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With 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every MINUTE then without superior SEO the answer is NOBODY! (Well, you and your Mom perhaps)

But What If 2 Successful Video Marketers, Famous For ‘Out Of The Box’ Thinking, Did All The Smart Video Optimization Stuff For You?

Just Give Us The Search Term You Want To Rank For…

Enter your basic info into

and press

The software goes out and finds search term related content to ‘curate’ into your video description and creates a text file for you to paste into your video page…

Bullet points of related search terms automatically added

Your ‘money link’ automatically added + your Video/Playlist/Channel links too

Paste your video script, or any other text, into the software and it will be automatically added to your Description output file. As will your Social Media profiles, all neatly formatted.!

All perfectly laid out for quick ‘copy and paste’ to your Video Description inside YouTube

So What Does This Mean For You?





No more confusion! Simply MAX OUT your Video SEO

SPEED! Test out video ranking opportunities FAST!

BOOST existing rankings with smarter SEO

Push Button – 1 Click Implementation Software

Here’s The Thing When It Comes To Ranking Videos

Google and YouTube are ranking the content of the PAGE on which your video sits as much as the video itself!

To stand out from the crowd you have to Optimize the PAGE!

and when you do YouTube and Google will love you for it!

Does The SEO So You Don’t Have To

It’s Like Having 2 SEO Experts Brains Hard Wired Into Your Desktop

We talked to dozens of Video SEO professionals and combined all the ‘best practise’ SEO stuff they and we know. THE GOOD STUFF – that gets you ranked!

We took all that information and distilled it down to find the best tactics, tips and techniques on optimizing any video to the MAX…

And then we built the software to help automate the process!

Completely ‘White Hat’ and within YouTube’s Terms of Service

Works with any Video Hosting site – YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion. Metacafe

This means that you have to convince Google that your video page is worthy of a page #1 ranking – the same reason they rank the content of a GREAT Blog post!

Add as much, or as little, of your own content as you want

Imagine never having to worry about your videos SEO ever again! Let

Use for new videos or to resurrect old non-ranking videos

You’ll be knocking out superbly optimized video descriptions in just minutes!

Complete video tutorials built into the software

do the heavy lifting!

Perfect for ALL Video Marketers – Novice, Intermediate or Advanced


But let us make it even easier for you…

Our Standard/Iron Clad/100% 30 Day Refund Policy:

This software is only available at this price for a short time! It will be sold at a far higher price point very soon on Clickbank

Try our software for 30 days and if it does not work exactly as we have specified on this page we will refund you in full. Your purchase is confirmation that you have read and agreed to our Terms of Service and full Guarantee policy accessible via the links at the foot of this page.

The Descriptomatic software and related bonuses are not connected to YouTube, which is a registered company, in any way. The training we give is compliant with YouTube’s Terms of service to the best of our knowledge but you are encouraged to use due diligence in anything you do online. Making money with video marketing, or any kind of Internet marketing is dependent on many factors most of which are under your control and none of which are under ours. Hence we make no statements as to the amount of money you may make online using our training or software – or any earning claims at all. You are in control of your own online destiny, the implementation of what you learn, how you use this software and, most importantly, your work ethic.

No matter what software you are using to create your videos…

Or via a simple gig on

If Your Video Page Is Not Superbly Optimized NOBODY Is Going To See It! And That’s a FACT!

Quite Brilliant!

“The thinking behind this is quite brilliant and the software delivers!”

Steve H. – Offline Consultant

Great Product!

“This is a great product and is going to help me enormously. Thanks!”

Dave Davies – Affiliate Marketer

That’s the reality of YouTube and why a ‘crappy’ webcam video can outrank the most superbly and professionally produced videos! WHY? GREAT On Page SEO!

Smart thinking combined with Intuitive Software built with your Individuality in mind!

Keep, Add, Edit, Delete Any Aspect Of The Final Text before Pasting Into Your YouTube Channel

Want To See It In Action? Of Course You Do…


Our Personal ‘Brain Storm’ – Convert Your Traffic!

Multi Module Training On Smart Ways To Monetize

Send Your Traffic Straight To The Cash Link!

How To Clone A Sales Page For Fast Cash

Access Free Plugins and Software To Get You Up FAST!

This Multi-Module Training will open your eyes as to how to monetize your video clicks!

Our Beta Testers said…



When we first talked about creating this software we got SO excited and now that it’s HERE and WORKING we are just over the moon we know you will be too!


As Smart Video Marketers we ALL know that ‘Tags’ are Important too! So we built some extra Software for you!

T-Rex Tags grabs the Tags for every video ranking high for ANY search term so you can rip them off! Works perfectly in tandem with Descriptomatic!

Cliff and Clive have hit the ball right out of the park with Descriptomatic. It makes a tedious job of finding content and creating descriptions much easier, faster and simpler. If you create videos this is a must have product and will be an absolute time saver.


Mark Peters


Grab Descriptomatic Today and Optimize YOUR Videos to the Max!

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