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Powerful New WordPress Theme.

Get Your Own FULLY AUTOMATEDNiche Tube Sites!

  • 100% Automated Video Curation.
  • Works In Any Niche You Can Think Of
  • Make Profits From Other People’s Videos!
  • Monetisation and SEO Taken Care Of.
  • Fully Customizable Layout and Design

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  • Setup YOUR OWN Lucrative Video Tube Sites In Minutes

  • Start Earning Money Right Away, With ZERO EFFORT.

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Sit Back As Easy Auto Tube Finds Top Videos Relevant To Your Chosen Niche From Youtube And Dailymotion And Automatically Posts Them To Your OWN Tube Site, 24/7.

Why Is Video So Popular?

In the fast-paced and sometimes unpredictable world of internet marketing, trends can see an meteoric rise in popularity, and then fall out of existence in the blink of an eye (remember MySpace? Napster?).

However, in all this time one thing has continued to grow consistently in popularity…..video.

Online video – the current obsession of hundreds of millions of internet users. Whether it’s music, entertainment, technology, or cute cat videos – we just cannot get enough of it.

A tube site is an incredible platform for advertising. Imagine … a prospect arrives on your site  to watch one video, and ends up watching a dozen. Now that’s GREAT for your ‘bounce rate’ and SEO!

And let’s not forget the viral traffic you’ll get from visitors sharing your video on social media.

As your visitors are already highly focused on your niche topic, they are 12 times more likely to share your video posts on popular Social Networks!Untitled-1

You see your prospect only have an attention span of about … 8 seconds!  BUT they will watch a video for an average of 2.7 minutes – you can see how powerful that is!

OK, so there’s no argument that internet video is incredibly popular, but how can YOU get a piece of this lucrative market?

This answer is simple – your very own tube site.

Technology has come a long way in the past couple of years. With recent innovations such as high-speed mobile broadband and Google Glass, people are viewing more online video content than ever before, and this trend shows no signs of slowing.Untitled-1

With a tube in a specific niche you get highly targeted traffic, perfect for content marketing. Many people this days use online video searches to find product reviews, meaning they are already in a “buying mind-set”.Untitled-1

Until now however, the goal of hosting a lucrative video tube site has been out of most people’s reach…..



Easy Auto Tube

Your Key To Ongoing Healthy Passive Income


  • Quick and Easy Setup

    Easy AutoTube has been specially designed so you can create a fully automated tube site in minutes.

  • No Time Consuming Manual Searching

    You can specify any keywords you want and the theme will find popular videos related to them.

  • Two Sources For The Price Of One

    Finds videos related to your keywords from both Youtube, and Dailymotion.

  • Continuous Fresh Content To Keep Customers Interested

    You Can auto post videos as often as you want, every single day.

  • Puts You In The Driving Seat

    Want to include the video description from Youtube/Dailymotion alongside the video? Easy AutoTube can do that too!

  • Use Any Ads You Want – Display Them Where YOU Want Them

    Numerous options for displaying AdSense, CPA, Amazon and custom banner ads.

  • Give Your Site That Personal Touch

    Numerous widget areas let you setup your site exactly how you want it. Full customization options for colors and layout mean your sites can look totally unique.

  • Social Media Friendly

    3 Free APPROVED plugins for custom social sharing buttons, post ratings, post view counters all included and tested to 100% integrate with the theme.

  • SEO Taken Care Of

    2 Free APPROVED plugins for custom SEO optimized 404 pages, and Video Sitemaps. This is the sort of thing Google loves and rewards.

How YOU Can Make Money With Easy Auto Tube

The ways you can easily monetise Easy Auto Tube are almost endless. Take a look at these three case examples (we’ve exaggerated the designs just to highlight how different they can look):

Apple Tube.

An Apple products related tube site with CPA banners.

This site uses the basic default layout. You can setup a site just like this in minutes. It has banners from CPA sites for email/zip submit contests, so you don’t even have to make any sales to make some cash.

This site also features a GetResponse opt-in form in one of the numerous widget areas. Easy Auto Tube is a great way to build lists related to any kind of niche you want!

Muscle Tube.

An Apple products related tube site with CPA banners.

This site uses a different layout option with the sidebar on the left. It also features custom background images to achieve a stripy effect designed to appeal to male visitors.

This time the site has been easily monetised just by including some custom AdSense blocks in widget areas. Remember AdSense will automatically display ads related to the site it is on, so it can be used to monetise any kind of niche tube site you can think of!

Fashion Tube.

A fashion show related tube site with AdSense advertising.

This site uses custom colors designed to appeal to female visitors. All the colors used in the theme are fully customizable so you can get your tube sites looking completely unique, and EXACTLY how you want them to.

This time Amazon Affiliate banners have been used. Easy Autotube is a great way to promote Amazon products. Here we have just used generic fashion related banners, but you could easily use your own banners related to specific products.

In fact why not create entire tube sites designed around specific amazon products? Remember with Easy Auto Tube there is no such thing as ‘too niche’.

So You Can Quickly & Easily Benefit From Your Own …

Amazon Affiliate Sites

Affiliate Review Sites

CPA Offer Sites

Build Your Targeted Email List

Attract Highly TargetedTraffic

Boost Your  Authority

Increase Your Conversions

& So Much More!

AND You Can Do This On As Many Sites As You Wish

Yes You Read That Right
– So Are You Now Feeling ambitious?

Why just have one site when Easy Auto Tube comes with a multi-site license?

Why not start your very own video marketing empire?

The choice is yours!


With Easy Auto Tube, genuine passive income isn’t a dream – it’s a reality.

Yes You Can Install Easy Auto Tube On An Unlimited Number Of Sites

Online video is not going away, it’s only going to grow in popularity.

Take advantage of this exciting trend in online marketing, and let Easy Auto Tube help you make easy profits!

Incredibly Easy Customization Options

  • Theme Options

    Multiple Options Enable You to Design your theme your way!

  • Choose Colors

    You can choose your header, background, menu, content, text, link colour, footer and footer text colours!

  • General Configuration

    Choose the home page settings, where you want your sidebar AND add your Twitter, FB, Myspace & RSS Links to increase your authority!  And decide here if you want to include the Video description in your post.

  • Header Customization

    Want to add a logo or banner?  Go ahead.  Add your Monetization Banners if that’s how your site is going to be set up.

  • Footer Customization

    Here you will set your footer to suit your design choice.  Hide the footer?  Add banners to your footer, the choices are endless!

  • Google Analytics

    Start tracking your sites stats right inside the theme.  No need for any hazardous plugins that get in the way of your site’s superior actions – you can add the code right here!

This is a time limited special offer. Ensure you get your discounted price when you 
Buy Now & Save over 60% on the Easy Auto Tube Theme.

GET Easy AutoTubeSales DOWNLOAD

This offer may be closed down at ANY TIME and the price WILL go up very soon!

Choose Your Preferred Keywords & Categories

And your site is going to start building itself!

Here’s more of the benefits of Easy Auto Tube

  • Builds Niche Tube Sites On Autopilot
  • Attracts Highly Targeted Visitors
  • Video Increases Conversions
  • Visitors Come Back!
  • Improved On Site SEO
  • Make Money From Ads
  • Promote Amazon
  • Build Your Email List
  • Add Clickbank Products
  • Set & Forget Business In A Box

This is a time limited special offer. Ensure you get your discounted price when you 
Buy Now & Save over 60% on the Easy Auto Tube Theme.

GET Easy AutoTubeSales DOWNLOAD

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