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From the desk of: Declan MC 
Date: Friday, March 27, 2015

Dear DECEIVED Marketers,

Today, I am here to tell you that there is an extremely high chance that you’ve been lied to.


I am never one to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the cold hard TRUTH when it comes to the traffic sources that you are told to be using to build your online business.

Most, if not, all of the time, the Gurus are not practicing what they preach and will often tell marketers that they should be using traffic sources that are either:

A – So time consuming that it can take weeks or even MONTHS to generate even a trickle of traffic to your website. 

B – Deliver absolutely NO RESULTS at all. . . leaving you scratching your head wondering where the hell you went wrong. 

My friend, if you’ve fallen into one, or perhaps, both of these categories, then you may want to give me the next few minutes of your time because what I am about to share with you is an absolute game-changer

Now that we know what happens when you decide to listen to the Gurus and take their approach, you may be wondering exactly why are they doing this?

The answer is quite simple and that is, of course, to keep you spinning your wheels and to steer you clear of what actually DOES work when it comes down to driving ENORMOUS amounts of targeted traffic to your business or offer. 

The truth is that if you want the best possible results for your business or offer, then you are going to have to use traffic sources that are fast, scalable, and consistent

Usually, the Gurus preach that it is best to use free traffic sources such as SEO, blogging, article writing, videos, free classified ad posting. . . 

These all have one thing in common. . .

Not only this, but they aren’t fast, scalable, and consistent.

This being said, there is only one type of traffic source that you should be using to build your business and bank BIG commissions with affiliate offers.

Now, you may have attempted to use paid traffic sources in the past and have had no luck, or may have even wasted a bunch of money trying to make them work for you.

I can honestly say that if you have no clue what you are doing, both of those outcomes are very possible, but it’s a good thing that you’ve stuck with me, thus far, because I am about to show you how to put this VITAL piece into the puzzle of your online success.

Hi, Declan MC, Bharat Reddy and Venkata Ramana here and just as all the Gurus have steered you clear of the traffic sources that ARE working, I am here to help you grab a firm hold of the wheel to steer you straight to your success.

The Gurus continuously laugh their way to the bank using the traffic sources that I am about to share with you. . . 

. . . and NOW. . . it’s YOUR turn!

is a short, fluff-free report that reveals. . .

  • The top crazy traffic sources that will allow you to drive QUALITY traffic with PPC, Contextual advertising, PPV, and more that will allow you to tap into over 100 million unique visitors every month.
  • Discover dirt cheap targeted traffic sources
  • Listbuilders – say goodbye to shitty solo ad freebie seekers and say hello to buyers!
  • Local business owners and offline marketers, drive quality dirt cheap targeted traffic to your websites.
  • CPA marketers – discover how to generate loads of leads. Nobody in CPA knows about this.
  • Traffic seekers – No more spending months trying to rank on Google.
  • In short, Millions of dirt cheap targeted visitors are at your fingertips!
  • . . . and so much more!

I believe that no product is a finished product unless there is an over-delivery.

So, I will even include:

In addition to everything that I am offering you today, you will also get access to some veryEXCLUSIVE bonuses to help further you in your online success.

At this point, I’m sure I know exactly what you’re thinking. . .

. . . so here’s the deal.

Everything that I am offering you can EASILY be weighted at nothing less than a $397 value.

In fact, I know some marketers who are offering thrice as much as this price, but because I believe in giving everyone a fair shot, I will allow you to get access today for just a small, one-time investment of only:

Ready for the icing on the cake???

We Guarantee Full Satisfaction!

And if that wasn’t enough, you also get these 
awesome FREE bonuses:

Fast Action Bonus #1

Massive Traffic Explosion

Massive Traffic Explosion is a 7 part video series that will show you how to get traffic to your website. In this video course you will learn how to get targeted traffic from Social Networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Hubpages and YouTube. Not only that you can also learn how to get traffic from Solo Ads, Blogging and Ad Swapping.

Fast Action Bonus #2

Paid Traffic Explosion

Paid Traffic Explosion is a 6 part video course. In this video course you’ll discover 51 of the best traffic sources that major brands and super affiliates use to flood their sites with tens of millions of visitors every single month…

Fast Action Bonus #3

Video Marketing Explosion

Our exclusive Video Training is more than enough to get you where you really want to be using the immense power of Video Advertising, our video training is here to give you exactly what you need in order to reach all of your business success expectations. 

These are 14 HD videos with over 70 minutes of step by step content. 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • You will learn what video marketing is all about
  • You will learn why video marketing is such an amazing shortcut to take your profits to any level you want, thanks to the extremely targeted traffic you can get, and you will see the amazing benefits videos will bring to your business and online marketing efforts.
  • You will learn about the top video sharing sites
  • You will see how important businesses are using Videos in their marketing efforts
  • and much more…


I’ve already slipped the secret to a select group of people. 

And they’re loving it

Here’s what a few of them have to say:

If for any reason you are not satisfied and felt that I did not live up to everything that I am promising you today, simply request a refund.

However, I do ask that you give it your BEST and go through and apply all that you will learn because I can guarantee you that if you are someone who is serious and actually takes action, there is no way that you will not see the online success that you’re after.

I’ve got some good news for you, but what is good news without bad news right?

The good news is that you are just in time to get access to everything for an extremely low investment. . . 

. . . and the bad news?

Mark my words when I tell you that the price will surely rise, and FAST!

With everything said up to this point, I highly recommend that you do yourself a favor and get inASAP at the lowest possible price point.

Best Regards,

P.S. Trust me when I tell you that you do NOT want to let this kind of information slip through your fingers.

Without a doubt, it is priceless, and I am doing you HUGE favor by allowing access for such a small investment.

P.P.S. Take a moment and reflect on how much success that you’ve had with getting traffic in the past.

I believe that there is a reason for everything and if you feel that you haven’t reached your full potential just yet, then this is for you, my friend.

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