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Rank Videos Instantly Without Even Having to Make a Video All With Just a Few Seconds Work!

This sounds crazy, but you can rank a video without even having to make a video.
How amazing is this? You can, in just a few seconds of work instantly see where you rank without even creating a video.
Just imagine the possibilities, you could try to rank for any number of keywords and see what the competition is like and just clean up. There are so many ways you could make money with this.

I was fiddling around somewhere and I stumbled across something interesting. I had not even created a video, but when I did a Google search right at the top of page one on Google was my video (well not my video, but a placeholder image). I thought I must have done something wrong as I couldn’t believe that a video that I hadn’t even made was ranking at the top of Google instantly. I went to another browser that I was not logged into Google. Same deal. Video up top – jaw dropped.

This is crazy powerful. There has never been a time like this to be able to rank like this.

This step by step no-fluffski guide will show you everything you need to get ranking in just a few seconds. Just imagine you could have your first video up there in the next few minutes from now. 

Actually the guide is only a few pages, so obviously doesn’t look like the picture above, but I thought that it gave it a nice touch. I could have fluffed it out to make it a bit longer, but the information is golden and the problem is this method is so quick to implement, I couldn’t even fake too much more fluff, if I tried.

I am not going to lie to you and hype this awesome thing up and say that you can rank for whatever you want. If you are on a highly competitive term you are probably going to do a bit more work than just a couple of seconds work. But you will be able to instantly see how easy it is to rank any video and plan your attack accordingly. Of course an actual video is going to have a better chance of ranking over a image that is pretending to be a video.

I was fully going to charge for this as I know people will fall over themselves for this info, but I had a crazy thought that I would give it away for free. The Warrior Forum has been good to me over the years so this is a chance for me to give back. You will have to jump through a couple of hoops. I will be showing a couple of other offers of products that I have before you get the info, but you don’t need these at all to implement the system.

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