 seconds

Want More Proof? 
Don’t Just Take My Word For It…Read What Some Of My Customers Are Saying…

“You Have Outdone Yourself On This Awesome Video Course!”

These videos are very easy to follow, the instructions are clear and precise, For those who like to read and follow, the PDF is just as easy to follow as the video’s.

This is the most easiest video course that anyone can follow and profit from.

You have outdone yourself on this awesome video course and have seriously over delivered on the bonuses.

Sylvia Rehman,

“Great Job, John!”

I would have to say these are truly great videos done in an excellent step by step manor. I agree with the tools you suggest as well, I personally use them also.

People get lost when they don’t know what to do next. This video series is excellent because it has that “What to do next” approach.

Great Job John!

Best Wishes, 
Chrisi Darrington 

“This Easy Step-By-Step Plan Is Exactly What I Needed!”

I just want to thank you for creating this product. This is something I have been searching for and no one has put it all together until now.

I have tried many courses in the past that did not work and did not live up to my expectations. I will never have to waste money on products like that again, thanks to you! I know this amazing system will help me to build my own solid affiliate business.

This easy step-by-step plan is exactly what I needed. I love having the videos to watch, the MP3s to take with me and the pdf to read, as well.

You have seriously over-delivered on this and I am beyond excited! I’m also very grateful that you have offered it at such a low price so that anyone can afford to take advantage of this marvellous system.

All I can say is “thank you, thank you!”

Jesse Russell

“John Paul Im Really Impressed With This Product WoW!”

Hi John,

Income Riches earns 5 out of 5 stars from me!
The details outlined in the Income Riches vidoes
are amazing! John Takes you step by step in each video from start to finish!  Truely a must have in your Internet Marketing Library! If You are a serious marketer then you need to listen to john because he rocks 100%.
Denise Johnson

When You Order Income Riches You Also Get These Bonuses:

Bonus #1 – 20 How To Video Tutorials Value $97

Income Riches bonus package

Bonus #2 – Killer Preseller FREE Affiliate Marketing Membership (Worth $97! / Month)

Bonus #3 –
Forced Subscription Profits List Building Technique (Worth $27!)

Read On ONLY If You..

Want 3 solid rules to work with to build your list swiftly and efficiently.

Are struggling to ‘action-orientated’ traffic for your niche and need an outside-of-the-box method other marketers are not using!

Want to know the ‘4-letter word’ that explodes your earning potential, that is completely replicable in any market!

“Are You Ready To Discover Income Riches?”

“You Are Probably Wondering…”

Can I even afford this course? You have seen the guru launches lately and you know their courses cost from $77 all the way to $197 and more. Yes! We used to buy these courses in the past, right? (Not anymore!) I’m wiser now that I have found the secret to building my own affiliate business that is raking in the cash.

Now I don’t mean to be rude, but let me be very blunt here:

My system requires a bit of work to start. You need to lay a good foundation before you will see the results I am enjoying. A little effort in the beginning will build a solid business that you will have for life.

If that is not something you want to do, feel free to keep buying from the gurus and giving them $77 and more for their “magic formulas” which have no magic in them and are not even good formulas! In that case, I can guarantee nothing will change for you except that you will become more and more broke as you keep lining the pockets of the so-called “experts.” I mean…they never helped you before, right? Or you would not even be reading this.

Now that I know the truth, I will never have to pay again for junk products that don’t work. I am finished wasting my money and being ripped off!

I believe you, too, are smart enough to recognize an opportunity when you see it. And since I’m sure you realize that success requires a little work, then this is the perfect system for you! It is not your fault that all your former hard work didn’t pay off–you never had all the information you needed in one place, in one system. But that has changed!

To start with, you will not have to “figure out” how to use this system. I have taken all the guesswork out of it. Just follow the easy step-by-step plan and start reaping the rewards! I could easily charge the outrageous amounts that gurus charge and it would still be a bargain, because this system is certainly well worth it.

But I don‘t want to do that. I feel people like you and me have spent enough trying to get the information we need. I am making this system affordable for a short time so the first people to see the advantage can come on board. 

I know the fast movers will grab this opportunity–and they are the people I want to have this system–those who will use it and prosper. I know you are one of them, or you would not be with me until now. Those slow to decide will just have to pay more later or keep lining the gurus’ pockets.

Here Is A Recap Of What You’ll Get:

bullet The full Income Riches system: 9 videos showing you everything from how to pick products to promote, to building a website and getting it to rank on page 1 of Google
bullet Bonus 1: A mind map of the Income Riches system
bullet Bonus 2: A pdf transcript of the videos
bullet Bonus 3: MP3 files of the video soundtracks

Okay–ready for the surprise? I am not charging $497…or $197.…or even $177!

Why would I offer this fantastic system at a low price? Well, as I said, I want people like you to have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and use the system first. The other reason is that I am asking you to send me a testimonial once you start to see the big money pouring in. In a sense, I am “paying” you for your testimonial by offering the low price on this money-making affiliate system.

It’s actually just good business. Once you and others see what my secret system will do for you, I guarantee you will come back for more products that I intend to release in the future.

When you get Income Riches today, your investment will be only $37.

It’s also important that you understand that this is an introductory price for a limited time only. Once I consider I have enough testimonials, I may either increase the price considerably or take Income Riches off the market altogether.

Get Income Riches today while it is still available at a steal of a price!

Speaking of a guarantee…

You’re Fully Protected By My Iron-Clad 100% 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

You have 60 days to decide whether Income Riches is for you. If you are not absolutely thrilled with the results, just shoot me an email any time up to 60 days from the date of your purchase. I’ll send you a prompt  100% refund of every penny you paid. All the bonuses are yours to keep even if you cancel. Could any offer be fairer than that?

Now you have a choice to make. You must choose one of three ways to continue:

  1. Keep doing what you have always been doing and keep buying product after product from the gurus. How has that worked out for you so far?
  2. Try and figure out everything on your own. You may or may not succeed, but what I can tell you is that you will need a LOT of luck and a LOT of time. How soon would you like to start making money?
  3. Download Income Riches RIGHT NOW and be well on your way to making a living from Internet marketing a couple of hours from now.  A tremendous shortcut and everything you need to get your business up and running!

Imagine, for a moment, that it’s a year from today. How well is your Internet business doing? Remember, if you continue to do the same things, you’re going to get the same results. A year will pass by in a flash. I think your choice is clear.

Click HERE for secure server connection… and get started on YOUR new life of Internet marketing right NOW!

Yes, John, I’m In! Secure My Copy Now!

tick Yes! I understand that I will be getting access to ‘Income Riches’ immediately after payment no matter what time it is, day or night!
tick Yes! I also understand that these are the videos that will help me take CONTROL of my online business and take it to the next level!
tick Yes! I also understand that if I’m not happy with the the video training or still can’t make more money from using it, I can simply ask for a refund even 60 days from now!

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