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Why Will I GIVE This $17 Quick Easy to Follow Cheatsheet on Ebola Awareness… For FREE?

Dear Warrior,

BarbLing here and time is of the essence. No shiny graphics or flashy copy, I’m going to just get right to the point.

Ebola Has Hit America!

1 Case Confirmed; 1 Pending; School Kids Being Monitored Due to Contact With the Infected Patient…

NEW Case Just Confirmed In Washington DC!

It’s a deadly serious threat to your health, your family and your loved ones. So why am I GIVING you this….

For FREE….

This time-saving

Ebola Informer Safety Cheatsheet


I’ll tell you why…. this virus isn’t something you play around with. With all the freaked-out news reports and conflicting stories out there, you just don’t know WHERE to go to get educated about what’s REALLY happening.

You need to get this information NOW.

And I’ve made it so simple for you to use!

This one page cheat-sheet resource gives you direct access to:

Latest Breaking Ebola News

☑ Ebola as reported by the Center for Disease Control

☑ Ebola as mentioned on Reddit

☑ Ebola as mentioned on Twitter

☑ Ebola as mentioned on Facebook

☑ Ebola as mentioned on Google+

☑ Ebola as mentioned on Linkedin

☑ Ebola as mentioned on Tumblr

The second resource gives you critical facts about Ebola at a glance:

☑ Guide 1: Ebola Signs and Symptoms

☑ Guide 2: How Ebola is Transmitted

☑ Guide 3: Ebola Prevention

☑ Guide 4: Ebola Diagnosis

☑ Guide 5: Ebola Treatment

☑ Guide 6: Printable Ebola Factsheets

☑ Guide 7: Printable Ebola Posters

☑ Guide 8: Printable Ebola Infographics

☑ Guide 9: Ebola Information for Working/Living Abroad

The 3rd section provides you direct access to the TOP Ebola/Survivalism Forum and Authority sites

And I even show you, at the end, your next steps…

☑ How you can take the critical information you just learned and compile it into a valuable resource that delivers directly to your desktop the LATEST and MOST UP TO DATE Ebola news.

Again….this is waiting for you…. *free*.

And marketers that we are – I even show you where to go to unearth top quality PLR regarding Ebola and the Survivalism niche…. PLR that you can keep 100% of the income once you claim it as your own.

Again… “Ebola Informer” is FREE and waiting for YOU.

Can’t get better than that!

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