[GET] CPA Basic Training Software PLR Plus ReBrander DOWNLOAD

[GET] CPA Basic Training Software PLR Plus ReBrander DOWNLOAD

SOFTWARE with Re-Brander UNRESTRICTED PLR! Grab Now for ONLY $1.97!!!


You’ve heard it time and time again… the money is in the list. That is so true, but you have to offer something of value to your list in which to make them buy. 

What is it???

It is true that Software has an Higher Perceived Value than ebooks or videos. Just think about… WordPress Themes, Plugins, Apps, when a customer sees an Email with one of those three products in it, they will immediately want to see your offer.

Stop with the Junk PLR ebooks and videos, instead offer your list a Quality Software Product that will earn you income everytime.


CPA Basic Training Resource Guide 
Re-Brandable List Building Software!

I’ve compiled the Top CPA Resources within aDesktop Application that will not only 
Deliver Informational Sites, Videos, & Tools but will give you
THREE Methods to Earn Income

1. Sell the Software and Keep 100% of the PROFIT

2. “Check Out This Special Offer” Button that is RE-BRANDABLE!One click and your customer is redirected to an High Converting Product that will earn you Affiliate Income

3. Build Your List by offering Potential Customers an Proven Product

I’ve come to realize that people not only want a Evergreen Nice Product with Private Label Rights but also need an Super Easy Method in which to Deliver the Product with…


PLUS that is Re-Brandable so you can Build A List and Earn 100% on the Product.

That is why I’ve compiled an Application that sits right on the Desktop that will give the Customer Direct Access to the Product without jumping through a bunch of hoops. The only thing they will have to do is Register the Product and when they do… they will be opting into your list.

In addition, when they click on the “Check Out This Special Offer” Button they will be taken to a High Converting Product with YOURAFFILIATE Link so you not only earn income on the Front End but through the Software itself!

So now you are wondering… EXACTLY HOW DO I MAKE MONEY WITH THIS?

– Sell the Software and get 100% Commission
– Change the Affiliate Link on the Special Offer Button to Earn Even MORE Income
– Give Away the Re-Branded Product to Super Charge your List Building Efforts
– Create a Membership Site featuring this Software
– Add it into your Email Sequence and get $$$ from your Existing List
– Throw this Software in as an Bonus to your Existing Line of Products
– IT IS PLR! So there are THOUSANDS of ways you can promote and sell the software.

Okay, now I’ve told you what you can do with this software but what exactly are you getting?

#1. CPA Basic Training Resource Guide Software with Re-Brander

You will receive the Desktop Software Plus the Re-Brander so you can take this product and earn income from either selling it or changing the affiliate link to earn commssions from a High Converting Product of Your Choice…
PLUS change the Registration so you can Build A List.

Using the Re-Branding Tool You Can Do The Following:

Re-Brand the Special Offer Button…to Your Own Affiliate Link to Earn Additional Income from ANY Affiliate Product you want to Promote

Re-Brand the Registration Settings

Registration Code & URL is Re-Brandable!

Build YOUR List by sending prospects to YOUR Opt In Page where they will enter their email address to receive the registration code to Unlock the Software. 

#2. You will be getting Private Label Rights to The CPA Basic Training Resource Guide.

This program features a comprehensive list of videos, websites, tools and much more that will give you or your customers a leg up on building a list with creditable information in the CPA Marketing Industry.

This remarkable resource guide installs as a program directly on your computer and is available as a shortcut on your desktop.

No more searching or wasting time… in just one click you will have the information pop-up ready to read, view, or listen in a convenient accessible window.

The CPA Basic Training Resource Guide includes:

  • Six Videos & Training Programs on Getting Accepted By CPA Networks, How To Select Offers, Drive Traffic to Offers, and much more!
  • The Top Six Tools used in Cost Per Action Marketing
  • Extensive Directory that gives you access to the Top CPA Networks

CPA Basic Training Resource Guide is installed as a Program on Your Computer

Easily Click on the Buttons to Load the Material You Wish to View
View Websites, PDFs, Videos, & Podcasts

in the Internal Browser Built Into the Program

Make CA$H Easily with a Proven Revenue Earner in a VERY HIGH DEMAND EVERGREEN Niche

This AMAZING SOFTWARE gives you a KILLER SYSTEM to MAKE MONEY & Add Subscribers

[GET] CPA Basic Training Software PLR Plus ReBrander DOWNLOAD

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