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Are you tired of failed t-shirt campaigns and low ROI
no matter how many designs you come up with?

Imagine Having A Quick And Easy Process For Launching Great Looking, High ROI T-Shirt Campaigns Without Any Design Experience At All!

Quickly and easily scale your t-shirt campaigns
to the next level using this clever method:

The t-shirt market is extremely cutthroat and fast paced. It can be exhausting trying to come up with great t-shirt ideas when it seems like everything has been done a dozen times over already. Then you have to get that idea fulfilled by a designer hoping it will convert well.

Have you ever wondered how to…

  • Maintain a high rate of incoming campaign ideas?
  • Fully scale all the good ideas for huge profits?
  • Get great looking designs cheaper and faster?

It’s so easy to rack up a large batch of unsuccessful campaigns and waste money with ads that don’t perform.

Whether the designs don’t work or they just convert enough to break even, not earning huge ROI from campaigns just plain sucks.

I used to have a hard time getting great designs for t-shirts, and it wasn’t worth the time to try making my own while maintaining dozens of campaigns.

This made things difficult when it came to scaling. I knew behind each idea was a dozen other possibilities, but figuring that process out week after week is easier said than done.

Generating new t-shirt campaign ideas was tough, and it felt like most of the market was already saturated. It was hard to not feel defeated.

And sometimes slow designers would stop the engine from running completely.

I needed a process which could make new,
high quality designs happen quickly and cheaply.

Finally I realized I needed some proven scalable templates to speed things up and take it to the next level.

After combing through all of my campaigns I found the best selling ideas and broke them down into a template which now lets me repeat the process with tons of potential variations.

This let me duplicate into other niches with each idea, turning one t-shirt campaign into dozens.

Once the idea generation process was simplified my designer came up with a great idea for quickening things on his end. Now the both of us could move forward on a higher level, cranking out new campaigns much faster than before.

You can literally just take one word or element from the template design and change it to fit a new, untapped market.

I was blown away after seeing how much time and money was saved by STARTING with a great design and building from there rather than from an empty slate.

Imagine having a template for ideas which lets you scale your t-shirt potential to new niches, new regions, and new sets of demographics.

The possibilities are endless for you!

You’ll generate winning campaign ideas left and right without getting bogged down by market saturation or the dreaded empty starting slate.

Once you have a system in place which helps anybody crank out new designs in minutes you’ll gain serious momentum with your t-shirt campaigns.

Heck, this is so simple you could make your own designs in minutes even if you’ve never done so much as an MS Paint drawing in your whole life.


Done For You Designs By Divine Tees

Now you can always have a source of great ideas with our creative t-shirt templates.

As you probably know, the t-shirt game is won when you come out with a unique design which people want. The design needs to be something they identify with, and of course they can’t have already purchased the shirt elsewhere.

This means you’re in somewhat of a race. You can win by either coming up with an original idea, or by finding markets which haven’t already seen an existing idea.

The sooner you pick up Divine Tees and start implementing them in your campaigns, the better your chances are of finding new T-Shirt ideas and uncovering new markets.

Everyone who starts implementing these designs immediately has the best shot at grabbing all of those gold bars sitting out there… and the rest are left to fight for scraps.

But don’t worry. Right now these ideas are just hitting the market, so your competition is low and margins are still high. We’re still seeing people earn $10,000 or more per month from selling t-shirts, which I find endlessly reassuring.

Along with 30 awesome t-shirt design templates,
I’ll also give you the following:

The #1 Resource on How to Find Amazing Vectors for FREE

With this index of resources you’ll quickly find great vectors to use in your next winning t-shirt campaign. Now you can roll out new designs faster and at a lower cost.

The Best Tricks on How to Convert Images to Vector Files INSTANTLY – No Design Skills Required!

No need to create designs by hand. With this trick you’re able to take any image and convert it into a file which can be used for new t-shirt designs.

Beginner and Advanced Tutorials for Creating Typography Vector Designs in MINUTE… for FREE!

The ideas are endless for typography designs, and now you can know how to easily create them even if you have zero experience in design. This resource alone is worth thousands to a lot of top-level t-shirt marketers.

The Training for Editing The PSD Files

Over the shoulder training showing you exactly how to edit
the files to get started immediately.

The #1 Secret Resource for Looking in the Backdoor of Teespring, an Extremely Popular T-Shirt Site, so That You Never Run Out of Fresh Design Ideas Again

I stumbled upon this resource right in front of my face. After showing a couple of big time t-shirt guys and seeing their reaction….I knew I found something very few had access to. Seriously, you’ll never need to think again. Just use my secret resource and let everyone else do the hard work for you.

Normally you’d have to cycle through designers until you found a great one who worked for a reasonable price.

Or you could always make your own designs depending on how quickly you can create dozens of great looking shirts.

As you’ve seen around the teespring marketing circuit, a single shirt can bring in $10k – $20k with enough scaling and good targeting.

With that kind of return it would make sense to charge at least $500 for these templates.

As part of this offer, you won’t pay $500.

You won’t pay $250, even though small t-shirt campaigns could make four times that amount.

You won’t even pay $125 which would MAYBE get you 5 designs (that are still not proven to convert!)

You can only get these templates through me, unless you want to hire a personal designer to make your own templates. I’d highly suggest you have about $500 to light on fire in order to find a good, reliable designer, pay for designs, pay for ads to test the designs or you can simply…

Here’s what you get:

60 Done for You Designs!

  • 30 Premium and Unique Design Templates
  • Editable Text & Color PSDs
  • Clean & Grunge Versions in PNG format
  • That’s 30 Designs, the clean & grunge versions for 60 total!
  • Tutorial on editing the text to get started immediately!
  • Everything meets print size quality standards
  • 300 DPI
  • 2400 x 3300 pixels
  • 8” x 11” inches

Subtotal Value: $499

Exclusive Bonuses

  • The #1 Resource on How to Find Amazing Vectors for FREE
  • The Best Tricks on How to Convert Images to Vector Files for FREE – No Design Skills Required!
  • Beginner and Advanced Tutorials for Creating Typography Vector Designs
  • Secret Resource for Looking in the Backdoor of Teespring, an Extremely Popular T-Shirt Site, so That You Never Run out of Fresh T-Shirt Design Ideas

Subtotal Value: $99

Not to Mention:

  • Ongoing fully staffed support
  • Product updates
  • Designs are proven to convert

You’re basically getting cut the line privileges…

Total Combined Value: $598

Thanks for reading, make sure you get in touch and let me know how your campaigns go!

Always got your back,

Ryan “RyMac” McKinney
of Strategically Spilled Milk

P.S. : I am not sure how long I will keep these designs open to the public. If you come back to this page and the buy button is gone, well I am sorry.

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