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“***NEW: Learn How To Sell On eBay With No Inventory Or Out Of Pocket Expenses. Try My Time Tested Dropshipping Method!***”

From The Desk of Aaron Burton
Date: January 15, 2015

Get ready! 

You are about to learn how I went from homeless to supporting myself and my family in a matter of days! 

Put every distraction away and glue your eyes to this page because the next few minutes could be the most important of your entire life. 

Step 1: Follow my over the shoulder HD training videos and learn how to sell your first item! 

Step 2: Learn how to find hot selling items that will be jumping off of Amazon’s shelves like HOT CAKES!. 

Step 3: Get the proper course materials to help you manage your new e-commerce business such as fee calculators, inventory spreadsheets, and a getting started checklist. 

Step 4: Simply copy and paste your way to a successful 2015! literally! If my mom can do it so can you. 

No more worrying whether or not an item will sell. With this bulletproof formula you will be 

able to control how many hours you want to work a week and eventually become a master at dropshipping.

This 4 step formula will help you live your dreams so that you can spend more time with 

your family, learn a new hobby, or ask that special someone’s hand in marriage. eBay still 

has a lot of kicking left and anyone can come in and dominate with the proper training. 

Forget Everything You Know About Dropshipping, They have been teaching you completely WRONG!

The only thing you will have to worry about is where eBay will send your money! No complicated list building methods or black hat SEO shenanigans. This course is meant to change you from an eBay noob to an e-commerce powerhouse. 

“Its very important that you know why you might be WAY behind On This new Dropshipping Trend…..”

It was said that 1 week on the internet is like 1 entire year. The web 

moves so fast and not knowing whats hot and whats selling can really set you back 

decades in the online world. If your still trying to build a list and don’t have a solid way of 

feeding your family with these new methods you could be left in the dust. With the new 

eBay and Amazon updates its easy for established sellers to increase their revenue as 

well as people who do this “specific” thing to increase sells. Being ahead of the curve is 

the name of the game and the people who are rewarded every time! The good thing is you 

don’t have to be a wiz to notice trends and capitalize on them.

All you need is a willingness to learn and the determination to completely CRUSH IT! 

“If You Think You Can Just Start Selling With No Training Think Again!…”

It’s simply too risky to go in and just WING IT

Your account can get banned if you don’t know what to stay away from.

Or you could list hundreds of items and waste hours without making any sells. 

Which is why I made this course. I wanted to put together everything thing ive learned as well as the mistakes i’ve made along the way as a dropshipper. 

You can ride on my success and be ahead of 90% of the people trying to start an eBay career. 

YES career. 

This is a method you can use long term to build an EMPIRE really. 

So you can start fast with this training or learn on your own and spend years trying to figure out how and sell a china vase online.

“If You Can Copy And Paste You Can Really Make This Into A Real Life Changing Experience” 
[GET] Ebay Cash Formula Learn How To Sell On eBay (No Inventory) New Method BONUSES DOWNLOAD

Its really that easy. Especially when you have someone coaching you along the way to keep you on the right track. 

The methods I teach you are legit and 100% legal. No crazy underground unethical methods are used in this course. 

You will never have to worry about talking to friends or family trying to get them to join your latest get rich quick deal. 

You can choose how many hours you want to put in to it. The more the better. 

On average 1 hour a day is all it takes to be successful in this business. 

This is probably the easiest way to quit your job in 2015 that I can even think of. Unless you 

have a money printer. Chances are you don’t, so lets get to work! 

eBay Cash Formula is a simple system you can implement RIGHT AWAY and get consistent results without breaking your neck trying to pay for traffic or build a list. 

The secret is out and now anyone can make a living from their home part time with little investment!

INTRODUCING…*Cough*…Cough*…Well That Was Dramatic….

Ebay Cash Formula

The Last Dropshipping Course You Will Ever Need



As a Thank You for purchasing this course I included some goodies that will help you greatly on your dropshipping journey


  • Getting Started Mind Map [$27 Value]
  • Getting Started Checklist
  • eBay Fee Calculator
  • Private Mastermind Group [$97 Value]
  • Inventory Management Template
  • Companion eBook (25+ Pages) [$47 Value]


I am so confident that you will enjoy this course that I am including a 100% money back guarantee. You can also keep the course and eBook as a gift from me as a thank you for purchasing the course. 

I’m actually loosing on this one. With hours worth of course material and a companion eBook i’m practically giving away this course for pennies. I’m crazy I KNOW! 

Lets face it, 

We have all bought products and have not taken action on the material. But If you give this 90 days of your full attention you will be glad that you jumped on this opportunity when it was still at an affordable price….. 


Not only will this course increase in price for every sale but it will be gone FOREVER once it reaches a certain amount of sales. This could be at 100 sales, 1000 sales or even 10,000 sales. Once its gone its never coming back. All of the secrets stored away in this course will be gone.


The good news is if your on this thread you still have a chance to get your copy for pennies. Steal my best kept eBay secrets and learn how to take advantage of the two most largest companies on the planet which are eBay and Amazon. 

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