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“It’s A Long, Confusing, And Painful Path”

You see the real reasons why your PayPal account still remains on the low-end of cash is because:

 You don’t have a ‘big-honkin’ list to mail out to.

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Well, today is your lucky day.

Hey my name is James Canzanella and for many years now…

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That’s why I’m excited to finally announce your big money-making breakthrough.

It goes by the name of

“Hangout Tube Profits”

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover Inside this 19-page PDF report:

✓ The real case study where 1 simple video made $1.47 per minute of “work” and how you can too (there’s proof on the inside!).

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✓ How to put this method on steroids and get almost ANY video exactly where you want it on Google (this has even worked for a weight loss keyword with almost 13 million search results!).

✓ Finally EXPOSED: My 3 best resources to have others rank your videos hands free.

✓ Breakthrough secret to earning large profits while ethically stealing buyers.

✓ And MUCH more!

“Here’s What Others Had To Say”

Originally Posted by Eric Lovelace View Post
Short, sweet, and good to eat.
James always releases, high quality, value-filled products and that’s why I buy everytime 

Rock On James Rock On!


Originally Posted by lukeblower View Post
James always provides what us marketers really need, short, simple, actionable techniques that work! This latest creation is no different.
Originally Posted by saulmaraney View Post
Hi James,

Thank you for this terrific system.

The time is 6:11pm here in Johannesburg South Africa. Twenty minutes ago I made my purchase, downloaded the pdf and have already been though it.

I am very excited to start implementing what you laid out.

I am a newbie in the IM niche and I understood everything first time round.

Thank you once again for making this available.

I highly recommend this to everyone, and take it from me, this is 100% newbie friendly.


Saul Maraney – Johannesburg, South Africa

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Just be sure to grab this amazing product and super ridiculous price, Before James comes round to his senses and puts a $97 price tag on this beast 
Originally Posted by Bill Hugall View Post
Kick ass!!! The proof is right there on the page!! James has made a name for being honest and giving only content that works. Great stuff James!!
Originally Posted by Coach Comeback View Post
Glad I got in when it was as low as I did! Once word spreads………. WOW!

Grab it now!!!!

“Guaranteed To Work”

It gets even better because I’m putting all of the risk square on my shoulders.

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Fair enough? Awesome…

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