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Sam England and Anthony Raymond here and boy do we have a doosy for you!

I’m going to cut straight to the point, you need traffic to your sites and some way to convert this traffic into money.

It used to be pretty easy – you could just slap up a sales page, load up the meta tags and watch the cash come in!


But not much anymore.

No more can you lazily go about your marketing efforts. Google is more sophisticated than ever before. Buyers are more sophisticated than ever before.

The trust factor is almost insurmountable!

Google Hates You! 
Yes – YOU Mr. IM’er – 
And If You Have An Affiliate Website, 
Squeeze Page or Sales Page –
Google Will Slap You Like a
Red Headed Step Child!

Google is hating on marketing websites more and more.

“You want to sell something? Buy adwords. Get off our search results.” 

That’s what Google is saying more and more.


The infamous Google algorithm updates (a.k.a. “Panda” and “Penguin”) have led to many websites being slapped down because they don’t want you ranking (and making money) if you can’t offer a “better visitor experience.”

What Google Wants Are
Good Content Sites!


They want sites filled to the brim with “Good Content”. So what is this good content? Lots of long winded articles?



In fact, the most important content you can have on your site is video!

Google considers video to be high quality content, especially video from YouTube.

Regularly placing video on your site will increase your sites exposure and help raise your rankings!

People Don’t Want to Be “Sold To”, 
But They Sure Love to Buy!


One of the reasons Google is changing things up is because people no longer like to visit thin affiliate sites, poorly done squeeze pages or sales pages.

But people sure do love to buy and they love to buy from those who help them out and provide a great product. However, the sites they want to visit are primarily content sites.


They want good content and they want to see it! 

What’s the best content? Video.


Video increases the time in which visitors stay on your sites, and in turn, Google then likes your page and gives you more traffic. Video increases the likelihood of someone buying or opting in. Video helps explain difficult concepts or helps educate your leads on why they need your product.


The Verdict is In: 
You Need Video Content On Your Site!

Of course, we’ve already been doing that, right? It’s easy to grab a few videos from YouTube and slap them up on your website.


But there are problems…


•  The video may not fit your site correctly – it may be too small or so large that it spills out into the edges of your site.

•  The video might be placed on your website with the wrong aspect ratio. And so, it will have ugly black bars running up the top and bottom. 
Ever wonder why the default thumbnail of an embedded YouTube video always looks so bad? The reason is because YouTube often picks this image randomly–from the low resolution video file itself.

•  Ever wonder why the default thumbnail of an embedded YouTube video always looks so bad? The reason is because YouTube often picks this image randomly–from the low resolution video file itself.

•  Biggest Problem of All : You Can’t Put Buy Buttons, Splash Images or Opt-in Codes Over the Video!


That last problem is huge – if you can’t put marketing material, buttons, opt-in codes, or branding images over the video, then you are losing leads and sales.

Losing Google Rankings and Traffic!

Losing Leads and Prospects! 

Losing Money and Sales Because
Your Site Has Either No Video
or Poorly Optimized Video!



Clever YouTube Plugin!

Finally Grab Traffic and Sales
From Any YouTube Video!


With the Clever YouTube Plugin, you will finally be able to leverage any YouTube video in their database to help with your marketing efforts!


With this plugin, you will have beautifully perfect videos, all that match the size and style of your site AND can pull clicks, leads and sales directly from your video!


Never Struggle Needing
Good Content Again!

With YouTube and the Clever YouTube Plugin, you will never struggle finding good content for your sites. And remember, good content impresses users which impress Google.


And Google will then give you better rankings! All while using thousands of free videos from YouTube and placing marketing messages and opt-in codesdirectly on the video.


Screenshots of The 
Clever YouTube Plugin


The Clever YouTube Plugin’s metabox in the post editing screen.

The Clever YouTube Plugin Features:

•  Seamlessly integrates with WordPress – just upload and activate! 

•  Resizes the video to beautifully match your site. 

•  Preserves the aspect ratio, so no nasty black bars appear across your video. 

•  The ability to upload and choose any image to sit atop your video player. Place an attractive image here and encourage more people to click and watch the video! (No longer will you be bound by YouTube’s ugly “random start frame”)

•  Overlay a Buy Button to make sales directly from the video. 

•  Overlay a button that entices a click to a site with your affiliate code. 

•  Overlay an opt-in form so that you gather leads directly from the video! 

•  Overlay a branding message to help you sell more products to more people. 

•  Overlay a viral message, encouraging people to share your video!

Never Struggle with Traffic
or Leads Again!


As you can see, this simply little plugin will make your life, and your sites life, much easier. 

•  More traffic.

•  More interaction.

•  More leads.

•  More sales.

That’s what this is all about. This plugin will help save you loads of time (by using YouTube) and help make you more money. 


GET Clever Youtube Plugin 2 DOWNLOAD


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This Offer Will NOT
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We implicitly reserve the right to remove this offer at any time WITHOUT notification.

Let me be honest with you. Due to high demand for Clever YouTube Plugin we reserve the right to remove, raise the price, or close this offer down completly to retain the quality of instruction for people who join the Clever YouTube Plugin inner circle.

Once this offer is removed it is gone for good.


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