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From The Desk Of: Eric Lovelace

Dear Tired of Being Broke Marketer

Are you living the work from home dream or still stuck making the drive to a J.O.B. everyday?

Frustrated with seeing little to zero affiliate commissions every time you promote?

Tired of marketing to a list you’ve worked hard to build yet see zero sales from?

Or maybe even hesitating to build a list because you have no clue how to sell to one?
If any of this sounds familiar, it’s an all too common story

Not long ago this was my story. After busting my hump to build a list because that’s what everyone said to do, life was going to get real good real fast, right?


Those first months were miserable. Promotion after promotion and barely a sale. This wasn’t the plan, no sir.

So I went out and bought and studied pretty much every course I could get my hands on that dealt with increasing conversions and sales with email marketing.

And simplified it into a fast, repeatable process.

And started seeing some fantastic results.


SIMPLE and oh so EFFECTIVE system that creates MASSIVE paydays just like this

So what exactly is the conversion point and what can it do for you???

I am SOO glad you asked 

The Conversion Point consists of:

  • An action packed guide that you can get started with TODAY to boost your conversions and sales
  • How the right POWER LINE can get you insane open rates when you email
  • One simple technique to blow your conversion rates through the roof
  • Why being yourself is one of the most powerful ways to keep the commissions coming in

So by now you’re asking how much you can grab this effective, yet simple system that is responsible for on demand profits, such as:

And This…

You can get all this for the amazing price of

Yes you read that right!!!

That’s all good and dandy, but what if I don’t have a list???

Don’t worry I got you covered 

When you purchase The Conversion Point my good friends Michelle Stevens and Huw Hughes will throw in their best list building product

So your list building problems are a thing of the past!

And to to make this purchase an even bigger no brainer.

I also got you covered by my Action-Taker Guarantee

“You have a full 30 day money back guarantee. 
If you take this information, apply it, fail, and send me proof. 
I will give you your money back.No questions asked. 
If you fail with this, I have failed you and I wouldn’t feel right keeping the money. So its only fair that I take on all the risk.”

So what do you have to lose? Grab The Conversion Point TODAY!!!

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