[GET] Done For You Sales And List Building Funnel Version II DOWNLOAD

[GET] Done for you sales and list building funnel Version II DOWNLOAD

I’m doing it again! FREE WSO! Another done for you list building and cash generating sales funnel..

Version II– done for you list building and cash generating sales funnel..

Yet Another Complete Done-For-You List Building, Money Making, Easy Peasy, 7 Step System in a Box!

Dear Warrior,

Last month I went bat-poo crazy and gave away a complete done for you sales funnel. 

OK it wasn’t totally nuts, I gained out of the process and in a moment I’ll tell you how.

It was a “proto-type” for a new series of done for you money makers that I am hoping to release in the future. 

And having released it… 

I realized I could make the process EVEN EASIER!

So rather than just tweak the original funnel, which many of you have got running and are making money from… I did another one from scratch!

After all if you’ve implemented version one and it’s working for you, there would be nothing to gain from testing this one if it was the same funnel.

This one is easier because… it uses WordPress!

That means no FTPing of files, or editing HTML documents!

Now I did think about just putting this out super cheap, like a $17 WSO or something. 

But instead I’ve decided to give it away FREE for a limited time.

But as before I do ask that:

If you download it. Use it.

Don’t download it and sit on your hard drive to collect digital dust with all the other junk you’ve bought. And don’t think because you got it free that is what it is worth…

This is real value product that I could sell for $27 – $47 because it really does work, it really will build your list and it really will make you money.

But I figure if I give this to you for no cost, not only will you try it, but when I launch further done for you funnels that aren’t free, you will already know how much can be made and you’ll snap my hand off to get others.

Plus you’ll become fantastic free evangelists for the paid products when they come out!

So by giving you something of real value now I am banking on seeing the rewards in a few months time.

Also some of the products in the funnel that you’ll be raking in commissions from are my products, so I’ll see a little reward on this one anyway.

OK, let me tell you exactly what you’re getting…

When you complete the checkout process (at no point does this ask you for money or ask you to agree to a trial of anything, it really is free – we are just using Warrior+ as the delivery mechanism so we can track downloads) you will be able to download a ZIP document that has all the instructions in it.

Unpack this to a folder using a free zip tool (you almost certainly already have one on your computer).

You’ll then have a PDF document and a folder with some follow up auto responder messages in it.

The PDF contains STEP BY STEP instructions on how to configure everything. Most of which is done for you! Even a non-technical minded person should be able to do the whole thing in under 30 minutes.

I know! I’ll even tell you what the steps are here so you know how straight forward this is…

1) Install WordPress on any domain you own, you can stuff it in a sub folder if you like – you don’t need a domain dedicated to this.

2) Install a free wordpress plugin that will clone the entire set up of this funnel for you! Told you this was easy!

3) Apply to be an affiliate for a few products. 

4) Paste your affiliate links in a couple of places and use a branding tool (easy) to add your link to the report you will give away. 

5) Upload your report (you can do this right inside WordPress using the media section)

6) The folders contain a pre-written auto-responder follow-up sequence, you just copy and paste these into your auto responder (if you don’t have one get a trial for $1 with aweber or free with get response)

7) Paste the code from your auto responder into a section on WordPress and fill in some contact details.

That’s it. 

Now just send some traffic to it (I show you how to do that too – all included in the instructions).

Now watch your mailing list grow and some payments show up in your PayPal!

REALITY CHECK: you’re not going to retire on the money this makes. But it gives you a foundation to build on, a list to mail with follow up offers and proof that these work. So when I release others and don’t give them away for free… you’ll KNOW that you are going to make money using them.

I also get to offer you a bargain one time special offer. It’s nothing to do with this funnel system, it’s not needed to make it work – it’s just a collection of some of my past WSO’s bundled together and offered at a crazy low price.

Can’t blame me for that can you? I am a marketer after all 🙂

The only other thing to tell you is that this is in the IM/Make Money niche. If you have no interest in building a list in this highly profitable niche then this isn’t going to be for you.

There we have it! If you promise to use it, hit the button and download it FREE today.

I look forward to hearing your glowing testimonials about how much money this has made you!

Kind regards

Andy “net66” Brocklehurst

P.S. Yes it really is free. Everything is fully disclosed in this post, there is no small print, no bait and switch, you don’t need to buy anything else from me to make this work. You will need some web space somewhere and a domain name, and an account with one of the many auto-responder services.

P.P.S. Once I have enough “testers” I will close this free offer. Please only request it if you WILL follow the instructions and USE it.

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