[GET] Google Change Mobile DOWNLOAD

[GET] Google Change Mobile DOWNLOAD

Grab this Resource Pack that will Help You Sell Your Mobile Website Templates. 

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Hey there, 

Are you aware that Google is making a major change to their algorithm on April 21st. 

This new change will affect any website that does not have a mobile website component to it.  

This is GREAT NEWS for offline marketers, because we can be the Local HERO by informing our local business owners of this new change. 

So, I  put together a set of tools that you can use to help share the news about this new Google change, and as a result, YOU will get more clients wanting you to help out with their mobile marketing for thier business. 

The first tool we have is a couple of videos that you can put on your website or squeezepage that will help inform your local businesses of the new Google Change.  

People love to watch videos, so give them what they want.


I also included a few marketing materials that you can use to promote this new change.  I have a couple of flyers and postcards that you can get printed out.  Put your videos on your website, pass out the flyers and postcards at local networking meetings and local business owners will be begging you to know more. 



Rebrandable Software

We have included this Rebrandable Windows software that you can use to GIVE AWAY to local business owners, so they can see if their business website meets Googles Mobile Friendly Requirements. 

The software is so simple and easy to rebrand as YOUR OWN.  

You can rebrand the following parts of the software:

1) The Title 
2) The Click Here Buttons (have them go to ANY link you want) 
3) The Free Consultation Button (Make sure it goes to your business website or a site selling mobile templates)
4) Registration Page Link – This allows you to set up the software registration to go to ANY autoresponder you set up, so you CAN COLLECT THE PROSPECTS EMAIL. 

So, if you are ready to put these tools to work for you, hit that buy button below.  I dare you to find a better deal, a better set of resources out there that can help YOU take advantage of the new Google changes.  

Is it guaranteed?  Of course it is, I always stand by my products, but don’t buy if you arent serious about using these tools to land new offline clients.  It’s easy when when you take action, so get off the sideline, get into the game and put these tools to use. 

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