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Then We Have GREAT News…

Warning… Don’t Even Think of Buying Another Digital Product Until You Read This Letter!

Eliminate headache, SAVE TIME & MONEY, and Start Seeing the Results YOU Deserve When You Invest in an IM Product!

Shane – How many digital products did you buy last year, Mark?
Mark – Oh about 200 or so (ugh)
Shane – And how many actually worked?
Mark – Maybe 20 (ouch)

Scary stuff. Imagine spending about $1400 on products and having NO IDEA if they were going to work. Well, it’s happened to us. Not sure if anything similar has ever happened to you, but…
It’s time for this to stop!
  • Are you looking for a way to create additional income?
  • Or even replace a full time job?
  • But not sure where to start and frustrated with some products you’ve invested in?

Dear Fellow Dream Seeker,

We’re Shane and Mark, and until fairly recently were serial purchasers of IM products anddidn’t have a clue.
Eventually we started getting serious, got into product creation and from there affiliate promotion (but still bought more than our share of questionable products)…

The benefit that came with affiliate marketing was the chance to review A LOT of digital products prior to release. As we’ve both released award winning products and placed on our share of product launch leaderboards, not a day passes without someone wanting us to review their product…

The Real Scary Part?

A high percentage of these products still don’t come close to living up to the claims made on the sales page.

So we set some standards for products that come our way. Their claims have to be realistic. We need to see objective proof of results. And we need to know their methods are legitimate and achievable.

We both decided to only EVER recommend products that we’d personally reviewed so we could vouch for the results. And while this may have cost us a bunch in commissions, we hope it adds value to our subscribers because they know when we suggest a product, we back it 100%.

But how does someone who isn’t a full time marketer and affiliate promoter make informed decisions themselves? Heck even if you’re a subscriber of ours, you know that when we suggest a product we make a commission when someone buys, so no matter what even those recommendations aren’t 100% objective. There’s a financial incentive.

So you buy and ‘hope’. You get excited about the idea that this latest product is going to deliver. Yet even as you’re pressing the ‘add to cart button’ you feel the anxiety…
That sickening feeling that you’re being burned once again, right?

Maybe you or someone you know has even gone into debt buying product after product, just because of the amazing promises made on the sales page. As sad as that is, it happens all too often…

Because that’s how this plays out. Full time marketers suggest products to you and paint them in the best possible light. And sometimes you act on their suggestions, and take the plunge. Hoping the product will be all that and more. Yet SO MANY TIMES you’re disappointed…

You follow the instructions, take the action the product tells you to, and the results are dismal. Bam, burned again. And yet, you keep coming back for more. Why? Because SOMEONE out there in IM land is making money, so why shouldn’t it be you? SOME of these systems must actually work, but which ones? 

WHAT IF you had a source of IM Products in multiple niches with proven track records of providing results? Where you knew the reviewers received NO FINANCIAL GAIN whatsoever? Would that give you some confidence that the product you’re considering actually works? That the system you’re finally ready to tackle, to move closer to your dreams, has a proven track record?

So that you actually know, before buying, that provided you follow instructions and take action, that a certain product will provide you with the results it claims?


* Over 27 product reviews in 15 IM niches
* Relevant and current – all products from the final quarter of 2014
* ZERO AFFILIATE LINKS – we had no incentive to include or deny any one of these products
* TESTED RESULTS – either by us or members of our team, these products have been chosen for one reason: that they live up to their claims

* Warning – This product is for action takers, not window shoppers. It’s designed to REWARD action takers and help them achieve the results they want… 

What Does This Mean for You?

* no outdated systems that no longer work
* save countless time and dollars sifting through dozens of sales pages
* rest assured that results are achievable with action – if you want to earn within a certain niche, the included products ALL have proven track records of results

Why Should I Trust You?

Well, we recommend products. But because we only recommend products that ACTUALLY WORK, our subscribers TRUST US so when we do promote, we get results …

But you clowns, I can get reviews for free anywhere. Why pay a buck?

Great question, so glad you asked! These reviews are different for one simple reason: 

THERE ARE NO AFFILIATE LINKS IN THE GUIDE. That’s right: if you decide a product is for you and choose to purchase, the links go straight to the sales page so the vendor is the one making the sale, not us. It’s the only way we could remain 100% objective in the products we selected to review.

Free Tip: Just because 20 marketers mail for a product, doesn’t mean it’s any good. Some people actually promote stuff without ever checking it out.

WE don’t care about how good the promotion is or how effective the sales copy is. Our only decision is results-based: Does the product do what it claims?

Why are you guys putting so much effort into this?

Simply because we’re sick and tired of people coming to us complaining that they got burned by a product with flashy claims. The market deserves better. You deserve better. Maybe you’re just tired of rolling the dice and crapping out…

What else am I going to get? I mean c’mon, this is a whole dollar after all…

So glad you asked. Let’s face it, objective reviews of 27+ products may not be enough value here. So we’re also including 2 of our own high selling products as added value. 100% no strings, no opt ins, no BS. 

With your one dollar commitment you’ll also be getting:

 Forum Sig Profits, a HIGHLY effective program on building your list from Shane Farrell

 Affiliate Cash List by Mark Tandan. Add targeted leads to your list for pennies per subscriber.

That All?

Nope. You’ll also gain access to our private FB group where we’ll constantly update the latest, most effective product releases across a variety of niches. And share IM content tips and strategies designed to help you build your business. Lifetime access included because heck, we are asking for one dollar…

What’s The Catch?

No catch. 100% transparency. We will contact you twice weekly for as long as you wish. Once with a few HQ insider tips, strategies and content updates. And once with our ‘picks of the week’ based on the dozens of products we’ve reviewed, so you’re kept up to date with the latest releases.

Are you jokers for real? How do I know you’re at all objective, other than the ‘no affiliate links’ business?

Don’t take our word for it, take the words of our subscribers:

Let’s Recap Here:

* Over 27, 100% objective product reviews over 15 IM niches –RESULTS PROVEN, so you know you can achieve them simply by taking action

* 2 high quality list building courses – BUILD YOUR LIST USING PROVEN, EFFECTIVE METHODS

* Free private FB group access – GET REGULAR updates on what’s working in the market, today

* Special UNANNOUNCED BONUS – an extra product included at NO COST to you, directly within the main guide

* So that’s 3 full front end products, FB group access with tips and tricks from 2 full time affiliate marketers, and reviews of 27 hand-picked products proven to deliver …

We believe that’s what is known in the trade as ‘the kitchen sink’…

Just click the ‘add to cart’ button below to secure your access now:

[GET] IM Buyers Guide Motivated to Succeed but FRUSTRATED by the false promises of IM Products DOWNLOAD

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