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Whether you are doing a brick-and-mortar business or you are a “digital nomad” doing an online business, you cannot but repose faith on online marketing. But unless you take the vital step of adopting appropriate Search Engine Marketing techniques, success in your online marketing efforts will remain a pipedream. This means the business success you have been dreaming about may continue to remain unattainable if you ignore SEO. You can’t be oblivious of the fact that SEO has become an inseparable part of online marketing.

If you think that those who have achieved success in their businesses have propelled their ventures to such great levels due to their capabilities or deft handling, you are terribly wrong. The fact is that SEO alone may have catapulted these businesses to such heights.

Simply put, when you want to have extraordinary success, you need to make extraordinary SEO efforts. Appropriate SEO strategies can get you an excellent client base. You should continuously keep raising the bar, unshackling yourself from out-dated tools and anachronistic methods and embracing the new ones. You’ve to be flexible, use your business acumen to recognize the right tools and methods and put them to timely use. Any delay, hesitation or squandering of opportunities will throw a spanner in the process of your business growth and decelerate the speed of your business success.

Successful entrepreneurs never take excessive pressure on themselves. At the same time, you cannot afford to become complacent at any point of time. Therefore, you must adopt smart ways for doing your Search Engine Optimization on a continuous basis. Your focus should be to derive optimum results from your strategies for which you should use highly efficient SEO tools.


“Targeted Google Plus Users In Your Circle…”

The commercial world is completely different from what it used to be two or three decades back. There is formidable competition in every business. But at the same time, you should neither over-estimate the strength of your competitors nor should you consider your competitors as minnows. In fact, you need not focus on out-smarting them because such a misplaced focus may stunt your growth. Instead of trying to exorcise the ghost called competition, just keep your focus on developing your client base by using the right SEO tools.

Introducing: G Plus Adder

Amazing Features

Google Plus can play in important role in maximizing your SEO strategy. Rankings are no longer based just on the key words and links on your website, rather Google now looks at your Google Plus account, who you are connected to, the comments about your posts and how often your website is updated. Static websites will unchanging content will be ranked lower that a frequently updated site.
Now, more than ever, it is important that the content is interesting. An item on your web page or Google Plus page will help in pushing you up the rankings. You circles and the people in them will all add to that higher ranking.
Your comments on social media sites such as Google Plus and Facebook will also help you ranking. This all takes time and commitment but will vastly increase the number hits you receive. If you have an interesting comment to add to someone’s Google Plus posts they are more likely to respond to yours. Also if you have an interesting point in the comments pf someone else’s post that will encourage other readers of that post to visit you to see what you have to say.
This is time consuming and you will not see results overnight. It takes time to build a momentum, and when that momentum is built it is necessary to keep it going but the end result, of getting more traffic to your site will pay off.


  • Collect Google Plus user profiles by keywords.
  • Collect communities by keywords.
  • Retrieve communities user profiles list.
  • Add automatically all collected users to one or more than one selected circle.
  • Support unlimited accounts
  • Save accounts in projects in the software
  • You can add, edit or delete unlimited projects
  • You can browse any selected user profile or community
  • You can remove any selected user profile or community
  • You can clear all the list of users or communities collected.

100% automatically, multithreaded.

Social Media Marketing

The right SEO tools will galvanize your business by increasing your
visibility on Google and other search engines. Social media marketing that is rightly considered revolutionary is one of the tools that should find a place in your arsenal. Earlier, social networking sites were being used only for building relationships. It is good that the business world has realized that these sites can be used for promoting their brands or products as well. That is the reason highly successful entrepreneurs are using networking sites for nurturing, promoting and expanding their success. Even Bob Bly, the master copywriter says “unless you are living in a cave, you can’t help but notice the money being made from social networking sites.”

Among the social networking sites, Google Plus stands apart because even experts unanimously agree that using this tool appropriately will be better than all other ways for growing traffic. It is also widely believed that the score of a website on Google Plus may soon become a very strong indicator for determining its ranking on Google’s search results.

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Know About Google Plus

No one will deny the fact that the traffic using Google is the largest and hence, if it is said that Google controls the success or failure of a website, it is not an exaggerated statement. Earlier, webmasters tried to manipulate the search engine results on Google using techniques like back-linking, etc. But, Google has sung the requiem for these techniques. They have brought about many changes and the latest among them is the launching of Google +.

Why should you use Google Plus?

You may say that you are already using other social networking sites. You may also say that you are too busy to add another networking site to your toolbox. But, if you desire to have an organic growth in your traffic and if you want to increase your sales, you’ve to necessarily use the power of Google Plus.

Even popular SEO consulting firms that have done extensive studies on the efficacy of Google + have the following words to say about it. They say, “After Page Authority, a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. In fact, the correlation of Google +1s beat out other well-known metrics including linking root domains, Facebook shares, and even keyword usage.”

Don’t ignore the observations of Copyblogger’s Brian Clark that Google Plus is “like a direct link to Google’s algorithmic brain.” At present, more than 75% of companies are on Google Plus. This may be shocking because Google Plus was launched only a couple of years back. There are already more than 350 million active users on Google+ and it has relegated Twitter to the third place. Experts say that if the current growth rate is maintained, Google Plus will even surpass Facebook by the middle of 2016. Since G+ has positively changed the nature and landscape of social networking, you should make the best use of it.

Unlike most other social networking sites that are more focused on relationships, G+ is topical and therefore, it is the shared interests that build relationships on it. Simply put, for those who are interested in your products, finding you on Google+ will be very easy.

Similarly, you create circles on G+. The more the members on your circle, the better will be the results for your SEO efforts. Your website will rank better when more number of people search for your niche on Google.



How To Expand Your Circle?

It is not enough if you are on Google Plus. You’ve to use it well by expanding your circle on it. The main challenge is that you have to do it effortlessly. Your online marketing reputation will get a boost if you succeed in your efforts of expanding your circle on Google Plus. Time is the essence and therefore, you must decide quickly and start using a powerful tool that may get you the best ranking on Google thus increasing your conversion rates. But the tool you choose should require minimum intervention also.

Google Plus Adder

When you look for such a powerful tool, you will certainly come acroos Google Plus Adder. In fact, finding Google Plus Adder may be the “Eureka” moment for you because this software will bring about an instant and positive impact on your online marketing.

Google Plus Adder can justifiably be called as “Google plus friend adder” because it will increase your targeted followers within the Google+ social network. When your circle gets expanded, you will have more traffic to your site and this will help you in boosting your sales.

And, all of this will happen instantly. Both start-ups and experienced Internet marketers can use the Google Plus Friend Adder software to find their potential customers instantly. Even successful businesses are using this tool because success motivates them to crave for more.

Google Plus Bot Friends Adder will help you find the right user profiles within the network. You can therefore build the potential audience you have been targeting so that you can achieve the higest conversion rate.

Put your best foot forward and start using the Google Plus Friend Adder software so, you need not spend hours for expanding your network. The tool will instantly get you the relevant user profiles. You can systematically grow your circle and this will ultimately result in phenomenal increase in your sales.

You have another great benefit also from Google Plus Bot Friends Adder software. Your working environment will vastly improve because you will be able to manage your accounts as well as audience easily, naturally and in an organized manner.

Since Google Plus Friend Adder improves the effectiveness of your social media marketing, you can constant increase in your sales. So, the actual ROI on the money and the time you have invested in your business will soar.

By leveraging the power of this Google Plus Bot Friends Adder software, your social media marketing becomes robust. In fact, you are reworking the grammar of your social media marketing by recharging it. The idea is simple but it is almost faultless also because just by adding relevant people to your circle with the help of this tool, you are building your business.

The most important benefit of Google Plus Friend Adder is that it does not exhaust you. It does not consume your time. The tool infuses a new soul into your business. By opting for this tool, you are not dependent upon your astuteness as an entrepreneur but you are returning to the real source of strength of your business, that is, your customers. You are simply rewriting the way a business should be done. You will certainly smell victory very soon.

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