[GET] Google Plus Prospecting DOWNLOAD

GET Google plus Prospecting DOWNLOAD


” Finally, The Easiest System To Get

Offline Clients There Is…From 

Any Niche and From Any City! “

GET Google plus Prospecting DOWNLOAD

  Let’s face it, no one likes cold calling, waiting on responses for direct mail or people who are going to “Get back to you.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get in front of the right person with a personalized message directly related to their industry!!

 But again the problem is getting the right email address and it not getting filled out by SPAM!!!

What if I showed you a proven way to beef up your sales funnel of  decision makers

in any city……

and in any niche……

Then actually had them add you  to their “Circles” of business…..

Even more…. showed you a way to get in their email inbox !

And I am talking about  their real email inbox!! Not their Secretary’s 

I will  show you how to build an authority in a group of decision maker’s

that have them wondering why have they never heard of YOU before and 

they had better call YOU before their competition does!!

Remember this takes…….. 







There is a reason most businesses fail within their first year…..

Sales can be tough….Getting Clients is not Easy……

Your are going up against Marketing Companies that  have a….

Bigger Sales Staff…

Bigger Prospecting Budget……

and A well established Brand in the Market……




GET Google plus Prospecting DOWNLOAD

 Wonder if I told you that you could outsource the entire thing!

I’ll show you how to easily give this method to an outsourcer to build these networks for you!!


You Could Start Having Leads Within 10 mins of Implementing the System!!

With G+ Prospecting I show you how to use Google Plus Circles and simple videos to grab the attention of your next client!!

We make it easy to find the right person the first time and get a video sent directly to their REAL Inbox. 

Hi, my name is Sloan Smith and I  run a local marketing company and have created Local G+ Prospecting to help other local marketers grab the attention of business owners without the rejection of cold calling or sprayers put in a lumpy piece of mail.


Don’t get me wrong those ways work, but I want to be different and unique in the way I approach local business owners. I want to grab their attention and separate myself from all the other local marketers out there. Don’t YOU??

I have several clients that pay me good money every month to provide them an array of local marketing services. 


Inside the Course You will have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to go grab that NEW client!!!!

  • Video #1 –  Learn the DO’s and Do Nots of Google Plus and How to find that prefect set of Prospects!!


  • Video #2 – How to get a Video in front of my prospect and give him a offer that has him calling you the same day.


  • Video #3 – Take this Free Tool and let it magnify your prospecting efforts and help you lead to even more prospects.


  • Video #4 – Finally learn how to become an expert in the eyes of your Brand new prospect and show them things that they didn’t even know about their own business. 

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GET Google plus Prospecting DOWNLOAD


I personally guarantee if you make a diligent effort to use just a few of the  techniques in this course, and you still don’t feel like you got all the value in training you paid for, I will refund your money 100%. If you don’t, I’ll refund the entire cost of the course. Here’s how. At any time during the course, if you sincerely feel I fell short in any way on delivering everything I promised, I’ll be happy to give you a complete refund. Contact my support email at [email protected]


P.S.  Get this Awesome method now before it becomes too saturated from other successful marketers. You can never have too many tools in your tool box!!

P.S.S Stoping being distracted by other products that don’t produce any results. Get the one plan that is going to get you a client ASAP!!  



GET Google plus Prospecting DOWNLOAD

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