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From: Naidy Phoon, Edmund Loh & Venkata
Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Hi there! It’s me Naidy. Let’s get right to it. Are you sick of making chump change online? Are you tired of working your butt for tiny amounts of commissions? 

Would you like to see an immediate explosion in your marketing income? Without having to spend more money on traffic, a website, or list-building? 

Do you want to finally have what it takes to Obliterate The Competition — and set record breaking numbers for your online promotions? Good! You’re in the right place! 

You need to read the message. Entirely. All of it. Now.

Listen, Here’s The Reason:

Me and my business partners, Edmund Loh and Venkata Ramana created an exclusive system “Commissions Monster” – which reveals our weird underground method to rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions – that you can copy and earn monstrous commissions.

If you’re tired of spending hours in front of your computer working like crazy – yet still making peanuts – you’re about to discover what it takes to…

You’re about to find out how to make 4 figure paydays in commissions like clockwork without needing a big list, a website or technical skills.

(READ: not pay-months…. Pay DAYS!)

Picture the day, when you finally have enough money in your bank account, that you finally feel comfortable leaving your day job? 

Can you imagine what life will be like when you can make a full time living from just a few hours of work?

Or what about if you could afford to take your family on any dream vacation – without having to skimp? Without having to “stay-cation?” That’d be great, right? Just knowing you could do it anytime you wanted, right?

Well, it can be done! With “Commissions Monster” you’re getting everything you need – a piece by piece blueprint – to start making big affiliate commissions, often-times recurring!!

  • Discover how to dominate the competition using advanced and little-known affiliate marketing techniques.
  • Have more time to do the things that you love
  • Have more freedom, quit your job – RELAX!!
  • Make large amounts of money from very little traffic.

Commissions Monster is a guaranteed system that will 
instantly boost your income whether you’re a :

  • Affiliate marketer
  • Product creator
  • CPA marketer
  • Email marketer
  • Solo ad vendor
  • Offline business owner
  • Consultant

You Might Be Thinking, “Who The Heck Are These Guys To
Tell Me How To Make Money Online?”

Well, we’re 3 of the top affiliates in the Internet marketing industry who have won countless affiliate contests and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.

Me and my business partners put together the simplest possible system for achieving maximum affiliate marketing profits. 

The “Commissions Monster” method is easy. 

Now “Commissions Monster” contains some serious, underground methods that we came across. Honestly, it’s amazing no one has shared this information before. 

However, they’re super easy to put in place. We laid out this information to make it easier for new marketers to quickly pick up the basics and master the higher level affiliate marketing techniques

Yes, these master-level techniques are important. Yet it’s just as important to have it laid out in a way that makes sense, right? 

So we made “Commissions Monster” with rookies like you in mind. The “Commissions Monster” system gives you actionable steps that get you making money online… fast and hard. 

Now Look

… Some affiliate marketing gurus out there will try to tell you that they’re the only ones with insider information – that THIS TIME they’re “gonna lay out the whole truth! No holds barred! Peeling back the curtains, and blahdy blah blahbedy blah.” They want you to hire them as coaches – and maybe they drip a little info to you here and there, but never the whole scoop! BAIT AND SWITCH, BABY! 

Well, we are blowing the lid off, my friend! No secrets, no games, no “smoke and mirror” coach, “bait and switch” guru B.S.

Look, not that long ago I was a rookie like you. I made every misstep in the book. I was lucky enough to partner up with some like-minded and successful people, and after much struggle, I finally discovered the path to Monstrous profits. You can see here, that I’m at or near the top of Affiliate Marketing Leaderboards every month.

Now, if you can follow instructions and take some action then you have the chops to succeed. 

“Commissions Monster” walks you through everything. You’ll start out in “baby steps” and by the time you’re done, you’ll be kicking ass Monster Marathon style! 

Every component of “Commissions Monster” is there because we tested it. Everyone on our team! We tested and tweaked, until we had a “lather, rinse, repeat” system for promoting affiliate products and achieving Monster profits! 

The result of all of our combined efforts, blood, sweat, and rewards – is there waiting for you — now YOU can make Monstrous commissions and profits from our efforts!

  • Mindset Mastery: Flips a switch in your brain so newbies like you can turn yourself into a Commissions Monster. Difference between night and day. Turn into a commission “Hulk” and see the green!
  • You’ll discover how to choose high-converting Monster affiliate products to promote – and how to discover hidden gems that nobody else is promoting. It’s so easy, you’ll almost feel guilty!! ALMOST!
  • Have your very own Commission Monster affiliate campaign > Big money
  • Have a “Monster” page that takes only 5 minutes to create that boosts earnings by 437% or more! YES, results like this ARE possible!
  • One weird Monster trick to make MORE COMMISSIONS than people who have 10 times your list. Obliterating your competition is even MORE fun when you’re a rookie! Trust me, I know.
  • Controversial Monster emailing strategies that work like gangbusters. Seriously, these techniques are beyond Monstrous… they’re Villainous!
  • The Monster affiliate promotion sequence to make 4-figure paydays every single day!
  • PLUS, You’ll Have Access to Our EXCLUSIVE Rolodex of Monster Tools We Use To Have An Unfair Advantage Over Others.

What you’ve seen so far is a mere “nibble” from the feast you’ll get when you buy “Commissions Monster” ! 

That’s why you should get this, Right Now! BEFORE these secret methods are
leaked to EVERYONE! 

Yes, you absolutely must get this NOW! This is your opportunity to get ahead of the 
curve – and establish yourself NOW! 

(in fact, you can order “Commissions Monster” NOW and download in a matter of minutes!)

Look, most affiliate marketers try a couple things here and there — maybe make a couple bucks profit — and think they’ve “won.” Is that what you want? Just a couple bucks profit? How much time and effort did it take to make that money?

Think about it, doesn’t it just make sense to GO AFTER money with a proven system that has made me and my partners HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in affiliate marketing commissions?

Most new affiliate marketers buy every little shiny system and plug in that the big name gurus push. And they end up exactly where they started! Because they’re using age-old promotion techniques that no longer produce results. YOU need to get in front of those other guys and use “Commissions Monster” methods right now! 

Money is sitting on the table, waiting to be scooped up. You need to scoop it up before your competition! 

… Do you get it now?

How Would It Feel Stop Struggling And 
Starting Making 4-Figure Paydays Starting Today?

Quit Your Darn Job?
Have A Nice Dinner?
Go On An Awesome Vacation? 
(A Real Vacation, Not A Stay-Cation)

If you’re finally serious, and ready to stop “playing business” and do REAL business – and most important, MAKE MONEY, then “Commissions Monster” is the tool you need to catapult your business to Monstrous success. 

Let’s do this.

Look, this didn’t happen for me overnight. I made lots of mistakes. Luckily I learned from the best in the business, and from trial and error. Now you’re going to benefit from that hard work! 

What is it Worth To You?

To have someone reveal the steps and techniques like you’ll find in “Commissions Monster” is priceless! Every question you could imagine – has been thought of and imagined. And if you think anything is left out, just reach out with an email to support@commissionsmonster.com and me or someone on my team will be there to help you!

Sounds good?

First, you should know…

My business partners wanted to charge no less than $49.95 for “Commissions Monster.” It took a lot of discussions and negotiations, but I was able to put together an incredible offer for you. You won’t pay $49.95 like my partners wanted. You won’t even pay half that for everything you get with “Commissions Monster!” 

We agreed on an incredible price. For a limited time, you are getting “Commissions Monster” for just :

Your investment for today is just pennies, considering everything you get with Commissions Monster. And if you’re hesitating or still not sure, you’re getting my guarantee.

Just that easy!

Why? Because I’m That Confident That This System
Can Get You Monstrous Results!

You might ask yourself, “How can they make this an even better deal?” Well, you’re about to find out. Because when you get “Commissions Monster” today, you will get these incredible bonuses!

With Commissions Monster you’ll have everything you need to start banking big commissions every single day, but we take pride in over-delivering to our customers, that’s why we’re throwing in two awesome bonus products that will turn you into a traffic generation monster and take your income to a whole new level!

Fast Action Bonus #1

Ultimate Traffic Monster eBook 
( $29 Value )

This ebook peels back the curtains and gives you the ninja and samurai techniques to help take your commissions to the next level. You’ll discover how to drive unlimited free traffic

How much traffic? See for yourself.

With this system, you’ll have a tsunami of traffic at your disposal, meaning you can make money at will! 

You can easily drive instant surges of traffic like these:

Fast Action Bonus #2

Classified Commissions System

The Classified commissions is a short fluff free guide showing how to build easy $50-$175/day passive income streams using free traffic goldmines. Passive = LESS work for you!

Fast Action Bonus #3

Niche Selection Handbook 
( $17 Value )

Blueprint to help you decide what niche is for you! This helps eliminate the overwhelm and gets you moving FORWARD! (Cause if you’re not moving forward… you’re moving backwards!)

Whoah, those are some great bonuses! And what’s life without free stuff, right? LOL! 

Look, you might be on the fence. If we haven’t worked together before, take just a second and see what some of my previous customers have to say.

Look, you’ve read this far for a reason. You have a problem and you’re looking for a solution, right? Well you have FOUND that solution. Right here. “Commissions Monster.” 

Less than the price of a Starbucks coffee – one time – and you’re getting a REAL underground affiliate marketing system. 

… Not those antiquated affiliate marketing strategies that are outdated and no longer work! My partners and me tweak and test these methods every day. Do NOT let this opportunity slip through your fingers! If you want to FINALLY achieve monstrous commissions and obliterate the competition, then you need to get “Commissions Monster” right now.

Now, these secret techniques are only available inside “Commissions Monster!” These are current, relevant strategies that yield 4 and 5 figure paydays for my partners and me! And don’t forget. The price is going up SOON!


P.S. Are you FINALLY ready to do what it takes to stop struggling and start making big consistent income? Are you ready to take action, or will you let this opportunity slip through your fingers? Please don’t wait, because these techniques and strategies are secret… FOR NOW! You need to jump on this while you can!

P.P.S. You are serious about making money and living life on your terms, aren’t you?

P.P.P.S. Remember there is NO risk for you! You have a 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee that you’ll be over the moon ecstatic with what you discover with “Commissions Monster!” So with nothing to lose, why are you waiting?

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