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If you’re tired of blogging, advertising and slaving over SEO but never getting the traffic you deserve…

…and if you’re sick of creating “awesome offers” or “cool content” that never gets seen…

… then it’s time you knew…

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How the biggest websites in the world are generating millions of daily visitors…


my name is Paul Clifford and after consulting for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Nike, Adidas and Statestreet…

… and closely observing some of the fastest growing media companies online…

… I’ve discovered a big traffic secret that most people are overlooking.

And today, I’m going to show you how to use this to your advantage, to floodany blog, website or offer with as much traffic as you could possibly want, need or imagine…

  • Without blowing your cash on SEO or advertising
  • Without hiring better writers and creating more content
  • Without wasting months trying to learn new stuff

So listen up, because if you’re not getting traffic…

… it’s not your fault and you’re not alone!

Did you know that the average small business owner spends $400 and 20 hours per month on marketing chores…?

But despite all their hard work and money spent, 8 out of 10 businesses go bust every year! It’s pretty clear…

Hard work and endless spending is NOTthe answer to your traffic problems!

My parents always told me… 
“Work hard and you’ll reach your goals” 
But when it comes to getting traffic… 
… it doesn’t work that way!


Because… white right arrow

The world is suffering from a serious 
case of Attention Deficit Disorder 
(…and if you want to cut through the noise and stop people in their tracks, you’re gonna need a bigger, better megaphone!)

In 2015, people will consume 15 hours of media every single day 
(and that’s just in the US alone.)

On top of this “mountain of media…” 
… our brains are bombarded with over 300-700 daily marketing messages too.

And after 6 years of running my own software company, I’ve discovered there are only 
3 ways to get traffic today…

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Continue slaving over endless chores, hoping for a lucky break


Throw endless bags of cash at copywriters, advertising and SEO


Use a sneaky trick to stop people dead in their tracks, click your links, and buy your products and services!

Major corporations, famous bloggers and media giants know…

The biggest roadblock that’s standing 
between your website and thousands of 
daily visitors is… a POWERFUL HEADLINE!

In 2012, a little-known blog was launched, but unlike 99% of other blogs that were launched that year…

…this little blog went from total obscurity to 500,000 subscribers and 3.4 million visitors per day!


By cranking out hard-to-ignore headlines with scientific precision and religious repetition.

That little blog is called Upworthy, and they’re not the only ones who know the power of a good headline…

The fact is… it only takes one good headline to open the floodgates to all the viral shares, clicks and traffic you deserve.

But there’s a problem…

Huge corporate giants are paying copywriters thousands of dollars to create dozens of winning headlines on a daily basis.

I don’t know about you…

…but I don’t have the time or money for that.

Instead, I’m cheating with…


The world’s first browser plugin that 
allows you to instantly crank out 
irresistible, proven headlines for any 
piece of content you can imagine!

Simply enter your target keyword and Headlinr automatically generates a proven headline for any occasion…

Works with:

All Email Platforms including:

All Video Platforms including:

All Social Platforms including:

All Blogging platforms including:

All Ecommerce including:

The feedback is already pouring in…

  • I’m loving Headlinr. When you’ve got a swipe file like this that’s right there, writers’ block just vanishes. Absolutely brilliant idea, and some great inspiration.

    Neil Murton – neilmurton.com

    Rob Burns

    • Jeffery Newton

      There is nothing I hate more than a blank screen and a cursor blinking at me! Solved! This plugin REALLY HELPS me get the copywriting juices flowing! I have been really impressed so far with what this does and I hope it grows and becomes even better!

      Jeffery Newton

    • GREAT extension! I have a video press release distribution service and I am going to 
      share this with all my clients. Makes writing press release title a breeze!

      Rob Burns

      Rob Burns

    • Alexander Sebastian

      Headlinr helped me pick out headlines that CONVERT so easily. Everything I used to write sounded very generic and it was a struggle to come up with consistent ideas that actually get results. I use it for my Youtube Videos, Blog Posts and Emails and get consistent results. No matter what type of headline you are trying to come up with this extension will cut the time it takes you to find one. Great work!!!

      Alexander Sebastian

    • If you need to write headlines or any web-content that gets peoples attention, this will help! Headlinr has a huge library of words that make copywriting a breeze.

      Aidan Booth

      Aidan Booth

    • Alexander Sebastian

      I’m not great at (ok ok, I’m lousy at it) coming up with headlines, so this tool was made for me. Really, really helpful.

      Andre Chaperon

    Headlinr is your virtual “copywriting 
    slave” that works tirelessly to get more 
    clicks and traffic with headlines that 
    people can’t ignore…

    Big companies are paying thousands to hire copywriters to create headlines the hard way…

    … but you don’t have to!

    The Headlinr team is quietly spying on the most effective headlines being used each day, and storing them inside an ever-growing database…

    … allowing you to instantly steal and insert these popular, proven headline ideas in any content you’re working on…

    … and finally start enjoying the opens, clicks, optins and sales that your content deserves.

    As you can see…

    Headlinr puts powerful, proven headlines 
    and endless traffic within your reach!

    • Choose from over 315 proven headline combinations for any niche, offer, topic or type of content
    • Use on blog posts, Facebook ads, Google PPC ads, press releases, forum posts, email subject lines and so much more!
    • Perfect for getting inspiration, instant content ideas and massive shortcuts to new topics that are proven to be popular in your niche…
    • No cloud based software or memory hogging downloads… Headlinr is a simple, stable plugin that runs in Chrome or Firefox making it easier than ever to swipe and insert killer headlines into your content, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!
    • Log in once, permanently available, no hidden fees or ongoing subscriptions

    Headlinr can be used for any type of content you can imagine, including…

    Blog posts

    Blog posts

    Facebook ads

    Facebook ads

    Amazon marketing

    Amazon marketing

    Youtube marketing

    Youtube marketing

    Email marketing

    Email marketing
    • Sales letters
    • Google PPC ads
    • Solo ads
    • Press releases
    • Forum posts
    • Tweets
    • Ezine articles
    • JV pages
    • Offline flyers
    • Free reports
    • And so much more!

    And to make sure you don’t risk a single cent today, I’m backing your investment with…

    My 100% Success Guarantee

    I guarantee, if you don’t absolutely love the attention grabbing power that Headlinr gives you

    … and if you don’t agree that these proven headlines that it generates are going to save you countless hours of staring at a blank screen…

    … and tons of money in testing ads, blog titles and landing page headlines…

    … then you pay absolutely nothing.


    I want you to give this a test drive for an entire 30 days, risk free…

    … and if you don’t save at least 2 hours per week and experience a massive boost in your click thrus with Headlinr, then let us know and we’ll refund you right away.

    3 reasons why you’re about to make 
    one of the smartest decisions ever

    • 1. You’re about to save bags of money…

      Sure, you could hire a copywriter or marketing expert at $300 per hour, to come up with a bunch of headlines…

      … but you still wouldn’t come close to the sheer number of headlines that Headlinr can crank out in seconds (over 315 winning headline combinations and counting!)

      And you’d be paying for those headlines blindly…

      (… unlike Headlinr headlines which are based on real trending headlines and proven formulas that the big companies are using to get all the traffic in any niche.)

    • 2. You’re about to save hours of pain…

      Sure, you could just save your money today, and keep wrestling with headlines all by yourself, watching the clock tick as you stare at a blank screen, trying to force winning headlines out of thin air, but why bother when Headlinr handles all the hard work for you?

    • 3. You’re getting a lifelong traffic advantage…

      Forget fads and loopholes. As you’ve now seen… powerful headlines are the final frontier in winning people’s attention in a world of increasing noise and distraction.

      And once you have the power to crank winning headlines out in seconds, and generate more traffic, more leads and more sales, you’ve got a lifelong advantage that will pay for itself for years to come.

    and more testimonials…

    • Ted Ehr

      Writers Block be gone! I’m loving this super easy to use extension, the headline is pretty much everything, if you don’t get that right no one reads your amazing prose 🙂 good stuff!

      Ted Ehr

    • Amazing!! This app does all the work for you. No more getting stuck on title & headline variations…and, best of all, they convert! Do yourself a favor, this thing is a must-have!

      Cameron Montgomery

      Cameron Montgomery

    • Justin Wheeler

      If you need to write then the chances are you will find this extension a saviour. 
      Copywriting is a particular skill that is worth fortunes. Headlinr helps find the right headline every time for your blog posts, emails and even sales copy. 

      Really impressed with this so far. Looking forward to seeing it grow. Thanks for making it available. 
      What might be an awesome premium feature is the ability to add in our own swipe.

      Justin Wheeler

    • Love this tool. Just installed it and already very impressed. Looking forward to seeing what else this developer creates…

      Sean Donahoe

      Sean Donahoe

    For one small investment…

    … you’re arming yourself with the ultimate shortcut to traffic-sucking headlines for any piece of content you ever create… right inside your favourite browser! 

    So the question is…

    Are you ready to level the playing field?

    • YES! I’m ready to save hundreds of dollars on expensive copywriters for every piece of content I create!
    • YES! I’m ready to wave goodbye to those endless nights of staring at a blank screen, trying to create winning headlines in the dark!
    • YES! I’m ready to save bags of time and money on weak headlines that don’t get any clicks!
    • YES! I’m ready to create keyword rich, proven headlines and turn ordinary content into traffic magnets at the push of a button… without learning how to write better sales copy!


    Sounds like Headlinr is for you…

    You need to be quick, because this 
    special offer won’t last!

    This special low price is only available during our launch period, and once this is over, you could pay double or even triple the price for this one-of-a-kind tool. 

    So why wait another day?

    Right now, your competition are stealing all your traffic and it’s time you had the power to fight back!

    Are you really going to let this world of increasing competition, noise and distraction cripple your business…?

    Are you really going to stand by and watch, as everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve just crumbles and falls, all because of a few bad headlines?

    Aren’t you tired of standing by, watching your biggest competitors greedily scoop up all your traffic, subscribers and sales…?

    Then it ends today!

    Order now and get instant access to Headlinr – the world’s most powerful keyword based headline creator, right from your browser…

    … and you’ll never worry about traffic slipping through your fingers and into the hands of your closest competition.

    And thats not all all.. 
    Added Training Bonus Webinar Included!

    You will join myself on a powerful training webinar series where we will teach you how to get the most out of headlinr and accelerate your traffic.

    P.S -There’s a virtual war raging right now; a war for people’s attention.

    “Read this, read that! Click here, click that! Watch this, watch that! Buy this, buy that!” … your prospects are being pulled in every direction and tuning out fast.

    Problem is, most marketers are bringing a pocket knife to a gunfight… and if you want to win the war… and finally get the attention, clicks, readers, fans, subscribers and customers…

    … you need strong, proven headlinesto stop people in their tracks and pay attention!

    And if you want to create keyword focused, irresistible headlines, then Headlinr is your ultimate shortcut, without hiring copywriters or spending endless nights staring at a blank screen.

    P.P.S – Remember, Headlinr is a browser based plugin, so there’s no clunky, memory hogging software to download…

    … and it works seamlessly and discreetly inside both Chrome and Firefox.

    Just enter your target keyword and instantly crank out hundreds of proven, traffic-getting headlines based on any topic you can imagine…

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