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Are You An Author Struggling With Facebook Marketing?

Learn easy and effective ways to market yourself and your books on Facebook without knowing a ton of technical mumbo jumbo!

Have you bought every other Facebook course on the market and still struggle to figure out how to apply it to your publishing business?

I know exactly how you feel because that’s what happened to me. I’ve literally spent thousands of dollars digging into every Facebook course I could get my hands on in the last year. Unfortunately, most of these programs teach you how to sell T-shirts or other items, but few of them specifically tell you how to market yourself as a self published author.

The truth is, marketing books on Facebook is totally different than trying to sell T-shirts and other physical products. The mindset of your target market is very different. Let’s face it: most of your readers have access to hundreds if not thousands of free books on their Kindles and other devices. So why in the world would they want to buy your book?

I use Facebook in my business every single day. In fact, I probably spend as much time on Facebook as I do on all other websites combined during the day. But here’s the thing – you have to know how to properly engage with your clients, build your tribe of fans and advertise to them.

Don’t get me wrong – I bought some amazing Facebook programs. However, authors are typically creative types. We don’t like to watch never-ending videos with all kinds of technical information. We just want to know how to get our fans and start building that passive income.

If you’re looking for a Facebook course that doesn’t drone on and on about a million different things you don’t care about, then this is it!

This is a video-based course that is only going to teach you what you need to know to be successful as an AUTHOR on Facebook.

And here’s the thing – this isn’t theory. This is real-world advice from someone who carries out these same activities every single day.

I have huge, raving fan bases on Facebook under my pen names. I literally get private messages every day from my readers. That’s what you want – engagement! You want people to share your content with their friends and family.

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In this video course, I’m going to teach you about many different things you need to know to be successful on Facebook, including:

  • How to brand yourself on Facebook
  • The proper way to use your Facebook cover image
  • Creating a Facebook personality
  • What to post on Facebook (it may sound simple, but you will be amazed when you watch this video!)
  • How often to post to your page without irritating your fans
  • Proper targeting for your Facebook ads
  • Thinking laterally instead of literally
  • Using Facebook Ads to get more LIKES
  • Using Facebook Ads for page posts
  • Using Facebook Ads for selling
  • How to use the Power Editor
  • Advanced tactics
  • Little known software programs that will make your life a LOT easier!

And more!

I was just like many of you back in 2012. I had just started publishing books and had no idea what I was doing. In fact, I had never even read fiction unless it was required of me in school!

And now, as of 2014, most of my income is made by publishing books on Amazon and the various other platforms. I’ve learned a lot in these two years, and I want to share that with you!

I’m not some Internet marketer who churns out product after product about Kindle and doesn’t actually MAKE A LIVING doing it. Truthfully, I can’t stand that. I won’t create a product that (A) isn’t requested by people and (B) isn’t something I do myself.

Without Facebook, I know my business wouldn’t have grown as quickly as it did. I want to show you how to use the same tactics I did to become a best-selling author in your own genre.

Instead of spending hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on other Facebook training, make this one-time, small investment in a training course that is specifically geared toward authors.

Click the buy button below to get access to this unique training and start using Facebook the right way today!

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