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“Rank YouTube Video On 
The First Page of Google…
In Minutes!!!”

Dear Successful Business Owner,

EZTube Blueprint will show you how to get your YouTube videos on the first page of Google inMINUTES!!!  We will show you the exact step by step process that even a 3rd grader could follow. No need to purchase anything else to do this.  If you watched the video above we show you how we did this with a painter video.  You can do this for almost any niche.  

We will show you how to select a niche, how to set up everything you need to do to get your videos on the first page of Google in MINUTES!!!  I know what your thinking, yeah right.  We have provided enough proof for anyone to see that we are in fact ranking video on the first page of Google for our videos.  YOU will be able to do the same!

  • Anyone can do this — new marketers as well as the seasoned veterans
  • No Need for expensive hard to learn software
  • Nothing complicated about the process
  • No Need to purchase virtual servers
  • I’ve left nothing out — it’s super detailed yet as simple as paint-by-the-numbers
  • YOU WILL rank videos on the top of Google in minutes!!!

Using my new system and strategies, you will be able to ….

Get new customers like clock work!  You can easily charge $99 per month for each video  that a new client that comes aboard.  Think about this, you get 1 new client a week in your first month.  4 new clients.  That is $400 in receivables Starting in Month 2.  Now you go into month 2 and get 1 new client a week again.  Your receivables for month 3 are now $1,200.  

What would you do with this new income?  Would  it motivate you to get more clients?  Using our example above, that is assuming that each new customer wants only one city.  What if a few of them wanted 2 or 3 cities?  Let for argument sake just say that out of your 8 new clients one of them wanted 2 cities and one of them wanted 3 cities. that would be like adding 5 more clients to the mix.  Now your income would be $3,200.  This is how it works!    It is how I built my receivables to over $10,000 in less than 90 days. 

I am not teaching theory, I am doing this every day and now this system can be yours! 

Here is what EZTube Blueprint will do for you!
  • Easily get videos at the top of Google in Minutes!
  • Easily get videos at the top of YouTube in Minutes!
  • We show you how to monetize your new rankings!
  • Rank One Video For Multiple Keywords 

Rankings Like This 
In Minutes!!!

Another Ranking 4 Days Ago…

How hard would it be to sell a Plumber with these rankings?

Gold Nuggets Here!

Here’s What’s Inside
  • Welcome to EZTube Blueprint!
  • One up the competition!
  • Another way to beat the comp!
  • Beat competition with this!
  • Not many do this either
  • YT Description and Upload
  • Check Rankings
  • Monetize Your Rankings
  • Yellow Pages to prospect
  • Easy Email Template
  • 2 Live Trainigs

You Probably Think EZTube Blueprint would cost you some money!

When you look at all the value we provide you probably expect a price of $97. This is a complete YouTube ranking system that also shows you how to sell your rankings.

We take you by the hand and show you everything you need to rank your videos using our strategies and how to Sell your rnakings — how to prospect for clients, how to close clients, up sell clients and most importantly how to rank YouTube video on the first page of Google.

 Here’s the break down of the value for each component:

 EZTube Blueprint: 5 Videos & 30 Page PDF – $97
• Additional Training: 2 Webinars – $197

A Total of $294 in Real World Value!

We won’t charge you this much for our new product. We will let you in for the price of $17.00.

We will be raising the price on or befoer July 30th 2014. Act NOW to save $80!!!

Thank You,

Joe Justin

EZTube Blueprint

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