[GET] Doodle Ads High Converting Premium Whiteboard Images And Script DOWNLOAD

[GET] Doodle Ads High Converting Premium Whiteboard Images and Script DOWNLOAD

How EMOTION MARKETING made Doodle Ads $414,400 last year with Whiteboard Videos, using the same tools you already have……

One thing that a whiteboard animation is good at, is emotional triggers. Doodle Ads understand that “we all buy emotionally”. When you watch their videos, you can see they focus on delivering emotional messages both in the scripts and images.

Jon Air
CEO : Sparkol (Creators of VideoScribe)

Quite simply – A Doodle Ad video tells a story, using a strong direct marketing script, then backs it up with emotional images. We all buy emotionally – and Doodle Ads Gets that, big time.

Nigel Botterill
CEO : The Entrepreneurs Circle

The Video above should tell you all you need to know to make money using video….

… but here’s a quick re-cap……

Do You Know the Secret Conversion Formula

That Transforms These Products…

…Into Money Making Machines?

The Good News is….

… You Already Have the Software You Need…

The Bad News is, if you are…..

– Not a highly skilled copywriter

– Not hiring experts

– Using ‘standard clip art’ visuals

Then chances are, your videos are NOT CONVERTING


Anyone can make a video, especially with those tools. But if you want to make money online, the video has to connect with the viewer to make them take action

And the only thing that can influence whether someone converts or not after watching your video…. is theCONTENT

So….. What Is The One Secret Ingredient That Will Take You From Making “Just Another Video”.. to Making Video Content that CONVERTS…? 


We all buy emotionally. That’s Marketing 101. If you can identify the emotional triggers in your prospects pain, and the solution your product provides… you have taken a big leap towards making videos that convert. Videos that make sales.

…Videos that MAKE MONEY!

So Who Are We?

And How Can We Help You Solve This Problem?


Last year, we made over $414k
with whiteboard marketing videos…

We use the same tools you do (ESP2, Videoscribe, Easy VSL, Explaindio etc), but we have an advantage that allows us to produce high converting videos, time after time, in any niche.

You see, two of the three partners are :

Dr David Kyte
Direct Response Copywriter
IM Veteran

Piers Baker
Award Winning Syndicated Cartoonist
Creator of “Ollie & Quentin”

And over the last 3 years, they have developed a Script System and Library so that

…YOU can easily create powerful, high converting video content

…time and time agin, in any niche, using our images, script formula, blueprints and templates

Here’s what you get….

1 – The Doodle Ads Emotional Trigger Formula

Follow this simple formula in ANY NICHE to identify the emotional triggers you need in your converting script. It takes 5-10 minutes to follow, and will transform the way you approach your content.

2 – Converting Script Blueprints and Templates

Using our blueprints and range of templates that cover all kinds of video, you can quickly and easily apply the emotional trigger and create a converting script. From 30 second teaser videos to 2 minute premium explainers.

Doodle Ad Image Bundle 1 – The Pain + Solution Pack

Over 70 ready to use pain / solution/ CTA image sets covering financial pain, emotional pain, physical pain, fear and aspirations – EVERYTHING you need to work with (or without!) our script templates to create powerful videos for facebook, youtube, landing pages and more

Doodle Image Bundle 2 – The ‘Ready for Anything’ Pack

Over 100 Premium Images across a range of categories, so you can create literally THOUSANDS of unique videos for your products and your clients, in ANY niche. The exact images we are using now (and have used in this page!)

ESP2, Video Scribe and Explaindio ready SVG images

Want to view the images?

Click the RED button below….

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