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If you’re looking for an effective way to persuade your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter or mailing list, you won’t find an easier solution than to…

Offer your visitors a coupon!

Online coupons have been around for years, simply because they work. After all, everyone loves a bargain!

A coupon is actually just a special code number. Visitors enter the code number into a box to get a discount when they order your product.

So how does an online coupon help you to build your list?

It’s simple really. You put a signup form on your sales page telling people that if they enter their details into the form, you’ll send them a special discount coupon.

Everyone who’s even thinking about buying your product will almost certainly subscribe in order to get the special discount.

But you can grab yourself even more subscribers by being a littlesneaky!

Instead of telling people how much the coupon is worth, you just hint at it.

You say something like “a massive discount” or “a price so low you won’t believe your eyes“.

The idea is to appeal to their curiosity. Visitors who were only vaguely interested in your product will subscribe just to discover how cheap you’re offering it for.

Of course your coupon needs to deliver a sweet discount, otherwise you’ll have very unhappy subscribers.

But offering a discount on your product in exchange for lots of subscribers is a good deal for you – and a great way to start your relationship with those subscribers while turning them into paying customers instantly!

Quick And Easy ‘Coupon List Building’ Solution

There’s nothing complicated about this solution.

All you need (besides your own autoresponder) is our powerful Coupon List Buildersoftware.

To use this software, you simply create two versions of your sales page – a normal sales page without the discount – and a sales page with the discount.

On the normal sales page you include a signup form for your autoresponder, so visitors can subscribe to get the coupon code.

In addition, you include the special text “%%coupon%%” where you would like your coupon form to appear, allowing visitors to enter the coupon code they’ll receive to access the discounted page.

Once you’ve created the two versions of your sales page, you use the Coupon List Builder software, as shown below:

Simply pick a coupon code word and then enter it along with the file names of both the normal sales page and the discount sales page.

The software instantly generates a single file, which you upload to your web host along with the two sales pages.

Set up your autoresponder to deliver the coupon code and you’re done.

It really is incredibly simple to deploy this powerful list building solution!  

Works With Sales Pages OR Squeeze Pages, Your Own Products Or Even RESALE RIGHTS Products!

Just like with your sales pages, the software can also be used with your squeeze pages by offering visitors the discount BEFORE they see the sales page! 

Simply create your squeeze page briefly showcasing your offer and tell visitors they can get it for a discount by subscribing.

This way you can use the coupon as a direct incentive to get people to join your list. This creates even more curiosity to subscribe so they can see what your product is about and how cheap they can get it for.

Then just send them the coupon code through your autoresponder for them to enter into the form to get to your discounted sales page as normal.

Best of all you can use this software when selling your own products or even products you have resale rights to, giving you a proven way to get loads of subscribers and sales on autopilot!

   Special Bonus #1: Full Master Resale Rights Included!

Coupon List Builder is a great tool – but I’m going to make it even more profitable for you, by including full Master Resale Rights for no extra cost!

This means you can sell the software yourself and keep all the money. 

Just make one sale to recover your investment, and the rest is pure profit. 

I’ll even give you a ready-made sales page like this one and pre-configured download page to make it really easy for you to start making money.

Just add your own order button to the ready-made page, upload to your web host and you can be ready to take orders instantly. Full video instruction is provided for you if you need it.

You can also use the software as a valuable bonus with other items you sell, or include it in packages and membership sites, or even give it away free as a bonus for your newsletter subscribers.

   Special Bonus #2: Easy Upsell Pro Software!

As you probably already know, selling downloadable products is a great way to make money online.

There are no overheads, no delivery costs and no hassle. In fact it’s the only 100% profit business in the world.

But most of the people selling downloadable products still miss out on a very important source of additional income…

“The Upsell”

An upsell is where you offer additional products for sale on your “thank you for ordering” page, so customers who’ve just bought one thing from you are offered more products.

By catching customers when they are already in the “buying mood”, you stand a much better chance of making additional sales, substantially boosting your profits.

It’s a well-proven strategy and used by many of the Internet’s top marketers.

But despite the potential profits, most marketers don’t bother to market anything on their thank you pages.

This is usually because it’s hassle to create lots of thank you pages with upsell offers on them.

And that’s where Easy Upsell Pro comes in, providing an easy way to build thank you pages that include all your upsell offers!

With this simple solution, you can set up a new thank you page for your digital products in two seconds flat!

You can use this software as many times as you want, for as many products as you want, and include as many upsells as you want – all at no extra cost.

   Special Bonus #3: Fancy Coupon Buttons PRO Software!

Easily Generate Coupons That Engage Your Visitors To Buy Now!

With this bonus software, you can generate ‘fancy buttons’ that will serve as a call to action and persuade your visitors to buy what you’re offering.

  • Creates Fancy Coupon Buttons In Minutes.
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks.
  • Software Requires No Installation.
  • Option To Add Order Buttons Or Links.
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page.
  • Option To Add Order Button Call To Action.
  • Software Comes With Unlimited Use License.

You can use this software as many times as you want, on as many sites as you want, and test as many coupons as you want – all at no extra cost.

   Special Bonus #4: Ultimate Squeeze Page Super Pack!

No more ugly and obsolete squeeze page designs!

This Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates Super Package is jam packed with 10 brand new unique mind blowing squeeze page templates.

Each squeeze page template is professionally designed and come with full PSD source and fully coded HTML files all ready to go.

Use these squeeze pages in conjunction with Coupon List Builder for faster list building and even greater profits!

   Special Bonus #5: Create A Digital Product Store Video Training!

Forget about using complicated shopping cart scripts to set up your online shop. WordPress has a solution that is specifically designed for digital goods!

Since your store will be online it can basically run itself. No need to worry about shipping and payment handling as everything is automatically handled digitally. You don’t have to stock it (other than uploading digital products to your site).

Here are some of the features of your shop:

  • Easy to install, just follow the videos
  • Specifically made for digital goods
  • Built in Digital Download Protection
  • Expiring Download Links
  • Full integration with Paypal standard
  • Optional additional payment gateways
  • Built in Sales Statistics
  • Discount coupons and special discounts
  • Flexible Tax system
  • Powerful Add ons

And lots more!

Order Now And Receive Everything
For One Low Price!…

 Coupon List Builder Software

 Full Master Resale Rights Included

 Turnkey Sales Letter & Download Page

 Easy Upsell Pro Bonus Software

 Fancy Coupon Buttons PRO Software

Ultimate Squeeze Page Templates Super Pack
(includes 10 Professional Templates)

Create Digital Product Store Video Training

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