[GET] Email Instruments DOWNLOAD

[GET] Email Instruments DOWNLOAD

So you want to start your own online business. You know what, so did I. 

But let me tell you – it wasn’t easy. 

See, I stay in India. Most of my customers are based out of the US and other English speaking countries. 

I have this heavy accent which makes things 10 times more difficult

On top of that – I got started with an old computer sitting on a little desk in my parents house with a ridiculously slow internet. 

So what changed? To understand that…

Let Me Tell You A Story
One fine day, I woke up early morning and I had this sudden urge to travel to a different country. 

I lazily got up, dragged myself to the computer, and went to a travel website. 

A banner on that website had a picture of a “Maldives” vacation – and it looked beautiful. 

Within 10 minutes, I knew I needed $1500 for a 3 day vacation to Maldives. Rather than checking my bank balance, I decided to make $1500 that day to pay for that vacation. 

I quietly picked an affiliate offer, logged in to my Getresponse account, typed in an email, and hit ‘send’. 

I got up, made my morning coffee as lazily as I could, sat down on the couch and decided to watch a cricket match on TV. 

Before I knew it, I had dozed off on the couch. How typical! 

When I woke up though, I saw a flood of email notifications. 

Ahhh. The fresh smell of sales notifications. 

I logged in to my affiliate account and I had made over $2000 just from that email. 

I booked my tickets and I was on a flight the very next day

But you know – it wasn’t always like this.
I Started 8 Years Ago And Failed 
Repeatedly For TWO Years
I thought I wasn’t cut out for it. So I applied for an IT job. That’s what everybody else does out here

I was all set to make $300 a month working full time in a little cubicle for a large IT company – but as fate would have it, I came across the Warrior Forum and learnt how to launch my own product. 

I wrote the copy, built the product, and waited. Nothing happened for a week. 

Then one day, I saw a flood of sales. 

That’s when I discovered that one AFFILIATE had found about my product from somewhereand liked it so much that he sent an email to his database and he made plenty of commissions doing so. 

I stopped and wondered. Hmmm. Is this something that I should be doing? 

I started capturing email addresses and started promoting products to them. 

And that’s when the shift started. I realized the power of owning an email list. 

At the age of 22, I started my own company. Opened beautiful offices. Hired a lot of people. 

I’ve Sold Over Four Million Dollars Online

I even got the Youngest Entrepreneur of the Year Award

But Let me tell you a personal secret. 

I hate networking. I have no idea about sales

If a dog stands in front of me, I can’t even sell him a bone. Once I tried giving a banana to a monkey – it ran away. 

How did I manage to sell over 4 million dollars? Simple – Email Marketing. 

I had an email list that listened to what I said. If I asked them to buy something, they bought it

Listen, I’m a guy who’s passionate about following his passions. 

Not only do I have the money to do whatever I want, I also have the TIME and FREEDOM to enjoy it. 

These are two of the most important things that most people don’t have. 

Email Marketing is a business that only needs an hour or two commitment from youpays handsomely, and gives you the time and freedom to enjoy your life.

Enough About Me… What About YOU?
How can you take these time-tested strategies and apply them to your business. Right now. 

There are four things you need to setup an email instrument. Its easy and fun. 

1) You need an optin page. 

2) You need to drive traffic to that optin page. 

3) You need a Post-Optin Page. 

4) You need to email your subscribers regularly. 

That’s it.

Welcome To Email Instruments
You can have your first Email Instrument primed and ready to make money for you by tonight. 

I’ve streamlined the process so much that you can get started within the next 30 minutes. 

You’ve seen the results and the power of my strategies. Now I’m not guaranteeing what you’re going to make. 

Even though I give you everything you need to get started, the torch is in YOUR hands and you need to run with it

All right, so Here’s what you’re going to get: 

This is the complete training you need to get the break you have been looking for. You have no excuses anymore. No more reasons not to turn your life around. 

In the first 10 minutes you will start to realize the power of Email Instruments. 

You’ll learn about The ‘SureShot Aim’ – which is the guaranteed way to select a niche that you will be profitable in. We will explore multiple places to get niche ideas and I also HAND YOU a list of my top niches on a silver platter. 

The ‘Flash Machine’ – which is the FASTEST way to set up everything you need in an email instrument that will be profitable for years to come. I’ll teach you how to set everything up in as little as an hour. 

The ‘POP Method’ will guarantee that you start making money from DAY 1. 95 percent marketers are NOT using this method in their business and are losing out on so much money every single day. You won’t have to. 

You are also going to learn about The ‘Level2 Secrets’ that will make sure that yourconversion rate increases by upto 80% and your revenue increases by as much as 1200%

My favourite part is the ‘Traffic Explosion’ where I you’ll learn about some untapped, highly secret sources of traffic that will literally explode your sales and take your email instruments to the next level. 

Just wait till you see what I’ve in store for you. You’ll be shocked…

Let Me Tell You What My Goal Is
I want you to get started within 30 minutes

I can’t keep this open for much longer. We will close down once we hit max capacity. 

I want to invest in your success. I want to remove all barriers and ignore every marketer who’ve told me to charge a minimum $997 to enroll into Email Instruments. 

I talked to my team, shut the door and slept on it. 

After 3 full days of introspection, I decided to make things interesting. 

I wanted to do something insane. Something no one had seen before. 

I wanted success stories. I want YOUR success story

So I decided to INVEST in your business. After you start seeing success with Email Instruments – I want a video testimonial from you

That’s it. 

Rather than charge $997 or $497 or even $197 – I decided that if you’re serious and ready to start today and willing to make a change in your life…

Get Started For A One-Time Payment Of $47

[GET] Email Instruments DOWNLOAD

You will get instant access to the entire system and all the bonuses for just a small payment of $47. 

You’re practically getting a 98% discount RIGHT NOW. 

You get immediate full access on the other side of this page. For life. 

You literally have nothing to lose. 

Are you ready to change your life today? You’re getting over $3088 in value for just one tiny payment of $47. 

Just click the button below. Start right now and let’s work together to change your life.

[GET] Email Instruments DOWNLOAD

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