[GET] FB Traffic Hack DOWNLOAD

[GET] FB Traffic Hack DOWNLOAD

[GET] FB Traffic Hack DOWNLOAD

Check out proof of the traffic and sales I got by using the FBTH method!

(That’s a shot from my Warrior Plus Account)

Below Is a Shot From The Inside Of My FB Ads Account Where You Can See 305 Sales From Just 560 Clicks:

Want results like this? Then Read On!…

Dear struggling marketer, 

Are you struggling to get traffic and make consistent sales online? 

Have you tried every kind of traffic method there is, and still end up pulling your hair out because you’re just not getting the kind of traffic and results you want? 

Ever wonder why other internet marketers constantly make 5 , 6 and even 7 figures per month online but you just can’t seem to do the same? 

If so… 

Then I hope you read every word of this letter because the secret contained in this letter could solve your traffic problems and change your life forever. 


My name is Jani, and I used to SUCK at getting traffic. 

BUT recently I cracked the code to getting a CRAP load of QUALITY traffic, fast and easy. 

I’ve also cracked the code to making a CRAP ton of money from that traffic. (Excuse my language, but I get excited when I tell my friends about this stuff) 

Now Imagine You Could Flip This
Switch And Turn On All The Traffic 
You Want…

Imagine you could flip a switch, and get an unlimited flow of super , laser targeted and high converting traffic to your affiliate link, website, your MLM, or any link you wanted to. 

ANY time you want! 

Well I’ve found an AWESOME way of how you can do just that. 

Now this isn’t your regular ‘how to get traffic from FB ads’ course.

In fact, this is like nothing you have seen before.

Most of the Facebook Ads courses suck, believe me, I’ve been through pretty much every Facebook ads course there is, and ended up no where.

This is something different that I just discovered, and works like CRAZY.

Check out what happened the first time I tried out this trick:

That’s a 55% conversion rate!

Where else can you get those kind of conversions!?

Each Visitor Who Came To My Site Was Worth $14.70!

Where else can you earn $14.70 for each person that clicks on your ad?

Yes each time someone clicks on my ad, I earn $14.40, as you can see in the picture above, under ‘visitor value’. 

Now if you could get $14.70 for each person that clicks on your ad, how many clicks would you want to get per day?

As many as you could rite?


Here’s the bad news…

Although I’ve cracked the code to getting super high converting and cheap traffic from Facebook….,most of the traffic that you get from Facebook by using the methods that are currently taught,, will usually only convert at around one out of every 100 visitors.

And 1 out of 100 visitors is usually a good conversion rate!

Which would you rather have…1% of
people buying from you, or 55% of
people buying from you?

Fortunately, with this trick…

And all it took was 3 minutes to implement this trick.

And I’m about to reveal EXACTLY how I did it, and more importantly, how YOU can do the same, starting in the next few minutes from now…

Now, incase you didn’t know it…

“Making money online is very simple”

It’s all about the following 2 things

1 – Traffic

2 – Conversions

That’s IT!

Forget about all these other ‘systems’ that are being launched every day. You just need to know how to get traffic, and convert that traffic into sales.

Does that make sense?

When you can nail the two of them down, you can make a hell of a lot of money, FAST!

But unfortunately, I wasn’t always able to get these kind of results…

In fact…

Before discovering this Hack, my 
results from FB ads were APPALLING

Yep, not too long ago, my results from facebook ads were so bad, that i was ready to call it quits with Facebook.

“Here’s How I went from losing money every month with FB Ads and making no sales…to making over $8,235.40 in 3 days just by implementing this 3 minute Traffic Hack”

I’ll start by telling you where it all began.

When I first got started online about 7 years ago, I did probably the same thing as you…

Every time a new product came out, I would take out my credit card, hit the buy button, and order it right now.

I had no idea what I was doing, but when I would read the sales page of a new product, I thought that if I buy this right now, I will get rich. 

I had no idea that the underlying message from the people selling these products was really just to take out your credit card, hit the buy button right now and pay.

Not knowing that the only person getting rich would be them.

How stupid of me.

Anyway, fast forward a year, I finally got it, and understood that the only way to make money online is by mastering the following 2 things

Traffic & Conversions

So that’s exactly what I did. I mastered getting traffic, and converting that traffic into money.

Now I successfully did this for 6 years using various traffic sources that I found and learnt how to use, and I made millions of dollars by doing that.

BUT then something drastic

First, I lost a LOT of money on some bad investments…

So I had to rely on the internet to make back the money I lost.

BUT it wasn’t as easy as it was when I first started…

Now, Hundreds, actually thousands of other marketers started competing against each other, all going after the same traffic.

Getting Traffic Got Harder & Harder!

As a result, the cost for getting traffic went through the ROOF!.

For example, when I started, one of the traffic sources I used was Google Adwords. I would get traffic for as low as a couple of cents per click.

Now it costs $2-$5 PER CLICK for the same traffic using the same traffic source! 

I was really starting to get worried because I had lost pretty much all of the money I had made previously, and now getting traffic and making money online was almost impossible!

It’s Almost Impossible To Get
Traffic Anymore!

It got to the point to where it was pretty much impossible to get traffic anymore unless I was willing to fork out thousands of dollars to get just a handful of traffic.

“Then I discovered Facebook…But It 
Was Just As Hard To Get Get Traffic,

I discovered Facebook Ads when It was getting popular.

It started of VERY lucrative. I’m talking about as good as the old Google Adwords days where I was getting clicks on Facebook for as low as ONE CENT per click and making very good money.

It was a GOLD MINE.

To get traffic for one cent per visitor was like winning the lottery. I was soon making thousands of dollars per day and tens of thousands of dollars per week.

I was soon back o track making the kind of money I used to make…

I even came out with my own product called ‘1 Cent FB Clicks’ where I taught others how to get 1 Cent clicks on Facebook, back in 2012. Maybe you even heard of it if you were around on the internet back then. 

I taught thousands of my students how to get Facebook Traffic for as low as 1 cent per click.

BUT guess what happened…

Everyone started doing the same.

I created my own competition because what I taught, worked so well, tens of thousands of people started using my methods…

And competition grew.


“Getting Traffic From Facebook Ads 
Is Now Pretty Much Impossible…

Fast forward to now, there are tens of thousands of marketers all competing for the same traffic on Facebook… resulting in the cost for that traffic going through the ROOF!

I mean , go try and use Facebook ads yourself, and tell me if you can get traffic without going deeper into debt.

BUT Facebook right now IS the biggest source of traffic on the web.

However up until a couple of months ago, I was pretty much ready to quit.

“I was ready to throw in the towel 
and say SCREW YOU to
Facebook Ads”

I mean why would I want to pay $5 per click? I used to get the same traffic for just 1 – 2 cents per click!

It just doesn’t make any sense

“I thought that this was pretty 
much the end of my 
internet dream”

I mean up until this point I had made a lot of money, lost a lot of money, but managed to make some good money back after discovering Facebook ads… but I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of the money I’ve made into things like real estate, and other businesses.

So I figured, I would just fall back onto my other businesses and investments and kiss my internet dream goodbye…

Then one day, the date was January 15th 2015, a miracle happened.

I don’t know how, but somehow everything changed.

A friend of mine, who used to work for a traffic agency in San Francisco, who was visiting L.A where I currently Am… told me about a secret that this agency were using, to get SUPER TARGETED traffic, for DIRT CHEAP from Facebook.

I won’t say what this code was just yet, but he told me how to get the code.

Here’s what happened.

Where else can you get 1 sale for every 2 visitors?

I mean usually you would be lucky to get 1 sale from 100 visitors. That’s usually the typical conversion rates you can expect with most traffic.

But 1 sale out of every 2 visitors? INSANE!

“Here’s EXACTLY What I Did To Get
305 sales From Just 550 Visitors
Which Made Me $8,235.40 in 3 Days
From Just 3 Minutes Of Work”

I can’t reveal everything in this letter…

BUT It’s very simple.

After getting such amazing and life changing results from this, I decided to put together some tutorial videos that show you exactly how I did it, and how YOU can do the same.

I call it:

FB Traffic Hack will show you exactly how to get DIRT 
CHEAP and HIGH CONVERTING traffic by using this 
secret traffic hack.

There’s just 4 steps to getting the best quality, high converting traffic from Facebook Ads so you can start making more sales today:

Step 1 – Create Ad:

I show you how to create a high converting ad that stands out and gets LOTS of clicks

Step 2 – Choose your targeting:

I’ll show you how to appear in front of your most targeted buyers, all over Facebook, until they buy so you can bank easy money. Im talking about the ones that are ready to buy and spend money with you only!

Step 3 – Copy & Paste The FBTH Code

Without this code, it wont work, but thankfully, i’ll reveal the code that will make all the magic happen so you can get dirt cheap traffic , super high conversions, and make a lot of sales.

Step 4 – Wait for the traffic and sales to come flooding in

Once it’s all set up (It takes around 3 minutes) you just sit back and wait for the traffic and sales to flood in)

Right now, this is working like CRAZY for me and the select few I have shared this with.

And NOW is the time to use this method, to CASH IN, while its HOT.

This is BRAND NEW and if you are not using the FB Traffic Hack , then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Don’t Walk Away From All This Money 
On the Table That’s Waiting For You!

That’s why I’ve put together a set of tutorial videos for you that show you EXACTLY how I did it, and more importantly, how YOU can do the same starting right now.

After I had success with the FB Traffic Hack method , I told a friend about it while we were on both on hanging out in January in LA.

A week later, he did exactly what I told him to do, and here’s what happened

Press Play To View Desmonds Results!

Usually to get 127 sales you would probably need 12,000 visitors since most traffic online usually converts at around 1%.


With this method, you’re able to convert traffic at 50%!

The traffic you get is SUPER TARGETED, which is better than getting non targeted traffic in large volumes.

Now I have traffic coming in on autopilot, while I do what ever I want.

While I’m travelling, while I’m out having fun, I have super targeted traffic coming in, and making me a lot of money on autopilot.

Here are just some pics of me living life, travelling and having fun over the past few months, while this FB Traffic Hack makes me money on autopilot.

“5 Cool People That Are Making Money
Part Time With The FB Traffic 
Hack Method “

I’ve only shared this with 5 people, one of them was Desmond who’s video you saw above. But here are 4 more of my students who have implemented the FB Traffic Hack and their results:

Billy D

Ali S Chowdhry

Incase you didn’t know it…the majority of the traffic that’s waiting to send you money, are on Facebook.

Inside FB Traffic Hack you’re going to get to look over my shoulder as I give you the EXACT STEPS for you to take, to get super laser targeted, dirt cheap and high converting traffic from Facebook Ads, FAST & EASY.

This is not like any other FB Ads course you have seen. This is something UNIQUE and DIFFERENT.

Here are just a few benefits of the FB Traffic Hack method:

  • Uncover The MostLaser Targeted Buyers so you can make more sales fast
  • Appear ALL OVER Facebook in front of your buyers so you can get super high converting traffic
  • Get SUPER HIGH conversions from the traffic you’ll get so you can make a lot more money faster.
  • Follow your buyers around all over Facebook until they buy from you.
  • Create amazing ads that stand out from your competition so you get more clicks
  • Get super CHEAP clicks so you won’t have to spend much for your traffic
  • Get your ads approved in minutes so you can start getting traffic immediately
  • Start with as little as a $5 ad budget
  • And much much more…

    Here’s Just A Taste of What You’ll Discover Inside The FB Traffic Hack System…

    • The S.I.M technique to make your image ads stand out
    • Target Quality Buyers By Implementing The CCIH Trick
    • Convert 1 out of 2 visitors using The FBRT Strategy
    • Follow Your Potential Buyers Around Until They Buy With The Stalker Hack Method

    Here’s What This Will do For You

    You may be wondering how FB Traffic Hack can help YOU.

    Here are just some of the reason’s you’ll want to get FB Traffic Hack and start implementing this trick.

  • Get more sales
  • Make more affiliate sales
  • Make more sales for your own product
  • Build a HUGE list
  • Get fresh targeted leads for your MLM
  • Sign up new distributors to your MLM
  • Become a SUPER Affiliate by promoting the latest product launches
  • Get more views to your Youtube videos
  • Build more brand recognition

  • Right now i’m offering the FB Traffic Hack system for 80% off and if you take action, and order FB Traffic Hack right now, you’ll also receive the following 3 bonuses.

    Free Call With Me Or One Of My Success Coaches

    Me or my trained success coach will speak to you on the phone for 30-45 minutes to help give you a fast start. We’ll personally walk you through the steps to strat seeing results FAST!

    Value – $997

    Quick Start Cheat Sheet

    You’ll get my highly guarded Quick Start Cheat Sheet that will break down the steps to give you a super boost and get you seeing traffic and money in record time.

    Value – $97

    LIVE Getting Started Online Workshop

    I’m going to be holding an Online Workshop where i’ll be showing you LIVE, how to make money with the FB Traffic Hack and also, I’ll be answering your questions LIVE

    Value – $497

    Private Facebook Mastermind Group

    You’ll be added to our private Facebook group where you’ll get to meet other members where we all share our results, tips tricks and success stories. It’s a group of like minded individuals where we can all keep in touch and help each other succeed!

    Value – $997 per year

    And just to make this an even sweeter deal, I’m going to go one step further and lay it all on the line.

    The FB Traffic Hack method works VERY well.

    But just to give you an extra piece of mind, i’d like to offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

    This is an extremely LIMITED and TIME SENSITIVE OFFER 

    When I release this to the public, I’ll be selling this quality video course for a minimum of $97. 

    BUT I’d like to gather some testimonials and case studies before I ‘officially’ launch this to the public. 

    I’ve decided to price this very low to begin with. 

    If you look at the button below, it will display the current price. Each time someone buys, the price goes up by 10 cent’s, so you only have this one chance right now to get this at the low price you see below. 

    If you hesitate, the price will go up and up and up and you’ll lose your chance to lock in your copy of FB Traffic Hack for this ridiculously low price

    This is an extremely LIMITED and TIME SENSITIVE OFFER 

    So You Need To HURRY! 

    You’ll be able to see the current price above the buy button below 

    [GET] FB Traffic Hack DOWNLOAD

    When you click the button above, you’re going to get INSTANT access to everything I just mentioned. 

    Here’s the page you’ll see after you hit the buy button. (the price may be different than the image below as it goes up each time someone buys)

    You’ll simply just enter your email and then click the green ‘checkout’ button. 

    Once you do that, you’ll be redirected to the paypal page to complete your order where you’ll be able to make payment via paypal, or if you don’t have Paypal then you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. 

    Once you make payment, you’ll then be taken to the members area where you’ll be able to view the videos which will look like this:

    Members Area Preview

    So TAKE ACTION right now and lock in your copy of FB Traffic Hack right now at the current low price below:

    [GET] FB Traffic Hack DOWNLOAD

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