[GET] Cold Call Eliminator 2017 DOWNLOAD

[GET] Cold Call Eliminator 2017 DOWNLOAD

Lee Cole & Steve Rosenbaum here!

You’re in the right place, if you want to massively change your income, quit your job, and finally live the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about…and that you deserve!

We know that’s a really huge promise to make. But if you’ll stay with us and read this entire sales letter, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that you are staring at the single most life changing training that you will probably ever encounter.

Again…these are really big words!

So, before we launch in to explaining all of this, give us a sec to tell you who we are and why you might consider believing what we’re about to explain to you!



Who We Are And Why You NEED To Listen To Us!

My name is Lee Cole. I’m a business consultant and Internet marketing trainer. I used to be a high school math teacher. Loved the job! Hated the income! I started making money online in 2007. Quit my teaching job in 2010. I’ve been making a very fine living online since, making a multiple of my salary as a teacher and working a fraction of the hours. I actually do live the laptop lifestyle!

My good friend, Steve Rosenbaum, had a twenty year corporate marketing background. Most of this was as a VP of Marketing for various corporations. In 2009, he’d had enough. Enough stress. Enough politics. Enough crap (for lack of a better word.) So, he left the last job determined to never, ever work for anyone else again. Today, Steve has zillions of clients that he works with in a variety of businesses. Also, like me, Steve trains others on how to do this type of business and make real money.

Between Us, We’ve Trained Hundreds Of People To Make Real Money Working With Local Businesses!

And, We Can Teach You To Do The Same!

But, Enough About Us…Let’s Talk About You!


Why Our Local Business/Offline Training Works So Well!

You read the headline to this sales letter, right?

Without repeating myself, let me just say…

Steve and I have a proven, easily to implement system you can use to get buyers (not just leads) calling you and emailing you!

Does that sound like something you’d like?

No cold calling! No cold email! No knocking on doors! No direct mail!

Hot, pre-sold buyers calling you and asking you where to send their money!

This works in any niche, too! Doesn’t matter if you sell SEO, social media, video marketing, press releases…whatever…when you implement our system you WILL get buyers calling you, ready to do business. They’ll be pre-sold on both you and your product or service!



Let me prove this to you. Take a second and read through some of these testimonials. These are all completely unsolicited. We both get these all the time! We’d love to have one from you some day soon!

The only question now is how…how can you build a solid, life changing business like these guys have?


If You’re Failing, Here’s Why!

If you’ve already got a crazy profitable business that you’re running with only a part-time effort, frankly you don’t need this product. Just keep doing what you’ve already been doing!

If, however, you’ve been trying this stuff for a while and haven’t gotten any real traction OR you’re brand new, listen up!

What you need…what’s going to finally start making you real money…is a simple system that you can learn fast and then apply over and over again.

We have such a system!

Let me explain!

Our 3-Step, Proven, Auto-Pilot, Money Spewing, Client Getting System…(Virtually All Automated, Too!)

For years, Steve and I have been making wild amounts of money all while working only part-time hours by applying a simple, 3-step system.

I’m going to reveal to you exactly what we do right here for absolute FREE. (Yes, feel free to copy this and make massive amounts of money, quit your job, and move to the beach if that’s what you want!)


That’s really all there is to it! I promised you that I’d explain the whole thing. So, keep reading and I will!

(As a matter of fact, you can just take what you learn right here and build a fantastic business!)


You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shinola! (<== Insert the other word for shinola!)

Most folks that Steve and I coach don’t even start off right. Because they gather the wrong kinds of leads, they’re doomed to failure!

We have nothing against software, for instance, but people spend tons of money on “lead software”. They run it, and what? WHAT?


No prospects. No sales. No closed deals. NO MONEY!

If you want what we have–a virtual sales machine that runs almost totally on autopilot–you have to stoke your funnel with the right kind of leads.

Not only that, but if you don’t want to spend all your time working, you have to have a proven, automated way of harvesting those leads!

Make sense?


A lead is not a prospect.

A lead is someone who could potentially be interested in your product or service, where a prospect is someone who’s already expressed an interest.

If you don’t have a system in place to pre-sell your leads, to nurture your leads, you’re not going to turn any of them into appointments. No appointments, no sales. No sales, no money!

Your next step in this process is to nurture your leads so that when they’re ready, they contact you about possibly buying your product or service.

And…if you’re like Steve and me…if you’d rather spend all day at the beach instead of working, you’d like to have this nurturing process on complete autopilot, right?

That’s your next step.

Build an autopilot method of pre-selling your leads.


Steve and I do no outbound solicitation at all. No calling up leads. Not even any emailing or direct mail that’s not part of our nurture campaigns.

When someone wants to buy something, they contact us!

And…we get contacted a lot because we have a virtual machine in place that creates hot buyers out of our leads for us!

Unless you want to spend hours on the phone begging people to take a look at whatever it is you’re selling, you’ll need to have a “machine” in place that drips out hot buyer after hot buyer after hot buyer!

So, if you want an automated business like us, your final step is not only to pre-sell your leads, but to “ignite” them. (That’s a word Steve uses. It means getting someone to take action right freakin’ now!)

Get this last component in place, and you can literally play most of the day and make more money than most doctors!



You Now Have Everything…Almost!

If you’re ready to implement our 3-step system yourself, do so! It will transform your business and maybe even your life!

If you feel like you need to know more details about how to do this stuff, keep reading.

We’ve got some awesome training for you!

Brand New! Introducing Cold Call Eliminator 2017!



We hate blind sales letters, and we want you to understand exactly what you’re getting when you purchase Cold Call Eliminator 2017.

Let’s see exactly what you’ll learn…


Welcome & Introduction

Our proven, easy to set up, 3-step system virtually runs itself. We want you to hit the ground running. So, make sure you watch the welcome video!


  • Video 1: Welcome, Overview Of Method And System — A complete overview of our entire method. Don’t skip!


Step 1 is all about getting ready to hit the ground running. We teach you a series of “quick start” hacks that will find leads, and put money in your pocket right now. Next we show you how to set up a fully automated system that will become your lead filtering machine. All of this is done either free or low cost!

  • Video 2: The Perpetual Selling Hack — How to up your close ratio by at least 20% without any extra work!

  • Video 3: The Poker Face Hack — Learn to leverage a peculiar psychological trigger for massive sales. (Steve’s a master at this!)

  • Video 4: The Instant Expert Hack — How to appear like an expert, even if you just started yesterday!

  • Video 5: The Low-Hanging Fruit Hack — Could have easily called this our “more with less” hack. Basically, you’re just bending over and picking up money!

  • Video 6: The Perfect Lead Magnet — There are lead magnets, and then there are LEAD MAGNETS! Learn exactly what Steve and I use.

  • Video 7: The Perfect Squeeze Page — Pimp your squeeze page…the right way!

  • Video 8: The RWA Qualifier — Hot leads calling you. ‘Nuff said!


Nobody really likes to sell, right? That’s fine, we don’t either. In Step 2, you learn how to feed the right leads into your automated lead filtering machine (built in Step 1). That machine will pre-sell your leads for you. We’ve taken virtually all the scary selling out of this! Done for you selling! Just can’t get an easier than that!

  • Video 9: Automated Leads From Social Media — How we use Social media. It’s virtually all automated!

  • Video 10: The New LinkedIn Hack — Everything you need to know to use our weapon of choice, the New LinkedIn! (The old stuff just doesn’t work any more!)

  • Video 11: The Automated New LinkedIn Hack — FREE and low cost methods of automating virtually all of the New LinkedIn! 

  • Video 12: Why We Don’t Use Facebook — We don’t even touch Facebook, and here’s why!

  • Video 13: The Twitter Hack — How we get business leads from Twitter, instantaneously! (Yep, you read that right!)

  • Video 14: The Instagram Hack — Why you must be on Instagram, and how to use it…without posting tons of selfies and other crap.

  • Video 15: Your Unfair Advantage — Your unfair advantage on social media. Follow our system and only spend minutes per day getting all the business you can handle!

  • Video 16: More About The Instant Expert Hack — Build a business with this one marketing hack! No others required!

  • Video 17: Automated Perpetual Selling — The title says it all. A machine that spits out ready, willing, and able buyers, over and over again!

  • Video 18: Automated Perpetual Selling, Continued — We just couldn’t get it all in one lesson!

  • Video 19: Our Mind Blowing, FREE, Automation Hack —Our entire system put on steroids! Call your banker! They’re going to have a heart attack!


Step 3 is where the rubber hits the road. You’ve built the machine. Here’s where you learn how to run it! To get things started the right way, we teach you how to ignite your leads with Steve’s proven method. (“Ignite” means excite them to the point they start emailing and calling you and asking where to send the money!) Next, we show you how to keep your machine running and pouring out those beautiful ready, willing, and able buyers. Hot buyers pre-sold! Virtually all automated! Easy money!

Let’s break this all down, shall we?

  • Video 20: Filling Your Funnel! — Never run out of leads again! Never run out of sales again!

  • Video 21: Ignite Your Leads! — Steve’s amazing, proven ignition email technique. A virtual money machine!

  • Video 22: Hot Leads Calling You Now! — The title says it all. Hot leads calling you! No selling required. The machine does all the work!

  • Video 23: Endless Automated Pipeline! — Sales day after day, month after month, year after year! 

  • Video 24: Endless Automated Pipeline, Continued! — No more fruitless prospecting! No more hitting your head against a wall getting nowhere. Now, you’re finally building the business of your dreams!


Resources, Bonuses, Next Steps

And…there’s more! Steve’s throwing in his best selling course, LEAC Proof Funnel. In addition, we’re having a free webinar, which will be recorded. (You’re auto-registered. Details inside the members area.) And more training on email follow up. With everything that comes with this course, you basically just can’t screw this up…unless of course you don’t do anything. But we can’t help you with that, sorry! 😉

You’re probably wondering how much all of this is going to set you back, right?


“Wow, Lee! Sounds Great! How Much?”

Our new Cold Call Eliminator 2017 training is exactly what you need to start building a real business as a local business consultant/offliners. Works in any niche!

We should be selling Cold Call Eliminator 2017 for at least $197.

We’re more interested in making this affordable for anyone. We want to help you transform your life!

Right now you can pick up this entire training for only…


[GET] Cold Call Eliminator 2017 DOWNLOAD


What This Will Do For You!

Let’s get real clear on something. If you implement our system, you’re never going to lack for business again. Not only that, but if you’re killing yourself trying to get leads and turn those into sales, our system will do all that work for you. Just follow through with our training and implement.

Cold Call Eliminator 2017 could potentially be life changing for you! How would it feel to make a multiple of what most folks make in a normal job all while working only part-time hours like Steve and I do?

Take it from me…it feels pretty darned good!

All you need to get rolling with this is to click one of these buy buttons right now. You’ll be taken to a completely secure PayPal payment page where you can pay using your PayPal account or your credit card. Upon successful purchase, you’ll receive an email from Steve with your login details. Just open that email, click the link, login and start learning!


“Sounds Great, Lee. But Do I Need Anything To Implement This?”

The only thing you’ll potentially need beyond what’s in the members area is an autoreponder like Aweber or GetResponse. We have our favorite, which we discuss with you inside. Aweber will certainly do, though. If you don’t have an autoresponder account, you can get one very inexpensively. (Most offer a free, 30-day trial period.)

That and a willingness to go through our video training, learn and actually implement what you learn is all  that’s required!


Let’s Summarize!

Let’s go over this all again. There’s been so much to cover.

Cold Call Eliminator 2017 is our proven, 3-step system that Steve and I use to gather the right leads, nurture them, and then to ignite them to contact us when they’re ready to buy.

It’s almost completely automated. All you have to do is to follow our clear, concise instructions on how to gather the right leads, and then when someone contacts you to buy your product or service, just take their order and fulfill whatever it is you sold.

This system will work in any local consulting/offline niche.

This is especially helpful for newbies and for people who’ve been struggling with making money with this stuff.

Get access today!


[GET] Cold Call Eliminator 2017 DOWNLOAD


Our Guarantee

Our products are completely guaranteed for a period of 7 days after the date of purchase. Just let support know you want a refund, and we’ll process it. Please allow 24-48 hours for turn around time on this. A little longer on the weekends. (Remember, Steve and I don’t work all the time! 😉 )



What Happens After You Buy

After you purchase, you’ll receive a receipt from WarriorPlus and also an email from Steve’s membership area. Open that email and follow the instructions. You get access immediately! If you have any issues just hit us up on support!



Yes, there are two. Neither is necessary to make this work!

OTO1: Our new DFY HTML follow up email series. It would cost you over $1000 to have a pro copywriter to write these high quality, high converting emails. Don’t worry. We’re not going to charge you nearly as much. 😉

You don’t have to have these. You can write your own. But, if you want pro-level follow up for only pennies, you’ll want to pick these up!

OTO2: Advanced Webinar Based Training. Again, you don’t have to have this. But if you want to hit the ground running and start making real money fast, you’ll probably want to pick it up. This is our new, webinar based group coaching series. Perfect for newbies and experienced marketers alike.


[GET] Cold Call Eliminator 2017 DOWNLOAD

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