CPA will no longer be a maze because you’re about to acquire a Roadmap. . .

“That Leads You Straight To Banking BIG And PASSIVE CPA Commissions Like The Top CPA Marketers In The Industry.”

We are NOT kidding. . . Just check out these sales figures. . .

From: The Desks of Saul Maraney, Adam Payne & Pedro Lopes

To: Irritated CPA Marketers

My guess is that your mind has just been soaking up all of these false claims and promises that are being pushed by over 90% of the Internet Marketers today.

Truth be told, this is all apart of the psychology of Internet Marketing and are nothingbut “trigger phrases” that serve only one purpose. . .

 To Get You EDGY And To Cause You To Be In A RUSHTo Get Rich!

You see, people become IRRITATED when the results aren’t coming as quickly as they’d like them to, so they decide to switch gears and rush things.

Without a doubt, this approach will definitely get you somewhere. . .

Well. . . in addition to falling flat on your face, it will also lead you right back to square one.If you can relate to this and refuse to change the way you are approaching things, then your luck will be much better with the lottery or a slot machine.

By Now, If You Are Not A Believer That There Is No Such Thing As Push Button Riches Then You Are WAYBehind, My Friend.

I hate to break this to you, but the only way that you will move forward into any kind of success with Internet Marketing, you must clear your mind of all of the lies that you’ve been fed in the past.

Secondly, you must treat this as a REAL business because your results are the mirror image of the time and effort that you put in.

Of course you need to know exactly what you need to be doing because if you have no direction, you will surely be going in circles.

My guess is that you may be stumped right now on how to properly go about seeing results online, and how to start bringing in those BIG commissions that are nothing less than life changing.

I Know For A Fact That It’s Frustrating As Hell, And Quite Frankly, Most People Have AbsolutelyNO CLUEWhat They Are Doing.

However, that is the vast majority, but YOU are about to get the edge.

Not exactly sure how you found this page, but you give yourself a pat on the back because you now have before you, a roadmap that will take you from continuous failure, to effortless success and passive commissions.

Hello, my name is Pedro Lopes, and because my main goal is to help people, like you, to finally crack the code to CPA, I’ve decided to partner with two gentlemen who are considered EXPERTS in this area: Saul Maraney and Adam Payne.

Yes, Call This A Mastermind If You Will, And Today We Want To Introduce To You The End Result When 3 Of The TOP Internet Marketers In The Industry Put Their Minds Together.

First, please do hear what others have said about this so that you can get a good idea of what you have before you.


CPA ROADMAP is a 100% No B.S. report that gets straight to the meat and potatoes and teaches you:

  • Exactly what CPA is and the most popular categories that have high conversion rates.
  • How to get accepted into the BEST CPA networks in record time!
  • The BEST free traffic source to drive TONS of targeted traffic to your offers.
  • How to pick the BEST offers to promote that are the most profitable and are in high demand.
  • How to find the BEST and most evergreen keywords to target by searching trends within Google.
  • …and much, MUCH more!

We Have Even Gone The Extra Mile And Have Included A “Ninja Trick” For You!

This will enable you to spy on ANY of your TOP ranking competitors to see the tags that they are using.

Without A Doubt, This Is Extremely Powerful.

We teach you how to keyword research, but this trick comes in handy if you are looking to get a leg up on all the other marketers.

This isn’t just a roadmap. . . this is a compass that will show you exactly where the money is.

At first, we were thinking of charging no less than $97 to get access to this information. . . but our main goal is to PUT money in YOUR pocket, not take it from you.

So, we are allowing you to get 100% access to CPA Roadmap and all that is offered with it for just a TINY, one-time investment of only:


There is absolutely NO DOUBT in our minds that you will find that the VALUE you receive from this report, including the bonuses, will greatly outweigh your investment.



For Anyone That Takes Action NOW, We Are Including An EXCLUSIVE BONUS With This Offer! [$45 Value]


CPA Profit Formula is an exclusive, unreleased interview done by Saul Maraney and CPA superstar William Souza!

This hour long interview is valued at over $40, but we are throwing it in as a BONUSfor the people who take action TODAY!

We Also Have Thrown In Our 100% Satisfaction, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Okay. . . here’s the deal.

Because the three of us are known throughout the IM Industry for putting out nothing but QUALITY products that deliver REAL results, we’ve been cracking down quite a bit.

Time and time again, there is someone who wants to get just a “glance” on the inside . . . if you know what I mean.

To avoid this, we ask that you provide us with tangible proof that you’ve actually putEVERYTHING that is being taught into action and prove to us that it does not work.

This lets you know that we back it 100% and that there is no way that you won’t see results if you take action.

If you are someone who expects things to be done for you, with all due respect, this isNOT for you.

On The Other Hand, If You Consider Yourself To BeSerious And Are HUNGRY For Your Success, Then YOUAre The Kind Of Person That We Are Looking To Work With.

Obviously, we are on the same page, so let’s not delay any further.

Go ahead and hit the Buy Now button and let’s get you some BIG CPA commissions.


To Your Success…

Saul Maraney

Adam Payne

Pedro Lopes

P.S. You’ve already been warned about how EXCLUSIVE this offer is, and we want you to know that if you pass this up, you will not get another opportunity to get access.

Please do keep in mind that the clock is ticking, so it’d be in your best interest to get in NOWwhile this is still available.


P.P.S.  You are 100% covered and have absolutely NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Are you going to continue to yoke yourself with the masses and settle for mediocrity, or are you going to be that person who shoots for the BIG CPA commissions?

If so, you will need to have a roadmap to get you there.


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