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Dear Warriors, 

Your time is precious. I know. You’re at the moment right now where you’ve lost almost all your hope to ever make money online.

There are so many ways to make money online:

Affiliate marketing….Offline Marketing…..Product Creation…..List Building….and the list goes on and on….

No doubt this money making thing is confusing.

The Number 1 Question I Get Asked All The Time Is:

“I don’t have money to buy a website. I don’t have a list. I don’t get what affiliate marketing is. What do I do? I NEED $100..$200….$300 ASAP”

I know exactly how you feel. 

I used to be in this position a long time ago. I remember spending months and months of work NOT EARNING A SINGLE CENT. It was tough. I did everything I ever knew.

I struggled all the time just trying to get by. 

I constantly worked and read…read….and kept reading. Never earning anything or finding a method that would be FREE TO DO…..

It wasn’t until…..

I Discovered The ONE Thing You Could Do Today To Earning Thousands Of Dollars Without Spending AnyThing…..

This System Is Going To Make You Earn $100…$200…even $300 in the Next Week Even If You Have Zero Skills, Zero Knowledge, No Website, No Hosting, Or ANYTHING. ALL YOU NEED IS 2 THINGS: An Internet Connection and A Computer
Introducing…..Fast Money MayHem

Before I go on saying what this system is…

I will say that this is not a get rich quick scheme. 

This is not:

Affiliate marketing
Product creation
Offline stuff
Selling on the Warrior Forum

This system WILL NOT MAKE YOU RICH overnight…but it will give you the cash YOU NEED to get $100 or MORE in your PayPal account in the next 7 days!

I am going to be giving you 3 methods that will MAKE YOU MONEY ASAP.

You are getting my main 15 page SUPER SHORT – Zero Fluff PDF FILE

Yes, it is short, to the point, and with zero FLUFF.

You’ll also get my 50 page additional guide to make even *MORE* money. 

METHOD 1: Make Money From iWriter

I know I know. I hear what you’re saying….”I don’t want to write. I want something to automate. I can’t scale this up.” 

There is some serious money in iWriter. I would know. I am going back to my roots here on this WSO. 

It was on iWriter where I earned a consistent $200+ AND EVEN MORE EVERY SINGLE WEEK. 

Here is a screenshot of some of my slowest weeks.

If I could make that much without barely working on this, you could do the same. Let me give you THE KEYS to WRITING ARTICLES FAST:

I’ll show you how to craft your articles PERFECTLY FOR APPROVED ARTICLES.

You’ll learn how to be getting Premium or Elite status in just a few days for MORE EARNINGS PER ARTICLE.

I’ll take you from bad grammatical writing to a PRO in days.

Method 2: *Secret* Site Gets Me $20-$30 Per Article

Imagine if you had articles that would pay you $20-$25 for less than an hour’s worth of work?

This *site* gets me fast cash and they pay out every week just like iWriter. 

Take a look at some of my earnings (each line is one week’s of work)

How great would it be if you just had half of that?

The writing expected from this site is TOP NOTCH…

So I’ll help you understand how to craft articles PERFECTLY so you could earn as much as $30 FROM ONE SIMPLE ARTICLE.

Note: Method 2 only works in the US.


Method 3: The “No Writing” Method 

Okay, so you’re probably asking me, “I don’t want to write. I don’t know how to write at all.”

You’re in luck…….

If you spend about an hour or two TODAY on this ONE METHOD ALONE, you could earn an easy $100, $200, or even $300 by tomorrow Straight to your PayPal WITHOUT WRITING A SINGLE WORD.

YEAH, you’re thinking that what I am going to teach you is to, “find a writer from CL and offer their writing services on Warrior Forum” or something. 

Or how about….”find a writer from Fiverr and make them do the work on iWriter” or something similar.


And it works…….

This 3rd method could have been a WSO on its own….

This is the method you could use THAT WILL make you hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

If there is one method in this WSO that a non-English speaker could use, this is it for you.

This is how this cool method works:

– I show you where to get clients

– I show you how to get these guys to pay you $100+ almost INSTANTLY

– And I’ll show you where to get writers to do all the work for you while you profit almost ALL the cash.

I know I know. You’re confused, but you’re also intrigued aren’t you?

I know what you’re dealing with. You need money. You need cash to be in your PayPal ASAP. I know that feeling, and I don’t want you to experience that anymore. You probably don’t want to write anything either. You don’t have to write….

Imagine for a second buying this WSO….doing Method #3….andearning some fast cash almost within 24-48 hours. And if you want to……you can always do the first two methods and write…and make even more money.

You are covered by my 60 day money back guarantee. Don’t like it? You didn’t make back your $7 bucks in several weeks? Which is almost like impossible. That’s cool. I’ll refund you FAST. I don’t want your money unless you are 100% happy, and you have 60 days at ZERO RISK to try this. Leave all the risk on me.

So here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to click on that button below, pay through PayPal, and you’ll be getting my 15 page MAIN PDF with zero fluff, the additional 57 page guide that goes with it that goes even more in-depth, and my one on one email coaching to make sure YOU REALLY MAKE MONEY. You literally can’t fail.

Take a look at what some people are saying about my *past WSOs:

Originally Posted by Edwin Copps View Post
Joel (internetmarketer1) sent me a review copy and he never ceases to amaze me!

He writes about topics that are the subject of countless threads here on the WF. Yet he always finds unique ways to take these topics and suggest new kinds of action that will make more sales.

Although I’ve read so much about Fiverr, Joel provides an original step-by-step marketing plan that I’ve never heard of before. And which opened my eyes to many other ways to benefit from Fiverr.

Not only do I recommend you buy this report, no matter what your level of experience, you could learn a lot by checking out his other threads as well.

Thanks for more great ideas, Joel!

Edwin Copps

Originally Posted by AbbyIbrahim View Post
I bought this wso…am going to implement it and try to earn some money. Buy this wso guys…there’s some hidden gems in it.
Originally Posted by JohnDavid View Post
Joel is a perpetual WSO creator the past few weeks, but I have to say he goes about things in a way that I enjoy and respect. These are simple ideas, but they sure are effective and this one is quite unique. I don’t think anyone would have heard what he teaches in this sharp report anywhere else. It’s going about prospecting in a different more casual, and probably more effective way. I think he’s onto something here. 

This method completely takes the pressure off of both parties, and allows a casual productive conversation to happen. I appreciate this approach. 

I especially liked the email approaches. I’m not sure if I’ll employ the Fiverr method, but it does get the wheels turning and sparks an idea or two. I plan to approach it in a slightly different way, but using some of the ideas you laid out. 

Thanks for putting this out. Appreciate it.

Originally Posted by cparker View Post
I was lucky to get a Review Copy and I loved this WSO. It is a 7 page PDF with the exact steps to take, no fluff.

It has a very unique way of getting clients that I have not heard of before, and is very simple. It completely takes any pressure of you talking to a client until you do this step and they call you first. 
He also includes a bonus pdf that helps you even more!

Love it, and I encourage you to get this WSO!


P.S. You are covered by my money back guarantee for 60 FULL days. You have zero risk.

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