[GET] FB App Offline Cash Ready For Fast Cash TODAY While Building PASSIVE Long Term Profits Tomorrow DOWNLOAD

[GET] FB App Offline Cash Ready for fast cash TODAY while building PASSIVE long term profits tomorrow DOWNLOAD

CASH IN With EFFORTLESS FB Tabs That Clients Are LINING UP TO PAY FOR, Then Scale Up For PASSIVE Monthly Profits

Get Started TODAY Providing This Ridiculously Easy,  LUCRATIVE Service

From: Brian Gray and Shane Farrell

Dear Marketer,

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, or even if you’re a complete beginner. Doesn’t matter if you’re into list building, SEO, product creation, CPA or blogging.

It all comes down to cash flow. Because when money is coming in, everything else just gets EASIER…

You’re likely on this page for 1 of 3 reasons:

  • you’re not seeing enough DAILY CASH coming into your business
  • you’re not making a passive, residual income stream
  • or, OUCH, both!

Allow Us To To Solve Those Problems – Every One – Just Let Us Explain…

Social media is where it’s at. EVERYONE wants more social media engagement. ESPECIALLY local businesses.

And that’s the easiest source of both quick cash and long term passive income that exists today…

Most local businesses have FB pages. But have no clue how to monetize them to their benefit. Which makes it STUPID SIMPLE for us to solve their issues and get paid incredibly well for doing so.

We started, like many of you, in the online marketing world. Struggled to build our first lists. Fought tooth and nail to earn affiliate commissions. Tried CPA. Arbitrage. Email marketing. You name it, we tried it!

The problem? Every method we tried took WEEKS before any cash would come in. And most required HOURS of SUSTAINED EFFORT to keep that cash coming in.

Whatever happened to the “dream” of PASSIVE INCOME?

Guess what? It’s out there. You’re just looking in the wrong places.

How To Get Paid A King’s Ransom Offering The Simplest Service Every Business Needs…

Facebook engagement. Practically every company, whether offline or on, has a FB page. Or knows it needs one.

With over a BILLION active users, FB is THE current social medial currency of choice. Be active on FB, or die.

Local businesses realize this. They just don’t know HOW to make it work for them.

Imagine how a local business would feel if YOU could step in, and in hours CATAPULT their social media engagement. Build their list of customers. Increase their following. And ensure their posts reached a higher percentage of their audience than EVER before.

How much do you think they’d be willing to pay for such an invaluable service?

Well, consider this:

We’ve gotten paid anywhere from $10,000 for a large government agency to $1500 for franchise businesses. We routinely also cash checks for a couple hundred dollars to set this up and it takes MINUTES. 

Even if you used this as a ‘foot in the door’ method, would an extra $100 a few times a week for less than an hour of total work each time help you out? 

How A SIMPLE FB Feature NO ONE Uses Can Make You PASSIVE Long Term Profits

On average, less than 7% of businesses with a FB page are using this feature. And it’s a GOLDMINE of hidden profits just waiting to be tapped.

YOU can unlock this goldmine for them and be paid VERY WELL for setting this up.It takes minutes.

If you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can do this FROM ANYWHERE.

And reap the financial rewards LONG into the future…


 FB App Offline Cash

Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Say Yes And Access The FB App Offline Cash Members Area:

  • the unlimited number of businesses (both offline and online) that are HUNGRYfor this service
  • how to create an ENDLESS flow of BUYERS for the valuable service you’ll be providing
  • how to hook prospects, build your brand and authority, and profit with your service AT WILL
  • how to scale up for LIFE CHANGING passive profits with the ULTIMATEoutsourcing formula

Think of a business you frequent. Restaurant. Phone company. Internet service provider. Garage. Gym. Retail store. Night club…

All Of These Businesses Are Our Clients – And They Can Be YOURS!

We’re going to show you, step by step, how to MASSIVELY increase the subscriber base and customer engagement of ANY business you work with.

We’re going to lead you by the hand until you have businesses DEMANDING TO PAY YOU for providing this simple service.

And we’re going to show you how to OUTSOURCE for a game changing, job replacing income that creates passive, LAZY monthly profits for you month after month.

The outsourcing module? Worth more than the tiny investment in this course alone. No one is sharing this source. It’s EPIC…

But It Doesn’t Stop There…

Think about the OTHER services these companies need. Offline or online, they ALL need help. And we’re going to show you how to provide that help…

Without doing any of the work.

And profiting for every service you provide.

All while keeping your customers THRILLED and begging for more…

Fast Cash Today And Long Term Passive Profits Tomorrow Are Waiting!

Everything you need is inside.

Over the shoulder video training covers everything step by step.

Supporting PDFs and PowerPoint slideshows so you can review each step in detail.

Access to our private FB group for ongoing support and advice.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. Check Out What Beta Testers Of FB App Offline Cash Have To Say…

Excellent comprehensive course on the FB App business!

This course goes above and beyond to give you the know-how to become an FB app and marketing expert. From under-used marketing techniques to the nitty-gritty technical stuff, it’s all here. -Dan Englander

Don’t wait, purchase this now if you want to learn how to use a untapped way to make money online.

Brian and Shane’s newest offer is a complete video and text course in a evergreen niche that will never become over saturated. They provide tremendous value by diving deep into topics in regard to this niche and even goes so far to show you how to find leads and how to pitch your message. When I say this is a complete A-Z course I mean it. Don’t wait, purchase this now if you want to learn how to use a untapped way to make money online. -Ronald Robinson

Really Helpful and Well Explained Course

Thanks for this wonderful course. Starting from very basic, you covered up everything exceptionally well. I like the idea behind setting up Tabs and how to use them to create email list and then how to approach client to even earn money. In one word if I have to describe this course, I would say AWESOME!!! Thanks Once Again 🙂 -Er Kshitij Jain

A great way of making money!

This is an excellent course, it is through and easy to follow. The whole process is explained step by step of how to set up successful facebook apps and takes away the overwhelm of not knowing where to start and what to do. There are so many gems in this course, I particularly liked the ‘scaling up’ section where we are shown how to really make money including passive income and the secret FB marketing weapon is something I had not heard of before and is going to make a big difference financially. Thank you guys – I highly recommend this course.  -Sharon Bolt  

And Just To Sweeten The Pot, We’re Also Including The Following Bonuses:

Offline Breakthrough By Bryan Harkins – W+ Deal Of The day showing a step by step foot in the door selling strategy and how to sell services to grown your business. A perfect complement to this course.

WordPress Squeeze Page Training – Our three video training series on how to easily set up squeeze pages using WordPress to compliement the main FB App training. 

If you know us, you know we believe in under-promising and over-delivering! This course is no different with the time put into the training videos and manuals making sure each student can follow and SUCCEED.

You’ll have absolutely everything you need to start offering this cash on demand service for your clients and own business. 

Can’t wait to hear your success stories!

See you on the inside!

Brian Gray and Shane Farrell

P.S. You’re getting our complete, step-by-step SYSTEM that isn’t just easy but PROVEN to work over and over for anyone who uses it. Now is the time to CAPITALIZE on local marketing and cash in with this in-demand service. If you apply what you learn you can literally get your first client by tomorrow!

P.P.S. We reserve the right to limit this offer at any time. If you come back tomorrow and this offer is closed, you’ll have missed out. Don’t delay: take action NOW!

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