[GET] ECom Premier Academy How You Can Create A Secure Future For Yourself AND Your Family In 30 Short DaysStarting From Absolute ZERO DOWNLOAD

eCom Experts Academy

[GET] eCom Premier Academy How You Can Create A Secure Future For Yourself AND Your Family In 30 Short DaysStarting From Absolute ZERO DOWNLOAD

All You Need, Is To Get Started TODAY After You Join Our “EPA Family” & Just A Few Dollars To Spend On Ads

  • Secure a future for yourself and your family.

    Build an eCommerce empire with certainty.

  • Beyond reselling Alibaba items.

    Create a brand that’s an ACTUAL ASSET.. Something you can pass along in your family.

  • All-Inclusive System.

    Every single training, tool, app, and resource you need to have a successful store.

  • FREE ACCESS to our two U.S based fulfillment centers.

    Automatically links to your Shopify store & we ship your products every time you make a sale.

We Turned Million Dollar Brand Building Into 3 Simple Steps

  • 1premier academy icon

    Copy & APPLY the steps in eCom Premier Academy.

  • 2automation tools icon

    Use all the automation tools, software & resources included.

  • 3bussines icon

    Enjoy your profitable business!.


    their method


    our method

“Can I Really Secure My Entire Future With Just AFew Dollars &A Little Elbow Grease?”

Yes. Maybe Ours AND Our “Newbie” Student’s Results Below Will Prove It To You

  • entireOne Of Our Stores Is Currently Earning Over $30,000.00 Per Day (Notice The Dates)
  • entireWe Used Our System To Expand One Of Our Stores To AmazonAnd Have Earned Nearly $700,000.00 So Far This Year
  • entireOver $426,724.00 Earned From ONE Store In Just QUARTER 3 Of 2015 (3 Months)
  • entireAnother $27,000.00 Earned From A New Store In Just 2 Months
  • entireVanessa Was Making Sales In Her FIRST WEEK
  • entireKevin, A Non Techie Was Setup & Making Sales Within Just Hours
  • entireHeimer made $1,000.00 In His FIRST WEEK
  • entireDrew Was Able To Pay Off FOUR YEARS OF MISTAKES,Guru Hype & Shiny Objects In His FIRST TWO MONTHS
  • entireLinsay Was Able To Generate Over $20,000.00 In One Month
  • entireChris Was Able To Generate An Income OfOver $15,000.00/Month In Just 60 Short Days
  • entirePatrick Grossed Over $125,000.00 In Just Three Months
  • entireJason Made Over $54,000.00 In His First 30 Days

When you join our family, you’ll have the same success thanks to our Outstandingly Simple, Easy To Apply,FOOLProof System:

  • Justin Taylor

    Justin Taylor

  • Robert Nava

    Robert Nava

  • Devin Zander

    Devin Zander


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  • florida atlantic unoversity
  • AB charity
  • shopify

Within this introduction to eCom Premier Academy…

Now, We’re About To Reveal Things You Can’t Afford To Miss:

  • Why 99% of eCommerce marketers are on the brink of a catastrophic downfall without even knowing it.
  • The easy way to avoid downfall and build an eCommerce business that’s reliable, life changing, and with the potential to span generations of your family.
  • How to receive over $10,000.00 in tools, training, and resources for over 75% off.

And as you’ll see time and again, we keep our promises. You’ll learn a LOT of incredible stuff just by reading this page – so pay attention.

First, I would like to share an important lesson with you.

Why Re-Selling Inexpensive Items from China Is A DANGEROUS Model For Your Business.

There is no doubt that you can turn a profit by purchasing items from Alibaba (and marketplaces like it) and reselling them in your own Shopify store.

In fact, We’ve generated millions of dollars in sales this way, and so have my business partners and students. (we even teach it)

But that doesn’t change the fact that this is NOT a complete business model.

The truth of the matter is, it is very DANGEROUS territory…

…and if you’re relying on this model exclusively…then you are setting yourself up for great disappointment.

Maybe, in the pit of your gut, you’re already starting to notice that this model is unstable.

A supplier can disappear at any time.

A supplier’s products can be of poor quality, or the quality can lessen without notice, resultingin refunds, complaints, and worst of all, chargebacks.

Plus – all it takes is one comment on a Facebook post that exposes your item for a cheaper price, and your sales plummet.

To summarize, with the Alibaba (or any supplier) resell model, you surrender your power to outside forces that do NOT have your best interest at heart.

That’s why…

Your goal must shift from re-selling products to creating your own brand with your own assets.

I noticed it in my own business, and hundreds of students noticed it too.

Let me make sure you’re in the same category.Can you say yes to the following:

Do you want a true business? Do you want a moneymaking asset you can rely on for life?

Do you want an asset that business moguls will want to BUY and INVEST in (think SharkTank)?

Do you want a legacy you can pass on to your children and family?

Of course you do.

So you MUST move beyond finding stuff on Alibaba and re-selling it. That’s just another way of “throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks,” anyway.

It’s time to be more calculated.

Time for you to generate income more dependably, reliably, and in much larger quantities.

Because the joys of having your own branded assets are incredible. Imagine selling products that people can’t get anywhere else. Bringing something truly unique and in high-demand to the marketplace.

WITHOUT relying on shady suppliers who are thousands of miles away.

Being able to know how much money you’re making next month, with certainty. And operating a business you can be proud of.

Here is just one example of a branded business we’ve created (it was literally built in one night):sales overnight

This unique, branded asset was created WITHOUT a large investment,and without any special connections.We can’t wait to show you how to do this.

Now, You Can Have a business that your friends and family actually understand, one that catches the eye of investors,one that you can pass on to your children, we’re making it EASIER to do than ever before.

If the thought of creating this sort of business scares you – I understand.

If you have questions like, “How do I brand my own products?” or “Isn’t that really expensive?” – I understand. And I couldn’t be more excited to put those fears to rest for you right now.

Because hundreds of our private students started from exactly where you are right now.

With NO experience. NO huge budget. NO knowledge. and NO connections.

And they were still able to do create this type of business – some in as quickly as 2 weeks.

See what fellow members of the eCom Family have to say:

Student Goes From $0.00 To $270,000.00 In Two Weeks

Adam’s Store Generates $5,600.00 In One Day

Patrick Gets To $700.00 Per Day In Just One Short Week

Tom Gained Complete Financial Freedom After Just Two Weeks

“Bzy the end of the first two weeks of Roberts training I was able to supplement my Travel expenses, buy a new vehicle & pretty much anything else I wanted to do at the time. I can’t say enough how much it meant that Robert was putting so much effort into helping people when he doesn’t have to do it. I was skeptical at first, but by the second day any skepticism I had was gone.”

“Justin Is Completely Transparent & Every Single Thing He Taught Me Works”

“Justin literally show’s you everything, he has his computer open in front of you, his assets,his targeting is shown, his images are shown. Transparency will not be an issue. As for value, everything he has shown me and I’ve tested has worked.”

Peter’s Store Earns $70,000.00 In Just Three Months

members testi

  • screenAditya Went From $0.00 To $1,000.00 Per Day In Just One Week
  • screenFrank Made $2,000.00 In Just 7 Short Days
  • screenAdam Went From $0.00/Day To $700.00/Day In Just ONE WEEK
  • screenLawrence Earned Near $16,000.00 In His First Month Forever Changing His Life
  • screenRizala Was Making Sales In Just 30 MINUTES

Now it IS your turn.

You simply need to know the steps and have the resources at your disposal.

And that’s exactly that we’re going to give you…– EVERY INSIGHT EVERY TOOL. EVERY RESOURSE –All inside eCom Premier Academy.eCom Premier Academy

eCom Premier Academy contains A-Z training, a host of automation tools/themes/andmore, and an insane bonus package.

It’s available for 72 hours only.

What You’re Getting Inside eCom Premier Academy

  • build capital icon

    How To Build Capital & EASILY Get Started

    Meaning you won’t invest large sums of your own money. We’ll giveaway every secret we have about the traditional eCommerce business model so that you can enter, dominate quickly, and then be ready to move on to creating your own TRULY RELIABLE eCommerce empire and brand.

    If you have never sold eCommerce before – This will get you up to speed. You have NOTHING to worry about.

    Follow this, and you can profit DAY ONE.

  • brand icon

    How To Create Branded Products

    You might just laugh at how easy it truly is – and you may even think, “I wish I did this years ago!” But don’t kick yourself. As long as you do it now, you’ll be in great shape for life.

    This training will include:

    • – What type of products to brand
    • – Where to find them
    • – How to get your own branding put on them without a graphic designer

  • multiple product icon

    How To Turn One Branded Product Into A Company With Multiple Products – Effortlessly

    It’s as easy as saying three simple sentences. You can literally go from one product to a dozen in the span of an hour.

  • star shirt

    How To LICENSE Merchandise To Resell

    Thought you had to give up your dreams of selling items that have a Trademark, like sports team names? HECK NO! While everyone else said, “don’t do it!” we figured out a way how.We got licensing rights for Harry Potter in 24 hours! We’ll show you how to do the same for anything you want!

  • up finger

    How To Advertise on Facebook

    These Facebook advertising techniques are POWERFUL and CHEAP. A lot of Facebook “training” is loaded with misinformation that will cost you money. Instead, you’ll be able to have winning ads online in minutes just by copying what we do – that can mean virtually instant sales.

  • How To Advertise on Pinterest

    Would you love to penetrate truly virgin territory? See how it feels to get in early – just like the early FB ads days? That’s what we’re doing with Pinterest – the results are INSANE and we’ll show you how to get yours.

  • case studies

    A Constant Stream of Case Studies

    So you ALWAYS know what’s working right now. We promise – you will never feel abandoned, you’ll always have effective strategies to copy.

  • guest icon

    Guest Training From The Best of The Best

    Nishant Bhardwaj, Matt Schmitt and Chris Record are just a few of the elites we have wrangled into spilling ALL of their top secrets to EEAP members. This is the equivalent of getting dozens of trainings in one on everything you need!

Plus: A most insane Hook Up:You Get Full (FREE) Access to Our PrivateFulfillment Centers


If you’ve sold anything via eCommerce – or you want to – you probably know that fulfilling the orders (gettingthem from the manufacturer/supplier to the customer) can be one of the most difficult & tedious parts of the process.

You either have to purchase lots of product upfront, and have a place to store it all. Then create and print labels for each other, package each order, and ship each order yourself.

Or you can depend on dropshippers who are generally unreliable. One order gets messed up and it can really hurt your business.

So we developed our own solution, and we’re opening the doors to you.

When you join us inside eCom Premier Academy today, you’ll be able to use our U.S. based fulfillment centers for your business.

This includes an app that links to your Shopify store, so that as soon as an order is placed, our fulfillment center handles EVERYTHING. Same with returns.


Typically, there is a $125 enrollment fee to use our fulfillment center.

Typically, there is a $125 enrollment fee to use our fulfillment center.

We’re doing this because we want to OBLITERATE every obstacle in your path.

Now you don’t even have to think about, “what about inventory?” “what about shipping?” “what about fulfillment?”

We’re going to take care of ALL of it so you can focus on generating and ENJOYING your income.

AND PLUS: Our Most Powerful ShopifyApps To Help Put Your Store On Autopilot;$500 Value, Yours Included

When you join us inside eCom Premier Academy, you’ll also receive our two most powerful Shopify Apps which we personally developed to make our businesses more profitable with less work.

App #1: Product Feeds App – Automatically Retarget On Facebook

plus img

Retargeting is responsible for the highest ROIs in history. 200%. 300%. 500%.

And all those extra sales can happen AUTOMATICALLY with the Product Feeds App.

Comes fully equip with a step-by-step video tutorial so you can install this app and get it running (takes 7 minutes or less and can bring you thousands of extra dollars a month).

App #2: Better Page Builder – Create Converting Pages in Second

plus img

With this app, 30 seconds is all it will take to create beautiful pages that are proven to convert.

Don’t worry about what to put where – this app (and the accompanying video tutorial) will take all the guesswork out of it.

ALSO PLUS: 2 Beautiful High ConvertingShopify Themes (Responsible For Tens OfThousands Of Dollars In Revenue)

also plus img

We would not use ANY other themes. Why should you?Full video tutorial on how to install and customize your themes is,of course, included.

AND MORE: Private Mastermind Access

and more img

There’s nothing quite like this.

Say you have a question, and you ask it in our Mastermind Facebook group… You can expect to have the most complete, high-level answers – coming straight from experts – in seconds.Everyone here also shares what is working for them, and what isn’t, so you’re armed with the most cutting edge information. Plus… partnerships form from the connections made here daily.This is why elite marketers happily write a check for $10,000.00 to get inside a good mastermind.

But – for less than 72 hours only – you’re going to get it INCLUDED in your eCom Premier Academy membership.


also more img

For the first two weeks after we close this special enrollment opportunity, we will hold live Webinar bootcamp meetings.

We will be your (loving) drill sergeants – telling you exactly what to do step-by-step so you can succeed as quickly as possible.

We’ll also be on hand to personally answer your questions – so you know you’re getting the right answers.

These bootcamps have been responsible for helping newcomers go from $0 – $100,000 in sales in just 30 days.

And yes. Feel it in your gut. Now it’s your turn.

AND ALSO MORE: 2 EEA Event Tickets ToEEALive In Tampa, FL (THE PINNACLE OfLive eCom Events)

and also more img

  • and also img
  • and also img

  • and also img
  • and also img

When you join us inside eCom Premier Academy, you’ll receive tickets to our incredible eCom Live Event in Tampa, Florida.

Unlike other events in tired conference centers with lame presentations, and some presenters who feel like they’re too good to talk to the attendees…

We have fun.

We make sure you network with the right people – including ourselves.


And if you’re into it, we have a lot of open bars. ☺

Hundreds of our students have turned our live events into IMMEDIATE profit thanks to the insights and connections made – now. it’s. your. turn.

These will retail to the general public at a minimum of $197.

But for you, it’ll be free.

Doesn’t it feel good to be an insider?

You’re About To Tap Into The SystemThat’s Responsible For All of This:

“EEALive Changed My Life”

Was Able To Generate Over $16,000.00 Thanks To Our Training

  • system img$2,000.00 Profit In His Firth Month
  • system imgFrom $0.00 To Over $100,000.00 With His First Two Stores
  • system imgAveraging $4,000.00-$6,000.00/Per Day In Sales
  • system imgHeather Hit Her 1000th Sale Thanks TO #EEA
  • system img“One Of The Best Courses I Have Ever Bought”
  • system img“One Of The Best Investments I’ve Made This Year”
  • system imgLucas Was Quickly At $2,000.00 Profit After Setting Up His First Store
  • system imgSimon Went From Being Completely New To Generating $45,000.00/Month IN HIS FIRST 30 DAYS
  • system imgBryan Will Generate Six Figures (Over $100,000.00)
  • system imgSuper Simple To Understand & Implement

Remember – now it’s YOUR TURN.

You Might Be Starting To Realize…You’ve Never Seen AnythingLike This Before.

The proven training and techniques.

Every single tool.

The best resources that we personally use.

The accountability.

The support.

The nurturing environment. The unstoppable dedication.Absolutely everything you NEED and you’ve WANTED… finally here… all foryou…

With wide-open arms saying, “come and get me.”It’s because of the true completeness of eCom Premier Academy that…

You Can See Real EarningsFrom Your Own Branded BusinessIn 14 Days From Now.

(Just Scroll Around And Look At All The Proof On This Page..You wouldn’t be the first)

And THIS is what gets me, Justin, and Rob GOING.

ome people get a rush from jumping out of an airplane. We get it from helping REGULAR PEOPLE build these types of businesses from scratch.

Because – the fact of the matter is –

We see the same TIRED, OVER-MADE promises you do.

Promises that “you’ll quit your job tomorrow” and “you’ll make hands-free money.”

And when these promises repeatedly get broken – we know how frustrating it can be.

And so we pride ourselves on being the exact opposite of that.

For years and counting, we’ve kept our promises.

That’s why we have glowing feedback from thousands of students.That’s why, with eCom Premier Academy, we’re……offering you more than we’ve ever offered anyone before.

Because we want to show you what life is like when the people who claim to be here for you…. really are.

It’s an incredible feeling. Mutually. We can’t wait for you to experience it.

And in the spirit of family, open-ness, and transparency, let me be honest with you about some of the costs we incur to run eCom Premier Academy…

  • The development costs are high. We invest thousands of dollars to get every training video online, app, software, and other resource online.
  • We also spend hours of each week focusing on you and your developing eCommerce empire. That includes our active participation in the Facebook mastermind, answering your personal e-mails and messages, and running the bootcamps.
  • With people happily investing $2,000.00/hour to consult with us, the time that we (happily) put into eCom Premier Academy comes with a hefty price tag.
  • Not to mention the over $3,000,000.00 in verified student results thanks to the material inside eCom Premier Academy, and our personal dedication to their success…
  • For a system that’s been proven thousands, upon thousands, of times over…

So when you consider the costs to run eCom Premier Academy, we initially decided that a membership fee of $497/month was beyond fair – and we should break even with our time and financial investments.

Many members generate over $20,000.00/month with their eCommerce businesses, so a $497 investment will be a drop in the bucket to you very soon.

But… we want to do even better by you…

Especially if you’re ready and excited to see what life is like for an eCom family member…

So… for less than 72 hours, we’re offering you lifetime membership to eCom Premier Academy for a risk-free $297.

$297 gets you absolutely everything, including:

  • A-Z “Start From Scratch” Training in video, audio, and PDF format. How to build capital with “traditional” eCommerce. How to transform into a branded business that makes much more money with a lot more reliability. A true legacy you can sell or pass on to your children.

  • Traffic Generation Training:Facebook and Pinterest – the two best for eCommerce, and everything you need to know about them.

  • How To License ANYTHING You Want:Use sports team names without fear! No one else is doing this – yet it is SO EASY.

  • Ever Updating Training and Case Studies:Use sports team names without fear! No one else is doing this – yet You’ll know about all of our new developments as we make them – never abandoned.

  • Constant Stream of Guest Training:We’re always wrangling the best-of-the-best for their secrets!

  • Use Our Private U.S. Based Fulfillment Centers:Links to your store so you don’t TOUCH product or deal with any of it – ever!

  • Retargeting and Page Builder Shopify Apps:We only use the best. So will you.

  • Two Beautiful Shopify Themes:To ensure maximum conversion for your stores.

  • Private Facebook Mastermind Access:Private Facebook Mastermind Access:

  • Private Facebook Mastermind Access:Webinar bootcamp where we will tell you exactly what to do. Recordings will be available in your members’ area.

  • 2 eCom LIVE Tickets:Join us for a weekend of incredible business building, and incredible fun.

Total Retail Value: $6,967.00

“All of this for only $297?… What’s the catch?”

The catch is that this is only available for less than 72 hours – and we don’t joke about this stuff.

We want the people who are READY, EXCITED, and EAGER to reap the most benefits… to get everything you’ve ever needed and wanted in one place, right now.

You’re excited, right?

You’re eager?

You want an eCommerce empire?

Click the button right now and get it.

We’re waiting for you right on the other side of this screen.

Satisfy your curiosity and see what life is like inside the eCom family right now.

For less than 72 hours, you’re able to access EVERYTHING for a one-time $297 investment. This will never happen again.

If, at any time over the next 30 days, you’re not completely thrilled with eCom Premier Academy…

If you only generate $5,000.00 in eCommerce sales and you wanted $5,001…

Or for any other reason, you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll simply click your mouse one time, and you’ll receive an immediate, no questions asked refund.

So take advantage of the 72-hour deal right now… with EXICTEMENT and PEACE OF MIND.

“EEALive Changed My Life”

Was Able To Generate Over $16,000.00 Thanks To Our Training

  • satisfy imgGenerated $1,000.00 In His First Week
  • satisfy imgTook His Store To $3,000/Month IN Only TEN Days
  • satisfy imgWorks From ANYWHERE In The World
  • satisfy imgBroke Past $4,000.00/Day In His FIRST MONTH
  • satisfy imgElizabeth Is Able To Travel The World Thanks To Us
  • satisfy imgSimon Went From Being Completely New To Generating $45,000.00/Month IN HIS FIRST 30 DAYS
  • satisfy imgThe Facebook Group ALONE Is Worth The Investment
  • satisfy imgPhil Is Able To Make Thousands Per Day While Traveling
  • satisfy imgFrank Saw IMMEDIATE Results
  • satisfy img“Justin & Robert Are The ORIGINAL Experts”

Join Us Inside eCom Premier Academy Now& Claim The Legacy That’s Waiting For You

  • You’ve seen the proof – abundantly.
  • We have even more than we could fit on this page, in fact.
  • You’ve seen our dedication – abundantly.
  • To put it bluntly, we are addicted to this stuff.
  • That’s why we work overtime with – and for – our students.
  • We could easily split our time between our own eCommerce businesses and the beach – and you’d never even know about us – and we’d be rich, fat and happy in the sand.
  • But we feel a crazy rush every. single. time. we help someone achieve his or her dreams. So we put the time, effort, money, and resources into eCom Premier Academy. So we can get that RUSH thanks to YOUR results… everyday.
  • You know this is all-inclusive.
  • Every single insight, resource, and tool is included for you in one place.
  • Everything from “start from scratch” training, all the way to giving you our very own fulfillment center, and everything in between.
  • You know this is a family.
  • You’ll never feel abandoned; you’ll never have to struggle.
  • You’re part of the family now. And family takes care of each other.
  • That includes the Facebook mastermind, our personal dedication, and our world-class support team… all here to ensure your success.
  • You know it’s guaranteed.
  • If you decide that eCommerce empire building is not for you, click your button and you’ll investment will be refunded. Easy.
  • You know it’s only available for less than 72 hours.
  • Because of the unprecedented level of commitment we’re going to give to each eCom Premier Academy member, we must keep membership at a manageable level. This is to your benefit – it means you will get all of the attention you need from us.
  • You know this can be worth millions to you – literally.
  • Our members make millions of dollars in sales monthly.

[GET] eCom Premier Academy How You Can Create A Secure Future For Yourself AND Your Family In 30 Short DaysStarting From Absolute ZERO DOWNLOAD

Just In Case You Think “Maybe ThisWon’t Work For Me”

You’re Wrong… This System Works For Anyone In ANY SITUATION… The $297.00 You Spend Is Nothing Compared To What You’ll Accomplish.

  • system work imgOpened a Whole New World of Opportunity for Doug
  • system work img“SKY IS THE LIMIT With eCom Experts Academy!”
  • system work img“Best Training on Ecom on The Net!”
  • system work img“Real Content Based on Experience, Not Upon Theory”
  • system work img“Triggered a Revolution in Entrepreneurship”
  • system work img“Investing in Premier Was an Excellent Decision!”
  • system work img“Thanks For Helping me Make my First Step a Successful One”
  • system work imgCristian is building his second store ONE MONTH after training!
  • system work img“I Started Making Profit Way Before I Expected”
  • system work img“Justin & Robert Are The Original Shopify Experts”
  • system work imgEEA Was The Push Kurt Needed to Finally Open a Store
  • system work imgHooi Saved Hours of Trial and Error
  • system work img“Recommend These Guys!!”
  • system work imgDee Loves Our Continued Updates and Training!
  • system work img“Provide Continued Value to the Members!”
  • system work imgBrian Made Over $14,000.00 in Revenue!
  • system work imgNick Got 3 Sales With ONLY $3 AD SPEND!
  • system work img“Justin & Robert Are The ORIGINAL Experts”
  • system work imgFrank Saw IMMEDIATE Results
  • system work img“Precious Information That is Easy to Follow!”
  • system work imgMarc is Able To Provide For his Family Again
  • system work imgTJ is Finally Building his Own Dream Rather Than Someone Else’s
  • system work img“This Product Has Been Completely Life Changing For Me and My Family!”

  • v

  • system work imgSteve Says Our Training is Changing Lives
  • system work imgJoanna’s Family Finally Believes in Her
  • system work imgTina Able to Leave a Legacy For Her 4 Daughters
  • system work imgPaul is Building a REAL Business Rather Than Chasing Inconsistent Cash Income Streams!
  • system work img“It Gets Easier and Easier”
  • system work img“The Impact Goes Far Beyond Just Me”
  • system work imgTina is Working Together With Her Son to Secure Their Future

Frequently Asked Questions

eCom Premier Academy includes every bit of training, resources, and tools you need to not just profit with eCommerce, but to build a legacy. A truly unique branded business that attracts investment or even buy-out offers (yes, like Shark Tank!). A business you can be proud of, that your family will understand, and that you can pass onto your children. We give you EVERYTHING you need to do this – because we get a rush when we see people successfully accomplish this incredible goal

[GET] eCom Premier Academy How You Can Create A Secure Future For Yourself AND Your Family In 30 Short DaysStarting From Absolute ZERO DOWNLOAD

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