[GET] FRESH MASCOT Start Making More Creative Video With 240 BRAND NEW Mascot DOWNLOAD

[GET] FRESH MASCOT – Start Making more Creative Video with 240 BRAND NEW Mascot DOWNLOAD

Are You Still Struggling To Make Your Video Stand Out From the Crowd?

Anybody Can Create More Creative Videos and be Different with Others Using 240 Fresh Mascots

Now Everyone can Attract Clients Attention and Maximize Conversionswith Unique and Engaging Videos Using FRESH MASCOT Bundle

  • 12 Brand New Mascots to Supercharge Your Product’s Personality
  • 240 Unique Poses to Build Engagement and Amplify Emotional Connections
  • 960 Files in SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD
  • Free Developers License to Create Unlimited Projects For Your Clients
  • PLR License Also Available on The Backend

Start Making Better and More Creative Video withFRESH MASCOT and Lets Take a Look at just
How GREAT this PRODUCT is!

Videos increase your conversion by up to 150%. With Fresh Mascot, you can create your own amazing video in minutes and ready to boost your conversion.

We all know that videos allow you to explain your products and services better, and customer love that. Fresh Mascot will help you to do this perfectly.

You can integrate Fresh Mascot with any tools; Video Maker Pro, Video Explaindio, Open Office, Keynote, and Camtasia to create killer video for your any business.

It easy, you just mix and match Fresh Mascot our rich library template to create your own entertaining and egaging video and Easily Close a Deal With Your Client.

Fresh Mascot Can be Used in
Any Video Maker Softwares:

See How Fresh Mascot Perfectly Compatible 
with Explaindio 2.0

Hey there…
My name is Agus Sakti…

Today, Explaindio, Video Maker FX, Video Motion, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere, Camtasia can be used to make a very good video. In fact, marketing video can really increase sale conversion up to 150%.

While, if you use a template, available on the tools above, the consequence you will get video not unique. Why? Because that available default template has been used by thousands people in the world.

FRESH MASCOT comes to help you making a better, more creative and unique video. We offer you with the cheap price for 12 modules (240 unique characters, 960+ files, SVG, PNG, EPS, PSD format).

You can see, you have to spend $29 for 1 module (reguler license). While if you want to get a developer license, you have to spend 10 fold or $290. Can you imagine if you have 10 developer license modules? Yeah right, you have to spend $2.900. Wow!

We come to make your work easy, save your budget, and also stop wasting your time. For 10 modules + developer license, you only spend $17 (normal price).

Introducing . . .

We provide you SVG, PNG, EPS, and PSD format. It will make your video marketing to be more different, unique, and not boring anymore.

You Will Get:

IMAGINE if there are 240 Ready to Use Mascot 
in your hand!

Easily Create your VideoStand Out From the Crowdwithout no Headache

Is that Enough?
Absolutely not! I want You are More Satisfied
in this chance, I’ll give you PREMIUM BONUS

9 PowerPoint Presentation Templates

With these 9 PowerPoint Templates, you can Change Your Boring Presentation into Killer presentation

See What Expert Said about FRESH MASCOT

Mark Mason


Sakti has created a stunning pack of Mascots with source files included. These fun characters are perfect for use in your Videos, Presentations, sales pages or product eCovers. You get 12 characters total with 20 poses each in 4 file types eps, png, psd and svg. Thats 960 design files!

Overall “Fresh Mascot” is a very high quality mascot package with almost 1000 design files included! I give this a 2 thumbs up and It’s definitely a Mascot Collection that you should add to your design arsenal.


Maulana Malik


Video is not only hot but taking over the internet right now. As a video marketer, you’ll always need something new for your video, you need fresh graphics and mascots characters in order to make my video more unique.

I really recommend fresh mascot – the quality is unbeatable smile emoticon. Good job, Sakti!


Ilham Zulkarnain


Fresh Mascot is one of my topmost recommendations. As video template creator, They all look professional and are worth thousands of dollars. But at thisprice, its definitely a no-brainer. Im sure you can play with this template easily. 

Recommended to have!


Arif Chandra

Awesome! Sakti will bring your video more unique, attractive, and stand out from the crowd. I’ve downloaded and tested it on Explaindio. Yeah, this stuff is really compatible and I love it.

240 brand new mascots will make your video be different with others. This is realy fun because I can customize my video with a huge video graphic library.

Sakti also provided the PLR License for this bundle on the back end offer. Not only that, you will find the marketing tool so You can double or triple your profit using this bundle.


Is there any OTO(s)?

Do You Have Female Version?

We’ve provided PLR License with a cheap price, upgrade version of FRESH MASCOT, Video Assets for your video, and amazing SVG + vector graphics.

You can download full color female characters on the back end offer. We’ve provided some bundle of mascot female characters over there.

Do you offer special price for the female version?

Whats included with the package?

Yes… we offer special 50% Discount.

We’ve bundle all of the main product with SVG, EPS, PNG, and PSD format.

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