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From the desk of The Fusion Pro Team

Dear Friend,

It all started with a trickle of sales the first hour and it turned into:

But let’s face it.

For most people this ain’t gonna happen and it’s a soul-destroying cycle for them to enroll into multiple product launches and seeing zeros in their bank accounts.

By now, you’ve probably noticed that there’s only a small group of elite marketers who keep on churning multi-six figures launches one after the other while you can’t even make a dime.

It hurts.

You’re upset and frustrated.

They know and do things that you have no clue.

You’re Left Behind. Wasting Your Time. Throwing Away Your Hard-Earned Money.

Listen, it’s not your fault.

You’ve tried everything you could possibly think of.

Your result is still the same.


But before you decide to drop your weapons and admit defeat…

Here’s an important question:

What Makes A Product Launch Successful?

Our process is simple and it works.

We call it the ‘J.V.C.’ Launch Formula.

When you apply it to your product launch, you make money.

It’s guaranteed.

Your JV Partners will love promoting your offers.

You as the Vendor will make more sales.

And your Customers will become raving fans.

Using our proven formula sets you apart from the ‘Average Joes’ in our industry because it brings results.

Big results.

When Customers & JV Partners Are Happy Cashing BIG Paydays Becomes Darn Easy.

Customers Are Happy

Edmund Loh

“When you said this is going to change the webinar game, you got my attention. For years I’ve been using GoToWebinar and another automated webinar software. I was a little sceptical initially, but I am glad that Webinar Fusion Pro lives up to its promises! It’s rare that you find a tool that allows you to connect so deeply with potential buyers and then to position yourself as an expert. I’m ready now to put webinars at the top of my list to provide more education and value to my subscribers and product buyers now that I have this system!” 

Alicia Lyttle

I recently was invited to be a guest using “Infinity Technology” and all I can say is wow! I actually did the webinar and started getting orders before it was over and that night made sales in just 1hr of speaking!!! It is truly awesome for me as I market a great deal on the internet. I litterally cherish my Webinar Fusion Pro account. All I can say is…… If you don’t have it, GET IT!

James Ward

I have been doing webinars for several years now. I have tried almost every platform out there from Go to Meeting to Webinar Jam. Without a doubt Webinar Fusion Pro is the user-friendliest platform I have used, and the most affordable. The value is huge! I would recommend anyone wanting to take their business to the next level via webinar to get started today, you won’t be disappointed. 
CEO & Co-Founder of 2SL –Start Living

Vendor Cashing Big Paydays

Become One Of The Successful Elite Few Product Launchers Today!

Let’s be honest.

It sucks when you can’t have the success that you so desire with all your heart.

And you’ve probably been spending a long time already watching and listening to the ‘Elite Few’ bragging about their successes all day long and you’ve started to envy them.

You’re jealous.

This feeling is legitimate.

We were in your shoes not so long ago.

But now things are different.

If you implement the right process that we’ve developed, you too can become successful like we’re now.

The Excitement Is Beyond Description Because What You’ll Learn Is So Powerful.

 The #1 reason why your product isn’t selling and how using one simple technique to turn it into a best-seller within days.

 What successful product launchers have in common and why they don’t want you to know these secrets.

 The most FATAL mistake that most marketers do when setting up their sales funnel and why this can cost them not only money but their reputation as well.

 The shocking truth about sales conversion figures and how the ‘Elite Few’ manipulate these at will with their underground tactics.

 The untold ‘Th____e Concept’ to achieve upsells sales conversion as high as 75% throughout the sales funnel.

 The ‘Clever method’ to getting BIG JV partners on board and keep them super excited to keep promoting you whenever you need.

 The EASIEST way to strategize profitable sales funnel in no time. We’ve been using this method for many past launches and almost every time we can predict the results.

 The 3 CRITICAL elements for a successful pre-launch campaign. Use all 3 in conjunction and you’re guaranteed to have explosive results on your campaigns.

 Scientifically proven pricing strategies that yields the greatest profitability and conversions. Not applying these principles will most likely hurt your overall launch.

 How to double your profit margin by using the ‘Re____l Offer’ tacting on every product launches that you do. This technique alone will be responsible to massive amount of sales in the long term.

 The ‘Stealth Mode’ tactics we used to create the snowball effect we need to enroll over 100 affiliates on our product launch.

 5 super simple methods you can use to build and motivate a team of people when working on a product launch so that you get the best of each of them.

 The ONE extremely powerful technique we use to turn customers into raving fans all the time. This is something so simple to implement. You’ll be amazed.

 The ‘Sequencing’ strategy we used to orchestrate for a successful promotion. Without this in place, the launch would have been a disaster.

And so much more…

We Hold Nothing Back. That’s Over 5 Hours Of 
Video Trainings With Each One Of Us.

We’ll be upfront…

It’s probably the best content you’ll ever find online on this topic.

We’re holding nothing back on this training.

We spent weeks working on it with only one goal in mind – overdeliver to you.

That’s right.

We’re so confident that you’ll be totally blown away with content we’re providing that we’re going to make you this promise…

30-Day No Questions, No Holds-Barred, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Listen up!

Whatever is being taught in this training program is based from our experiences in running our day-to-day business.They are based on REAL case studies. These are not just theories, but things that we use to take your business to the next level.

We know it works and we’ve no doubt about it. If you take the time to digest and implement what you’ve learned inside you’ll see positive results. Guaranteed.

But we want to let you be the judge. Try our it for the next 30 days and if ever after implementing it, you do not see an improvement in your income, drop us an email to request for a full refund.

So there’s absolutely nothing to worry about, The risk is totally on us.

It works. Without fail.

Try it with confidence, So now, go get it…

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