[GET] Genius Trainer Pro Tired Of Pouring Your Heart And Soul Into “One And Done” Offers DOWNLOAD


[GET] Genius Trainer Pro Tired of Pouring Your Heart And Soul Into “One and Done” Offers DOWNLOAD

Finally! Create a Monthly Recurring Revenue Stream and Stop the Endless Cycle of “One and Done” Promotions.

Tech-friendly system removes all obstacles standing between you and recurring monthly income.

On This Page You’ll Discover. . .

   How to Deliver Online Courses Pain-Free!

   Get Monthly Income You Can RELY On

   Top Level, Secure Technology

   Nothing to Install, No Coding Required.

   Determine Your Own Content and Pricing.

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

Hi, this is Dwayne Golden Sr & Jr here we’ve been working behind the scenes in the online marketing business since 2007.

We’ve created successful products and training programs that have helped internet marketers like you achieve 6 and 7 figure businesses.

Alfredo Delgado – FBKrusher.com

Working with Dwayne Golden has been a complete life changer for me. I earned just over $10k my very first month with working with Dwayne in just 1 of his companies. Today with his help I have earned well over $1 million dollars online! I highly recommend anything Dwayne Golden puts out there in the marketplace.

If you’re worn out from the endless cycle of promoting offers for a one time paycheck …You Need to Keep Reading.

Listen: You Need Recurring, Monthly Income.

A Steady Flow of Income That you Can Count On. . .

The world’s most profitable companies do it with subscriptions. . .

All the big “gurus” generate monthly cash with training courses. . .

The gurus work very hard to give you the illusion that online training is difficult. 

Yet, they sell “How To Make a Training Course” course for thousands of dollars!

…Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Now, YOU Can Easily Create and Sell 

Online Training Courses Too!


The best way to get a reliable stream of monthly income is 

with a monthly subscription offer.

And the best selling monthly subscriptions for

marketers like you are centered around Online Training Courses.

YOU Can Deliver Valuable Lessons and

Content to Your Subscribers, Who in

Turn Pay You Monthly!

in ANY Niche, by the way…

 Dog Training

 Cooking Recipes

 Parenting Courses

 Photography Courses

 Internet Marketing Courses

But Here’s The BIG PROBLEM

There’s tons of software and plug-ins that offer Online Course delivery options but they’re expensive and/or require monthly subscriptions.

Now, unless you’re a technical expert or happen to know someone who does programming for free, you can end up spending hundreds of hours trying to simply create the site (that’s not even counting creating your course content.)

OR, you could PAY someone THOUSANDS of dollars, and hope and pray they’re honest, dependable, and available indefinitely for emergency help.

You Already Know This, Right?

In fact, chances are you’ve been mulling over creating an online course for some time now.

Are You…

 Spilling Over With Ideas?
 Bursting With Excitement?
 Preparing a Course Outline? 
 Content Ready to Upload? 
 EAGER to Generate Reliable Monthly Income?

Yet, when you start searching for the perfect Online Course delivery software. . . nothing fits the bill.

The big “membership site and training course software companies” are all

 Overly Complicated

 Require More Technical Knowledge Than You Have…

 Way More Tech Than You Can Afford to Outsource

OR what’s worse. . .

 Too Expensive

… So We Set Out To Create A Solution

We realize marketers like you need to stop wasting time and money trying to find a training platform that works.

FINALLY, you can spare yourself the endless search for the “perfect software” and endless patchwork of wordpress plugins and integrations… (Because it doesn’t exist.)

We Decided to Build it Ourselves !

We found a team of top-notch programmers and developers, and worked side by side with them to create the One Stop, Cloud Based Online Training Platform, that will revolutionize the world of online training and course delivery.


Genius Trainer Pro

A Simple, Easy to Use Online Training Course Platform.

That You Can Use to Make A

Reliable Stream of Recurring Income Every Month.

Genius Trainer Pro Is the ONLY Online Course and Training Platform You Will Ever Need!

Genius Trainer Pro has a simple, smooth interface you can use to easily create visually stunning and sleek online courses.

There’s no complicated “back end. In fact, you (the instructor), have an interface that’s just as easy and seamless as the Student’s experience.

When You Get Genius Trainer Pro

Today, You Get All This…

Exclusive Use Of Vmerge Technology

Create an entire course using video content. Use our exclusive VMerge technology to display your webcam and PowerPoint slides simultaneously. This helps to keep your students engaged throughout your course.

Amerge Technology

Offer Audio Only Courses, use our AMerge technology to display your slideshow and play your audio at the same time and never have to get in front of the camera. Plus, you get easy to use text editor to deliver optional Text Only Content.

Customize Look and Feel

Inside Genius Trainer Pro, you’ll find beautiful drag and drop templates so you can sell and promote courses and capture priceless new leads.

Stunning, mobile responsive displays look sleek on iPhone, iPads, android devices and tablets.

You Have Complete Control

We understand you want complete control over every aspect of your course. You won’t need to wait for “course approval,” like with other platforms. Genius Trainer Pro gives you the ability to create an Unlimited Number of Courses. AND you can set your own pricing.


Create “free” courses to earn your subscriber trust, andbuild a valuable list!

Secure and Private

It’s easy to secure your content by requiring an email log in and secure password.

Trolls can pop up anywhere, so we give YOU the ability to Ban or Block users at your own discretion.

Easy to Use Platform & Simplified Tech

Genius Trainer Pro is clould-based. There’s nothing to Install so you don’t need to worry about heavy software slowing down your computer

READ: It’s not WordPress, so there’s no plug-ins to mess with and maintain, and your content and student data is less vulnerable to hacking and viruses than WordPress.

Upload pdf files, worksheets, and checklists, audio, slides, and video content to your course with the ease of a few clicks.

Easily insert JVZoo buttons into your course sales pages.

Intuitive Dashboard Delivers 360 Degree View, giving you easy to interpret metrics for retention and tracking student progress.

Plus, Genius Trainer Pro includes lifetime hosting and updates. We take care of it all for you.

Genius Trainer Pro takes the learning curve and growing pains OUT of Selling Online Courses making it easier to create a stream of recurring, monthly income.

Finally! Stop the ENDLESS CYCLE of promoting offers, only to receive a “One and Done” paycheck.

Remember, when you get Genius Trainer Pro today, you can easily

 Determine pricing with a set monthly fee.

 Create unlimited courses, with unlimited students.

 Upload videos, slides, worksheets, and audio content with a few easy clicks.

 Insert your JVZoo payment button.

 Stop wasting your time and money on mind-numbing tech-work.

 Spend your efforts on marketing your business, building authority, and enhancing your online profile!

 Sell Courses, Products, Subscriptions, and Memberships.

 Manage Students, Customers, and Inquiries With Smooth Interface.

And TONS more…

Online Training courses are some of the THE most effective and reliable sources of recurring income in the history of online marketing.

Get Genius Trainer Pro, the one stop solution for your Online Training System – TODAY – and you can immediately log in and get your course loaded and deployed within minutes.

Act Now & Get This Amazing “Fast Action” Bonus

CASE STUDY: How to Create Valuable Courses Without Ever Getting in Front of a Camera.

($197 Value)

You’ll discover how to use your expertise in ANYTHING to create a course that truly helps people improve aspects of their lives. READ: Genius Trainer Pro isn’t just for the Internet Marketing niche! You can leverage your knowledge in any area to make a regular income with online training courses.

Whether it’s . . .

 Tutoring Students

 Baking Deserts

 List Building

 Sustainable Living

 Playing Guitar


YOU have the knowledge that people are yearning for. GIVE IT TO THEM!

All You Need is an Idea!

This Bonus is worth over $197! Yet it’s yours for FREE, just for taking fast action… TODAY!

How Much is Genius Trainer Pro Going to Cost You?

Just know you’re going to get Genius Trainer Pro for a fraction of the full sticker price… nowhere NEAR what it’s worth!

. . . And when you think about the unlimited number of courses you can create using Genius Trainer Pro, and the potential to make thousands in monthly, recurring income… We should be charging no less than $199.

But we’re not charging you $199 today. And though we could sleep like babies if we charged $99, we want this to be the most no-brainer decision you make all year long.

However, here is a FAIR WARNING:

On December 21, 2015 Genius Trainer Pro will go up to the FULL price of $27 per month (or $197 with annual discount).

REMEMBER, you’re also getting the incredible bonus… (Which will soon be sold separately, by the way.)

Please Understand, We Want You to USE It and Create Long Term, Recurring Monthly Income Using Our Platform.

Can You Make This Commitment TODAY?

Because we’re also giving you …

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be overjoyed and thrilled with Genius Trainer Pro. We know you’re going to love the ease of use, AND the results waiting for you inside Genius Trainer Pro, we’re giving you a guarantee.

You’re getting our 100% Platinum Guarantee, that if you’re dissatisfied with GTP for any reason, just let us know within 30 days, and you’ll get your money back immediately.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Finally, this is your once in a lifetime chance to grab a Crystal Clear Solution to the long-standing problem.

Now remember, the one-time price of $37 is available for just 4 short days!

We won’t be able to maintain this price level for longer than that. On December 21, 2015, the price goes up to $27 monthly or $197/yr. That’s a done deal.

So if you want the absolute, best possible price on Genius Trainer Pro, you need to get it NOW, before the price goes up!

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