[GET] How Much Would You Pay For This TP Roll How To Make A $997 Product In 20 Minutes DOWNLOAD

GET How Much Would You Pay For This TP Roll How To Make A $997 Product In 20 Minutes DOWNLOAD

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This is a great WSO. Do yourself a huge favor and pick this up.

How Much Would You Pay For This TP Roll?

(a.k.a.: How To Make A $997 Product In 20 Minutes Without Doing Any Real Work Or Spending Any Money.)

Maybe 50 cents if you’re feeling generous, right?

What if I told you, though that this TP roll had winning Powerball numberswritten on it, and if you buy it, you’re going to win the $656 Million jackpot?

How much would you pay, THEN?




If you’re like me, you’d not even think about it, right? You’d get your parents, your grandma, your Italian mafia cousin, and every bank in the country to pitch in…

…HECK, you’d sell a kidney and a lung if that’s what it took, but there’s no stopping you…


(end of story)

But why?

After all, it’s STILL a roll of pretty cheap TP.

What changed?

Well, now that roll can turn you into a millionaire, so it’s VALUE went up, and it’s now worth millions of dollars.

That’s easy, right?

Let Me Ask You Another Question:

Let’s say I could have those lottery numbers delivered to you in two ways:

1. The TP roll, or…

2. A 15 Module Interactive Video Class with every module being 4.6 hours long… with transcripts, exercises, membership sites, bonuses, cat jugglers…

EVERYTHING you need and it looks like this:

It takes precisely 79.4 weeks to get through it all, but in the end you FINALLY get the numbers and you’re a millionaire.

Which one would you chose?

I think Tom Cruise had it right when he said…

(btw, here’s that scene. Watch it.

Just a warning: it presents a serious risk of hysterical laughter. If you’re not into this kinda stuff, you might want to skip it.[/SIZE]

So, The TP, right?

You don’t care about everything that comes WITH IT. In the end ALL you want is…

(say it with me)


Guess what! Neither do the people who’ll soon be throwing their wallets at you (once you understand what I am about to show you… more on that later.)

They don’t want the crap.

They don’t want the fancy.

They don’t want the soft and fluffy.

They just want to get their problem fixed AND they’ll pay you HIGH TICKET for it.

Happens all the time.

When you go to a doctor, you don’t want to hear the medical terms, the explanations, the theory behind it all… you just want a rough idea of what’s going on, and you want them to make you healthy (aka show me the money.)

When you are about to be thrown in jail, you don’t discuss the Law with your lawyer. You just want him to do his thing so that you can go free (aka show me the money.)

When you go to marriage counseling, you don’t care about the 5 years of psychology and mediation that the therapist has in his head. All you want is for you family to be happy again (aka SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!)

Makes sense, right?

This is the SECRET SAUCE for making a KILLING online.

INTRODUCING: This Stuff Really Works 7.0:


(a.k.a.: How To Make A $997 Product In 20 Minutes Without Doing Any Real Work Or Spending Any Money.)

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I just went through this… and the information that seb covers in his ebook is truly mind-blowing!No fluff and straight to the point.

It’s a product creation technique that I’ve never seen before, you could literally create a high-ticket product in less than an hour because all the work has been done for you 

I’m pissed because I’ve been doing product creation the excruciatingly slow way! I’ll definitely implement this system the next time I create a product. Good job seb this is an excellent product! 

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This report right here man is MONEYYY!!!!

Went through it all action and no fluff, you can bet that. The method shown is soo simple I could hand this to a teen and they could do it.

Conclusion, grab this report and profit from the simplicity of it I am sure you’ll dig the results 

Rock On!


Here are just a few of those GOLDEN TP rolls you’ll discover:

– How to have your first high ticket product ready in 20 minutes without you creating a single piece of content [PAGE 4]

– How to take advantage of the single largest resource of unlimited premium, free content in any niche ready for you to use in any way you like [PAGE 5]

– How to instantly transform your knowledge into a 4 figure product that’s ready to sell before you get out of your PJ in the morning.[PAGE 6]

– Creating high ticket programs on your own is ridiculous. Here’s what to do instead.[PAGE 9]

– The hidden, automated solution that makes your product creation as easy as right-clicking your mouse.[PAGE 6]

AND… Show Me The Money!!! comes with a comprehensive video walkthrough of how to implement this method. When it’s completed, this video could easily be sold at $47 or $67, but you get it for free as soon as it comes out. I’ll soon put a steep price tag on it, but for now it’s yours at no cost.

You’re Doing Your Wallet A HUGE Disservice By Creating Massive Encyclopedia Brytannica Type Products…

…and I don’t even mean that they are expensive, time consuming and boring to make. 

Listen, the thing is, that virtually no one is going to go through your BIG, FAT product. You know it, and I know it. It’s just TOO MUCH. 

– Big products are NOT impressive anymore. They’re clunky, heavy and time consuming. Don’t do them. 

– How many people have actually read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica? Just about as many as are going to consume your Britannica-sized product. 

– Another question: why is Encyclopedia Britannica this big? BECAUSE it solves exactly ZERO problems. It’s about EVERYTHING. 

99% of problems require simple solutions that can be presented concisely, so think about this:

Listen, SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! has absolutely zero fluff. It’s NOT fancy, but…

It WILL Virtually MAKE High Ticket Products FOR YOU.

If you take it and run with it, you WILL have a $997 product ready in about 20 minutes after going through it.

So… grab it now:

Tripple Money Back Guarantee.

I really want to make this a no brainer for you. Grab SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! and implement it. If you’re not completely BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER by the results it gives you, I’ll give you 3 TIMES WHAT YOU PAID TODAY.

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This is a fantastic WSO, something so simple, I wouldn’t have guessed the method to create your products, what a brilliant idea, very easy to implement, there is heaps you can do with this, just have to take action as always, I like it and it worth wayyy more then $7!! Well Done!

I will be implementing it over the action, seriously the product only takes minutes to make! It’s all pretty much done already. Excellent for us newbies,


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I had the chance to get a review copy and I must say that that’s absolutely a brilliant idea Seb and James has packed in this product. I haven’t heard of that before and I will absolutely use it for my future products. Man it was really a 20 minutes work, if not less. Great work. Thanks.
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For goodness’ sake! This is just brilliant. In fact, it would have fixed Jerry Maguire’s problem in a flash.

Yes, I was fortunate enough to be offered a review copy. Here’s what it did:

It made me laugh.
It made me think.
It made me gasp with surprise.

And it’s going to make me MONEY!!

The idea is fun, simple and fast to implement.

If you don’t have a clue how to make money online, start here. Your troubles just ended.

Jerry Maguire, are you reading this? 


SHOW ME THE MONEY!!! (love Cuba Gooding Jr!)

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