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Not Getting Great Conversions?

A Single Piece of Code Transforms Any Site Into Money Sucking Machine By Boosting Your Conversions Up to 15%! 

This will Work Even If You “Suck” At Marketing!

Skyrocket Your Conversions By Adding a simple piece of code to Your Site!

Supports Almost Every Platform like wordpress, html and php websites, sales pages, optin pages, thank you pages, other blogs, forums and any other…

You have a control panel where you choose the model and video you want to use, generate the embed code. Copy and paste the code in any part of your site..

All videos are transparent so it will not
mess your design but give a new and professional look to your business.

Before We Dig Any Deeper – Take a Look at Some Stats!…

By Adding ONE Flash Spokesperson – We managed to Go From 

9% Conversions to 25% Conversions!

Let us show you what that means in terms of numbers!

Results From Variation “A”

Number of Visitors = 6234

Number of Sales = 577 

Revenue Generated = USD $4039

Results From Variation “B”

Number of Visitors = 6649

Number of Sales = 1658 

Revenue Generated = USD $11606


Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

We know that it is NOT easy to drive traffic to your website… BUT what is even harder is driving TONs of traffic and watching it leaveyour site WITHOUT taking any action.

Yeah…that is kind of like watching lots of cash walking out the door.

BUT, what if there was a totally unique way to engage with your website visitors 24 hours per day, by simply adding a single piece of code to your site?

And this simple code would be responsible for skyrocketing you leads and earnings!

BUT… Before we continue… Let’s get some Facts!


  • Video Has the Power to Boost your conversions and send your earnings through the roof!
  • Today, 70% of Internet Marketers Use video to engage with their visitors! 
  • Video is the MOST Compelling Call to Action on the Web!

And TODAY, YOU have the ability to Add a Video to Your Marketing Arsenal, WITHOUT having to Hire a professional spokesperson, or create a single video yourself, OR even Paying an arm or a leg

With This New Technology, By Adding a Single Piece of Code, You Can Boost Your Conversions and Sales without Doing Any Extra Work!

What if Today, You Can Get 30 Pre-Ready, Background Less “Flash” Videos that Work Everywhere? And Are Proven ToConvert. In Fact “Tested”. Along with the MP4 Version!


30+Professional Proven To Convert Flash Videos

Background Less Videos

Saves you Thousand on Outsourcing Professional Spokesperson

Makes You Stand Out From the Crowd

Pre-designed with proven 

call to action!

Here is what it can do for you!

Maximize Sales by 

Call to Action 
Flash Spokesperson To your Site!

Boost your Conversion
Rate by upto 15% Adding 
These Proven to Convert Videos!

Increase User 
Engagement upto 30%
by Calling them to take Action

There’s a Behemothic Advantage in Using Flash Videos Instead of Videos

No BackGround

You have to admit that Creating, finding or buying dfy backgroundCall to Action Videos is a Pain in the @$$ and Really Expensive.. Flash Spokes Person Comes without any Background

Efficent compatibility

Flash Videos are compaitable With Almost all of the Browsers which Minimizes the Load time of your Page and Makes your 

site Load upto 3x Faster 

than with a Video!

Faster Load Time

Flash Video Loads Faster 

than a Normal Video Player 

and streams Faster as well.. 
Even on the Slowest Internet it will work “easy, fast & Sleek” Just Like Cha CHING!

Want A Sneak Peak?…. 

Explore Just How Big Flash Spokes Person Collection is…


There Maybe many Similar Products Introduced to you, so… 

What Makes Flash Spokes Person Special?

Flash Spokes Person gives you the possibility to add professional spokes models to your website easy as copy and paste…


When a real person introduces your website, service or product you can increase sales and conversion….


1. Works on Most Platforms.

Flash Spokes Person is fully compatible with almost all of the devices like Android, Mac OS, Windows..
Works on all the Browsers i.e Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera…

We have worked tirelessly to make sure that these videos are super compatible so you got No Worries.

2. Easy To USE

Flash Spokes Person is as easy as it gets, OR should we say as easy as Copy/Paste…

At the End of the Day that’s all you have to do. Just Copy/Paste the code and you are good to go.

Don’t worry we even teach you where exactly you need to paste the code…

We have got a whole Training Video to make sure that you don’t get stuck any where and even if you do… You got 24/7 Support just an email away..

3. Free LifeTime Updates!

We will keep on enhancing Flash Spokes Person and Add on-demand values as well.. 

You see we love our customers and we believe in giving our customers the best of the best.. 
To make sure that we over deliver we are even giving you LifeTime updates to Flash Spokes Person without any subscription charges… 

This is a one of it type offer and not taking action Today will Make You loose one Great Opportunity…


Get More Than What You Have Seen

PLUS our users are just blown away!

This will Help a Lot of People 

Hooda M. Kismet

I had looked everywhere for Pre-Ready Videos like Flash Spokes Person – something that would do exactly what it said it would, without all the fuss and hassle. I had already wasted hours of time and who knows how much money on other Pre-Ready Videos, so I have to commend the folks who came up with Flash Spokes Peroson for making it so useful and so easy to use. You’re the best!


Flash Spokes Person is an incredible and inexpensive way of boosting your web conversions. I am amazed with the variety of options available that covers almost any niche. The last spokes person video service I took only catered on certain niches and costs a lot to get them customized. If you are looking for an easy, fast and inexpensive spokes person video go ahead and get yourself Flash Spokes Person. No doubt the best choice currently in market.

Have a Professional Spokes Person in Seconds?… ~ Delillah Taylor

Cool Enough? NO!
There’s Even MORE…

We have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours bringing this amazing collection to life… We know that you are gonna Love it!


Just in case, you don’t like the color of the Control Panel OR you have any other Problem, Just email us within 30 DAYS and we will return each and every CENT of your Investment.

You Have Our 30-Day
Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

These Videos Have Cost Us $1997 for the Script…

…$1200 to get these Out sourced
…$647 to Remove their Backgrounds
…$997 to Convert them To Flash
…And, $400 to test them if they Actually Convert!

Not to Mention the 2 Months of our Time… 
But at the End, It’s All WORTH IT!

Don’t Worry that’s Not what you will be Paying Today, Since You are on this Page!

P.S. Remember, We’ve Invested $1000’s for The Videos, 100’s of Hours to Convert them to Flash. Professionally Organized under One Single Control Panel and it’s Just more than $0.5 Per Video.

P.P.S. You’re Completely Risk-Free in this Purchase. Wouldn’t you Like to give it a Try? Hurry Up. The Price will increase as soon as the Timer Below Hit’s Zero.

[GET] Flash Spokes Person DOWNLOAD

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