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How do they get you to keep buying while you can’t get anyone to buy your offer?

“You Can Have The Best Product, The Best Service, and The Best Offer, But If You Can’t Sell it… You are Screwed!!”

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From The Desk Of: Bill Hugall

Re: The Stuff They All leave out!

Have you ever noticed that EVERY single method they teach you requires the ability to sell, yet they never teach you about that part?

It always goes like this:

-Over Hyped Email

-Over hyped sales page 

-More hypey emails that lead back to more sales pages.

It’s a never ending cycle that leads you in circles and it needs to stop.

Why do people keep leaving stuff out?

Let’s clear one thing up right here, right now…

There is more than enough to go around!

No matter who you are or what level of marketer you are, it’s time for you to understand that this business does not need to be a struggle.

Just the opposite in fact. This should be fun, simple to do and most of all profitable.

It’s not about a method or gimmick to get rich quick. 

It’s about understanding a few simple concepts that you will need to know no matter what it is you plan on doing online.

Let’s look at everything they are “teaching you right now”:

-CPA (put an ad up and get people to click and you get paid)

-Video Marketing (put up a video and get people to buy stuff)

-SEO (a page people land on by searching Google, Bing or Yahoo)

-Affiliate marketing (traffic, emails)

-Product creation (sale page, email marketing, Sales videos)

-T-shirts (making a t-shirt and then driving traffic that will buy it)

-Amazon/Ebay (selling you stuff online)

… and on and on and on!

The common theme behind each and everyone of these things is that people will need to buy the things they look at, and if you don’t know how to do that. Well, just look at where you are right now, and that is what you will get more of.

All of these things work, and they all have the potential to bring in a whirlwind of money that you are unlikely to find at a J.O.B!

The problem is that they all involve selling, but it seems as though all anyone is ever willing to teach you is a five minute video clip that never actually shows you how they sold it 

They pass over it like you should already know this stuff, but this is the EXACT stuff that they should be teaching first.

Have you ever noticed that everytime you see a product/wso and get into it, you can actually see how it would work and you know it’s a brilliant idea, yet for some reason it never works FOR YOU?

Yeah I’ve been there too… and it sucks!!

This 45 page (no fluff) PDF is brimming with conversion sorring tricks and tips that will increase any sort of copy you do!

Email marketing… Check!

Sales Page conversion crushing copy…. Check!

Optin smashing Squeeze page sales copy… Check!

If you have ever driven traffic to an offer, tried to sell something online, or have wondered how people make the real money online then you are going to want to keep reading because this offer is for any and everyone who wants to

-Make money online (more on this in a minute)

-Increase conversions

-Drive up optin rates

– or create a happy list of loving list of loyal subscribers.

What EXACTLY can you expect when you dive into the Warrior’s Only Offer?

***46 pages of full on content covering everything from how to greet your visitors and more importantly how turn those visitors into happy, long lasting, repeat buyers.

***A Full Swipe file of Headlines you can use as there are or make small tweaks and use them in your own business to drive up sales and conversions.

And everything you need to create an online business that actually drives in profits and doesn’t leave you guessing.

Yes, this PDF is all about copy and how to convert your visitors into buyers, but for those of you who are not making any money online…

I am including Three amazing bonuses that will turn you into a list building, profit driving
email marketing machine!! 

—I have included a full walk through of how I generated over $18,000.00 in two months and how you can do the same with only a little bit of time and the desire to change your future.

— WSO of the day (David Kirby) how to build a massive list or buyers and become a 
super Affiliate.

— WSO of the Day (Mark Tandan) How to 
increase conversions, sales, clicks and 
create emails that your customers will actually be glad to open. Mark is a Strong 
member of my team, and I can tell you right now that his email marketing has
brought in thousands and thousands of dollars for my company alone. 

These Bonuses alone are worth their weight in gold!! 

So there you have it. Everything that you need to go out there and stop wasting time and money trying to figure out what the hell you are supposed to be doing.

All you need to do is follow along and take action!

Do you think you can do that?

Of course so you can! So the only left to talk here is price but before we jump into that, I thought that now would be a good time to explain The Guarantee! 


You are Fully Protected!!

If you don’t like the color of the font I use you can ask for your money back!
If you apply and fail… You get a full refund. 

There are no tricks, no loopholes, and no strings attached at all. The whole point of this is to actually help you and I wouldn’t be much of a person if I were to limit your right as a consumer and put limitations on a refund. 

So before we see the price, just know that no sale is EVER final. Not that you will have any problem at all, but in this day and age you need to know that you can trust the person you are buying from. So you have a full 30 days no questions asked refund policy in place!


Now back to the price. Traditional sales has me giving you some over inflated price and then slashing it down building value as I go, but I am not going to do that because we already covered that this will..

-Increase profits.

-Show newbies how to build a list and profit

-Increase conversions

-Sky rocket open rates and click through’s

So we don’t need to talk about it again 

This offer is for Warriors only and that used to mean something. Well, today it still does.
Given that this is a community of like minded people all striving to to achieve the same goal… 

Financial independence!

I am going to make this ridiculously low and start it off at $4 and will rise every sale.

So act fast and grab your copy now before the price rises.

There is no on the fence with this one. You either want to get a great product that will improve EVERY area of your marketing with zero risk at an insanely low price, or you want to keep on buying methods that don’t really teach you the most important part of making money.


So grab your copy today and I will see you on the inside!!

To Your Success,[/SIZE]

Bill Hugall

PS. My name and reputation speak for themselves. If you want to learn the truth about marketing from someone who has been a struggling newbie and gone onto become one of the most well respected, coaches in the IM community, then grab your copy now and start EXPECTING MORE!

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