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Giving away my software? Have I gone bananas?
[don’t answer that]

I am giving away my latest software that will enable you to build BIGGER lists and make MORE sales without sending any more traffic 100% for free on this page….

And I will Tell you WHY!

Dear fellow Warrior,

A little further down this page, you will be able to get my latest software product 100% FREE. This software creates something that anyone who is even remotely interested in building lists and selling products should have. And it does it in three clicks.

But before I go into what it does and why you should have it, I need to re-assure you that I have not gone completely bananas and explain WHY you are getting it for free…

I have a product called Funnel Factories with Val Wilson and many customers were asking about exit splash functionality. So I decided to update my Exit Splash Generator software and let those customers have it for free.

Then I thought that maybe others would also benefit from it as well and, rather than sell it for $7 or something, I would just extend the free offer to everyone. 

You see, if people get a lot of use from this product and it helps them make more money, then they may decide to take a look at other premium products of mine when I bring them out.

So let me tell you about the software and what you will be getting here…

Why you need this software

If you are not putting exit splashes on your sales pages and squeeze pages, you are missing out big-time.

You see, however you get traffic to your offers it costs both time & money. If your sales page is converting at 10% then 90% of the traffic you send is leaving without any kind of engagement. It is foolish not to offer them something on their way out…

Maybe a freebie, maybe a trial, maybe a discount. Whatever you decide, it will give you more opportunity to market to these people at no extra cost.

Here are a couple of campaigns from sales pages of mine recently. I offered a free product to people leaving…

Now, that is over 700 people on my lists, going through an autoresponder sequence. And you know what? Many went back & bought the product (and were removed from those lists) and others are buying other products promoted in my email sequence.

That is all money I would never had seen if I had not got an exit splash on my page.

How do you put an exit splash on your pages?

You could go and buy the best known exit splash maker for $67.But that would be silly if you can get mine for free.

You could probably find a WordPress plug-in to do it. But what if you want to put it on a non-Wordpress page? Both of those campaigns I mentioned above were on normal HTML pages – a plug-in would have been useless.

You can learn how to write the code. We are back to silly again

Or you could download my FREE software and fire it up anytime you need an exit splash on a page – even WordPress pages

This is simple software. It takes just a few clicks to make an exit splash to put on your page.

Here is a quick video taking you through it

So, when you click the button and go through the free checkout process (don’t worry – this is a free product, you won’t have to pay a cent) you will be able to make an exit splash on any page you like in just a few seconds.

Now, for the sake of transparency I must tell you that you will be shown a couple of OTOs (Hey..I am a marketer after all). 

These are not needed to use this free product but do present a fantastic opportunity if you are listbuilding and selling digital products online so do take a close look at them.

So that’s it. Do use this product. Doing so will help you build bigger lists and make more sales.

This is software made for the Windows operating system. It may run on an Apple computer if it has something like Parallels allowing it to run Windows.

PS “Is this really free?” Yup. Totally. No “bait & switch”. No messing you around Enjoy!

PPS. I may decide to pull this WSO and sell it later so grab it while you can

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