[GET] Dual Action Affiliate Profits 836850 In 72 Hours Are You Tired Of Slow And Tedious List Building That Fails To Make You Money FAST DOWNLOAD

[GET] Dual Action Affiliate Profits 836850 In 72 Hours Are You Tired Of Slow And Tedious List-Building That Fails To Make You Money FAST DOWNLOAD

“Discover How I Made $8,368.50 And Put Over 600 RED HOT Buyer Leads On My List In 72 Hours With Less Than 15 Hours Of Work…”

WITHOUT An Existing Product, Expert Knowledge, OR A Big Budget…

Dear Fellow Marketer,

I’ll get straight to the point…

Building a enormous list of customers who love buying stuff from you is most every internet marketer’s dream.

I mean… in this tough economy (and life in general) is there a better feeling than the security that comes from knowing you can create a simple promotion, click send, and literally flow money directly into your account?

I think not.

But the problem is, it’s no easy task to build a large, quality subscriber list. It’s even harder to build a list of rabid fans and proven “buyers”. It’s even harder if you want to do it in a short amount of time…

Traffic to a squeeze page can be hard to get or cost prohibitive. Sales of products can be difficult to come by in large numbers. And sometimes it can seem like a slow crawl towards that “holy grail.”

I know, because I’ve been there.

And yes, I have done a large launch for some of my products. And yes, it may get me a big, powerful list, fast (this is probably the best known method for doing such).

But anybody who tells you that’s an easy task, is pulling your chain beyond belief. Even putting together a small, internal launch can be a ton of work, risk, and stress for the average marketer.

So if you’re not doing an enormous product launch, your hopes of building a large list of buyers can be dashed in an instant…

Well, almost!

I have discovered a special formula that could potentially blow the lid off of your list-building and affiliate profits…

Like I said above, with a moderate amount of effort and only 72 hours, I was able to put over 600 buyer leads on my list. I was also able to take in over $8300. And in the following weeks, sales and leads continued to pour in.

This is all from ONE promotion using ONE formula.

So, you’re probably wondering… how did I do it?

It’s actually quite simple.

I was going about my normal value-driven IM activities and suddenly…

A light bulb went off!

Then another went off!

And before I knew it, I was testing out my new strategies.

And they worked like gang-busters.

Let’s just say, I took a risk and went out on a limb… and found the fruit!

So, what are you going to get?

Included is a 51-minute video that will give you an insider look into the EXACT process I used to make this big hit…

So in a sense, it’s a case study, rife with important tips and tricks that well, got me a windfall of cash while collecting a ton of super-valuable leads.

You will learn:

– The essential components to content creation that will allow you to collect massive amounts of leads and rake in more dough

– The secret key to generating massive traffic so you collect the leads

– The second secret key so you collect even more leads!

– Technical explanations so you’re left with an actual game plan to work with

– And much more!

I really can’t tell you too much else I will give the secrets away!

All I can say is that this stuff works! But don’t take my word for it…

Check the subscribers I added:


And my affiliate commissions:

You do not need an existing list to do what I did, either. You can literally do this starting from nothing…

Keep in mind, the steps I show you are not “hard”, don’t take an inordinate amount of work, don’t require special skills, and don’t require too many resources.

I executed this while in the middle of an all-weekend seminar and flying to Germany for a backpacking trip!!!

Anybody can do this if they have the creativity and ambition to pull it off!

And when you watch this video, you will gain the benefit of learning from my EXPERIENCE, not my theory, or my speculation. And the inside peek you will get will give you the confidence to execute.

You will learn a way to expand your business rapidly.

You will learn a way to present unbelievable value to your customers and market.

And when you do these things, your business begins to snowball, your bank account grows, your list expands, and everything changes for the better.

Overall, the benefit to your business from putting hoards of buyers on your list and putting a windfall of cash in your pocket can be shocking – you may not even understand right now how it can change your life!


Here’s what some well-respected marketers have to say…






I’ll be honest while I try not to brag too much…

When I first released this product, I got 100+ GLOWING testimonials. The above reviews are from full-time internet marketers. Maria Gudelis, for example, runs a 3 million dollar online business!

But keep in mind, there are literally dozens of reviews from all levels of internet marketers. Everybody from “brand newbies” to “seasoned veterans” has told me how much they love this video. So I couldn’t possibly put all of their words on here.

Here is just a small sample of the feedback from some up-and-coming marketers…






But what’s the REAL value of this information?

Conventional wisdom says you should make $1 per subscriber per month, right? But that’s probably more accurate for freebie-seeking subs.

Buyers are WAAAAY different. Each buyer is worth more like 10-20 freebie-seekers on your list.

And what if you used this method to put even 100 buyers on your list? What would that be worth to you? $1,000 a month even?

What if you did one awesome affiliate promotion using what you learned from the video?

The information itself is invaluable… but of course, there needs to be a price tag.

I know I should sell this for AT LEAST $47, there’s no question it’s worth it.

But the truth is, I want you to have it. I don’t want anything to come in the way of you learning this information.

BUT, I’m going to make you show me that you’re serious about watching it. I don’t want you to just give me your email address and then have it sit on your hard drive.

So I’m going to ask a completely unfair price… try not to keel over in shock!


View it right NOW for only $1!

[GET] Dual Action Affiliate Profits 836850 In 72 Hours Are You Tired Of Slow And Tedious List-Building That Fails To Make You Money FAST DOWNLOAD

Now if for some reason you are not completelyblown away with this offer and it’s not a total no-brainer yet, IT WILL BE when you see these 2 priceless bonuses I’m throwing in…

Bonus #1:  ”The Microscope Method”: The Fastest And Easiest Way To Make A Product That Sells Like Crazy And That Your Customers Will LOVE…

This is my patented method that I have used over the years to sell THOUSANDS of products – WITHOUT having to be an expert on the subject.

It literally allows anybody to step into any niche, create a product within hours, and have something highly desirable to sell.

Many people do this similarly to the way I do it… but they don’t get even a fraction of the results because they don’t understand the few key elements to being truly successful with this method.

Doing it MY WAY has had an enormous impact on my business and I guarantee that if you follow my directions, you will have people lining up to buy your stuff!

This is one of my TOP-QUALITY trainings, detailing one of my most effective methods… and it’s yours as a FREE addition to this package today.


Bonus #2: “$1,000+ Per Day From The Hottest New Free Traffic Source”

Exclusive Live Training With Jordan Schultz 

Jordan and his partners are generating thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions DAILY, using FREE traffic from a site NO ONE is teaching about.

AND they’re building their list from it too!

On this exclusive live training you’re going to learn an extremely simple method for consistent, hand-off cash from a site that virtually nobody is monetizing right now.

HINT: This site gets 200 million monthly visitors and they love to buy. It’s not Amazon, Facebook, Google or Microsoft.

Best part? There’s basically no competition!

This method requires no SEO and you can literally be making money within just a few days after following this training, which involves only 3 steps.

This bonus training is included with your purchase today!


Why am I doing this for such a ridiculous price? There must be a catch…

Nope, there is no catch.

It’s just $1 today. No rebills, no subscriptions, no hidden fees… nothing like that at all! One dollar means ONE dollar and that’s it!

When you go to the order form, check it thoroughly and you will see that this is indeed the case.

And you may be asking yourself… why would I give away such awesome information for such a strange investment?

I’ll give you a completely honest answer…

I want you as a customer. It’s that simple.

I give insane value on my products and I want you to experience that FIRST HAND so we can establish a beneficial business relationship. Makes sense, right?


My Guarantee…

Listen, let’s be real. A money-back guarantee on a $1 product is a bit of joke. Of course, if you hate it more than you hate the idea of head cheese, then of course, just contact me and I’ll give you back your dollar, no questions asked (as is my policy on all of my products). But that is clearly not the point.

My guarantee is this: I stake my reputation on this material.

I know it’s unique, I know it’s fresh and I know you’re going to love it. So that’s my guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, I give you permission to slander my name for being full of crap!


Fair WARNING: You better act fast…

We can both agree that this is a crazy deal. And as such, I can’t let it go on forever.

As you can see, this is a limited time offer and you don’t have a lot of time to make a decision.

I doubt you’re really on the fence right now anyway. So there’s not more much to say except… don’t mess around and miss this. Pick this up right now because the next time you come back to this website it will be selling for much more.

Take action and achieve your dreams today!

[GET] Dual Action Affiliate Profits 836850 In 72 Hours Are You Tired Of Slow And Tedious List-Building That Fails To Make You Money FAST DOWNLOAD

I wish you much success on your internet marketing journey,

David Eisner







p.s. Between my BOLD guarantee and the $1 price tag… can you really afford to pass this up? What if it turns out to be the most game-changing list building and affiliate marketing training released this year but you decided it wasn’t worth a measly $1 risk? Don’t take that chance! Get this now!

p.p.s. I know that with a $1 offer, you’re used to having some kind of strings attached… I don’t blame you! But I promise you, this offer has NO STRINGS ATTACHED. $1 means ONE DOLLAR. Plain and simple. There are no hidden fees, monthly or otherwise. I have no other agenda than to give you an amazing deal on a fantastic product. So buy now with confidence!

p.p.p.s. Check out EVEN MORE people raving about this product and its value…









Don’t miss out on this over-the-top value…

Grab this NOW!

[GET] Dual Action Affiliate Profits 836850 In 72 Hours Are You Tired Of Slow And Tedious List-Building That Fails To Make You Money FAST DOWNLOAD

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