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Are you or your clients struggling to make SEO work for you or are you just flat out confused about the fastest & safest way to rank sites…

“Discover 3 Simple Steps To Future Proof Your
SEO Traffic And Make Ranking Any Site A Breeze…
Using Our Exact SEO Formula That Makes Us
A Cool 7-Figures Per Year.”

Check It Out The Recipe Works…
Look at how the traffic levels never missed
a heart-beat post-Penguin 2.0 update…

MORE PROOF The Recipe Works…
heart beat post-Panda 2.0 update…

How About Recurring Monthly Checks Like
These From SEO Services…

Check Out The Hours We’ve Clocked Up Getting
Outsourcers To Build Future Proof Traffic For Us Using The EXACT Formula That Has Helped Grow
A 7-Figure Business From Our Sites & SEO Services

The Best Part Is We Did None Of The Work To Earn Over
5 MILLION DOLLARS in JUST 3 YEARS Getting Free Traffic
From Google… What Would This Kind Of Income Mean To You!

Let’s put that into perspective. If you were to complete 61,000 hours of work yourself, working 40 hours a week it would take you personally over 29 years to accomplish what we have over a much smaller percentage of time, all through the leverage of people.

From the desks of David Judge and Michael Atma

Dear Frustrated “where’s my traffic” Marketer,

David here and I want to help you not only survive Penguin’s and Panda’s with hoards of solid targeted traffic that visits your websites day after day after day but also never have to worry about losing rankings or visitors to your sites again!!

Bold claim I know but hear me out.

Penguin 2.0 – it happened 22 May 2013…

…Another Google algorithm change where they released yet another spam-fighting Penguin update.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Web spam team, announced that it would noticeably impact 2.3% of English queries which equates to around 23 Million Websites!

So what exactly does this mean for those of you being hit with this SEO Google slap?

Simple – you LOSE website rankings AND you LOSE traffic!

If You’re Not Using Proven Link Building
Method’s To Future Proof Your Traffic
Your Income Is At RISK..!!

And the bottom line is that Google are constantly making it HARDER to rank sites and get traffic especially if you have been using or even think of using:

  • Paid text links using exact match anchor text
  • Comment spam
  • Guest posts on questionable sites
  • Article marketing sites
  • Links from dangerous sites

Getting All The Free SEO Traffic You Want
From Google Doesn’t Have To Be Hard…

Today, I’m about to make getting traffic a whole lot easier for you.

When it comes to generating TONs of organic traffic and building your business online a change in approach is needed.

You need to think differently about traffic from the search engines so you can rest easier at night knowing your ‘money’ sites are still going to get traffic night and day like clockwork.

“Phew – what a load off my mind!!”

GET Futureproof traffic download

What I’m going to be giving you today are some of the BEST natural Authority Link methods available.

These are the same methods I use on my client sites and my personal sites that hold firm higher rankings, new visitors daily and money consistently rolls into my bank account day and night.

When You Take Your Online Business
Seriously So Will Everyone Else

And taking your business seriously means acquiring Google friendly links that will give your site the RELEVANCY and AUTHORITY…

…that not only sends you truck loads of hungry visitors to your site but will also future proof your links bringing you ever-green traffic.

We all want our sites to grow and prosper…

More than that – when all the hard work is over we want to be able to kick-back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Watch the results roll-in and make money while we sleep on AUTOPILOT.

How is this possible??


What If I Were to Hand You A $5 Million
Dollar Traffic & Ranking Formula?

Would this help you?

To have me walk you through the BEST and MOST effective link building strategies that have helped bring in over $5 Million Dollars in sales into our business over the past 3 years.

Sound like a plan?

Yes – thought you’d like that.

While some people look for the next shiny SEO tool attempting to fix their sites ranking and traffic problems, people like you and I know better.

We know that to have a sustainable and predicable flow of steady free traffic that brings in leads or sales, we need a solid foundation of NATURAL QUALITY links from reputable and relevant sources.

Anything less will put your sites; your income or your clients income at risk.

Traffic: You Can Have It… Instantly!

Over the years I have gathered together link building strategies that I know have successfully weathered the time and tide of Google Zoo updates for mine and my client sites.

I have never sold these before as a collection like this.

…Mainly because I have been busy putting them to work myself.

There has been the odd occasion where I have shared a handful of them with my VIP students.

The fortunate few that have received just a selection of these strategies told me these are some of the highest quality link strategies they have ever come across… anywhere.

So what am I talking about here?

And Here’s Why You Need These Methods…

… Get as much free, targeted, organic search traffic as you want – any time you want!

Here’s just a small scoop of what you can look forward to…

  • Rank most sites in most niches with little effort using any combination of 147 SEO techniques inside… and become a “go-to” SEO guy or gal for both local and online businesses! (Or, keep all the money for yourself and rank your own projects…)
  • Comment spamCreate a CRITICAL difference between you and your competition… that lets you future-proof your (or your clients’) projects! (Curious? This step is about building authority… but in a way that’s INFINITELY easier than what others are doing!)
  • Get the movers and shakers in your niche to link to you… while developing a mutually beneficial relationship! … Best of all, it’s just a matter of following a simple step-by-step formula you’ll find inside!
  • Discover one of the most powerful ways to generate authoritative links using infographics… and what unique twists to this you can apply to stand out head and shoulders above the crowd!
  • One TINY change that you can make to your URLs that will make them irresistible to rank for dozens of keywords… (It’s probably NOT what you think!)
  • Which traffic methods will get you the most bang for your buck? Which ones are better left for when it’s time to gain that extra edge? A complete breakdown of how valuable each traffic method is – with SPECIFIC examples to follow!
  • How to have somebody take care of your traffic building for you… and how to find the right person that won’t waste your time and money (Learn my 5 level system to qualify ‘em… and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to outsource the most pressing tasks tomorrow!)

Future Proof Traffic is perfect for you because it showcases 3 simple SEO methods to easily (and quickly) drive rankings and a stampede of traffic to your site.

It walks you through the exact approach to link building that I use every single day on hundreds of sites.

And they are used for any type of keyword and any level of competition.

Google’s Love For Your Sites Depends
On Where You GET Links From,
What Types Of Links You Get
and the Structure of Your Site

We’ve all heard that Google loves relevant, natural and quality links…

…but what does this really mean to the average person like you and I?

We just want to get traffic to our sites and make some money right!?!

You could spend hours, days or even years trying to figure out what Google wants only to have the rug pulled out from under your feet with the next algorithm update.

Worse still – imagine if you were doing SEO for clients and THEIR sites suddenly lost traffic and rankings because of a Panda or Penguin update…

Who do you think they will BLAME?

Get Your ONLINE Foundation
Set Up The RIGHT Way

It’s absolutely critical to get your link building setup the right way.

And not to follow those short-term quick-fix poor quality tactics.

When you give Google what they want by following a link-building formula that has proven to work time and time again like Future Proof Traffic does, then not only does it keep the Google Gods happy, but it let’s you sleep well at night too.

What About Other Traffic Methods?

Does this mean that paid traffic or social media has no place?

Of course not, I am a great believer in using multiple sources of traffic to drive qualified leads to a site.

What it does mean though is that the FREE organic traffic you come to rely on will never let you down.

Remember – it doesn’t matter the quantity of links you get to a site.

It’s how RELEVANT they are to the niche you are working in and the QUALITY of them that’s important.

When you get Future Proof Traffic today I show you the easiest and most effective way to get as many of these relevant and quality links as you can possibly use for your sites.

In fact there are 147 different ways to FUTURE PROOF your traffic using my proven link building system.

And for the first time ever I reveal these exact methods Michael and I use in our Multi-Million Dollar businesses.
(Even though my SEO team thinks I’m crazy sharing this information.)

Future Proof Traffic Tactics
are Ever Green and Stand The
Test Of Time

Traditional SEO is 10 times harder than it has ever been before thanks to Google’s constant updates…

But the funny thing is that this has actually made it easier than ever to cash in on a shrinking marketplace that has the door wide open for people who know these methods.

I’ll show you the Off-Page SEO Formula in Future Proof Traffic that will leap frog you to the front of the SEO elite in no time flat…

From a collection of link building strategies that has helped bring in over $5 Million Dollars in Revenue to my business over the past 3 years.

Here Are The 3 Pillars Of Future Proof
Evergreen Traffic Success…

These laser targeted traffic getting magnets are broken up into 3 main methods that are exactly what Google love to find when they are checking sites to determine who gets to get the biggest piece of the rankings pie.

The 3 methods include:

  • 1

    Links that you CREATE

    Find places to create future proof links and systematically start putting up a network of links

  • 2

    Links that you ATTRACT

    Make your sites, your content (and yourself) attractive enough for people to want to link to you

  • 3

    Links that you REQUEST

    Find places that would want to link to you, contact them and ask for that link

The easiest way to understand is to NOT think about all of this as Search Engine Optimization…

… But Search Engine Marketing!

In other words, the most natural (and the easiest) way to promote a new site and rank it is to establish authority, get people talking about the site, ask for a couple of links, build a couple, and voila!. You’re up there and no-one can touch you.

Sure, all of this may sound scary, especially if you’re new.

But I’ve been using these exact methods to rank my own and my clients’ sites… and it’s paint-by-numbers simple.

“Show Me The Money!!!”

Not only can you cash in on using these link methods for your own sites, as you can see above you can also make a fortune helping clients to get more traffic to their sites as well.

In fact, the skies the limit as even well established SEO providers would kill for this knowledge as even many of them are struggling to help their clients stay in Google’s good books.

Real World Results…

Over the years I have gathered together link building strategies that I know have successfully weathered the time and tide of Pandas/Penguins/Pigeons…

For both my own sites and those of my customers.

I’ve only ever shared a handful of these with my VIP students…

And all of them have gotten amazing results and basically told me these are some of the highest quality link strategies they have ever seen.

So Easy Your Grandma Could Do It…

I can’t share all of these strategies here. It would make this unbearably long, and this isn’t the best format to explain things like that.

You’d need videos, checklists to follow step by step, and all that other stuff that makes learning (and more importantly, profiting from what you’ve just learned) much more easier.

But I have found a way to address these problems and provide you with a nothing-left-out search engine marketing plan…

… that will let you rank almost anything in almost any niche and sleep well knowing that an update can’t wipe out your income overnight.

How Does This Proven System Work?

Here’s What You Get:

  • 3 easy-to-follow SEO friendly methods that’ll elevate you to the level of SEO expert instantly
  • How to build any sites authority and brand yourself all over the web and why this is critical to the future proofing of your business
  • Our step-by-step formula on developing relationships with the main influences in your niche and how to get them to link back to you
  • One of the most powerful ways to generate authoritative links using Infographics – hardly anyone is doing this
  • The correct URL structure that Google loves that will help you RANK for hundreds of keywords across multiple pages
  • A breakdown of which traffic building methods are more valuable than others and why. Which also includes specific examples to follow
  • How to identify the right outsource person to take care of your traffic building for you. This includes five levels to qualify them so you save time and money
  • 147 Traffic generating methods that comes with their own checklist including how much time is needed, what you need, level of importance, description and external references
  • A detailed overview of what makes a good link and a bad link
  • Understand the type of link building you should be doing to get SEO traffic to your sites and overcome any future animal attacks from Google
  • By using these methods you will discover how to future proof your income for any Niche, industry or online business
  • Why competition doesn’t matter and how this system will help your traffic levels to keep growing

Here’s The Main Difference Between This
And Other Courses Out There…

… It’s not the AMOUNT of techniques (which is impressive – you get 147 proven, future proof SEO techniques, and you can implement as little or as many as you like!)

… It’s not even the fact that I can back this up with numbers (Michael and I have built a 7 figure business and racked up more than 68k+ outsourcer hours over just a couple short years)

… The main difference is that you’re going to learn cutting edge techniques that aren’t available freely and the only OTHER way you can learn this is to go through the trial and error yourself!

Plus, of course, the fact that these techniques are completely future proof, means that you’ll be able to apply them over and over again – and get paid, over and over again.

Why it’s almost INCREDIBLY easy
to get results with this…

To keep you 100% focused and effective, the course is designed so that you never lose sight of the big picture.

As well as getting instant access to your members area which is easy to follow and has all the video training and PDF’s that you’ll need we’re going to do something SUPER SPECIAL to make sure that this is the ONLY SEO course you’ll ever need to do again…

LIMITED Time Bonus: Future Proof Content
Optimizing Content For Readers… and Search

To make sure there’s no stone left unturned (and to reward action takers – I LOVE action takers!)…

… I’m going to give you an awesome bonus that’s going to show you how you can optimize your content to be both enjoyable to read.. and HELP your rankings at the same time!

These techniques are super easy and can be picked up by anyone in minutes (I’m still surprised to see only few people doing this…) – yet it will help you get more traffic, better and higher rankings, and make more money even faster!

To Sum It Up…

If you’re looking to build a reliable income using safe and effective SEO strategies, you’re covered.”Future Proof Traffic” shows you how you can easily get more free, targeted traffic than you can handle by building future proof links..

… And “Future Proof Content” bonus shows you how you can easily create as much content as you need without breaking your back (or, if you go the outsourced route, how your outsourcers can be more productive!)

Wait… But What About Saturation?

That’s a great question. After all, if everyone is going to do this… won’t these methods stop working?

Well… if, indeed, everyone were to follow these techniques, then absolutely, they would lose their edge.

But here’s why that isn’t going to happen.

  • 1

    First, only a tiny percentage of marketers are going to see this offer. Simply put, it’s because I don’t have the means to reach every single soul that might be interested in this…

  • 2

    And second, even fewer people will actually act on this information and implement it as a part of their day-to-day process. It mostly happens because learning is fun and applying is hard work!

So, once you factor in how many niches and industries are out there, you can see that thecompetition and saturation is NOT an issue at all.

Now let’s talk business for a bit…

“How Much Is This?”

I love that question. Here’s why…

It shows me that you’re serious about your success – and probably just are sizing up the investment needed.

Let me tell you something…

We could easily charge $497 for this (in fact, I probably will at some point at the future…) – and easily get plenty of sales.

Because, if we put this in perspective, all you have to do is get ONE client and you’re probably going to make that (and much more) back in a month!

But we’re not going to charge you that much.

We could give you a discount of $200 and give this away at $297. That would be a heck of a deal. But that’s not what we have in mind either.

For today and if you act right NOW, you can get “Future Proof Traffic” for the super low, “WSO introductory offer” price you see below.

Our 30 Day 100% Better Than Money Back Guarantee

Yes, we’re taking all of the risk… it’s a no-brainer really.

See, here’s the scoop.

Using the proven Future Proof Traffic system you’re going to succeed.

We are extremely confident in this training program and your ability to use it to grow your traffic and enjoy lasting rankings if you just follow the exact steps we use every day to rank sites, get a stampede of traffic and make a 7-figure income!

This is YOUR ever-green traffic blueprint and the LAST SEO course you will EVER need to buy – period!

Why? Because it has been working for me for the past 8 years and my revenue and my clients revenue just keeps growing.

And now, it’s time for me to give back to the Industry that has been serving me so well all these years…

And I know you’ll love this course.

What’s even better is you can access your training at no risk at all…

You’re Just One Decision Away From…

… finally getting more traffic than you can handle, becoming a SEO “go-to” guy or gal, and building that elusive passive income thanks to reliable, free, organic traffic.

But I can’t make that decision for you.

You have to want this yourself. Basically, you have two options now…

You decide to take the plunge, get in while you can do so at the super-low price… and start your path towards success.


You close this page, and keep on doing the same things while getting the same results.

The choice is yours.

Here’s Everything You Will Instantly Download…

Let’s Recap What You’re Getting…

This is literally what you are getting… this is a huge value…

  • We’re going to share the 3 pillars of ‘traffic success’ that will show you how to AVOID bad links and the Good links to focus on so you don’t need to hide under Google’s radar.
  • You’ll get access to the Manifesto that’s 49 page in depth guide on what Google Wants. This simple yet so often overlooked.
  • I know you want to take ACTION. With this in mind We’ve included 7 strategies you can Action ‘RIGHT AWAY’. 5 of the seven strategies require very little effort and can be actioned in less than 30 minutes!
  • We’re giving you SIMPLE to follow step by step guides on how you get the most out of SEO, including mind-maps and checklists which make it super simple to understand.
  • We’re going to share how simple it is for you to outsource these tasks. Imagine being able to get someone else to do the hard work while you sit back and relax. With over 61,000 hours of outsourcing experience we’ll show you how that looks.
  • You’re going to get a look under the bonnet of how a 7 figure business does SEO and how this can EASILY be applied to a seasoned “onliner” or someone that’s totally new to the game!
  • With so many sites being affected by Google’s updates we’re going to release a special bonus that show the exact step by step process you can follow to identify a penalty and reverse it’s crippling grip
  • World Class Support Desk

The best part is that You risk nothing, and you gain SEO grand mastery skills you can drive traffic with FOREVER!

Click the Buy Now button below and become one of the privileged few members Future Proofing your Organic Traffic now!

Future Proof Traffic Special

Don’t Forget Our Limited Time
“Action Takers Only” Bonus

This sounds crazy, I mean you already have an awesome formula that is going to blow you away and the truth is you don’t even need this bonus but we like to over deliver and reward the fast action takers so if you are quick enough and secure your copy of Future Proof Traffic you will also get this awesome bonus that will allow you to make even more money FASTER!

“Future Proof Content…
Optimizing Content For Search”

This way of adding content is super easy for anyone to pick up and run with in a matter of minutes.

Making your content easy for people to find it in search engines is a must these days, especially with all the Zoo critters on the prowl.

We know what it takes to have the best SEO possible and well-optimized, well-written contest is a no-brainer when it comes to what works like a dream.

This “Content Making Guide” will give you the shortcuts to optimizing content for search while showing you the exact system we use to make sure your content is well received by search engines and readers.

This will help you get even more traffic, rankings and money even faster!

See you on the inside!

GET Futureproof traffic download

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