[GET] Classified Commissions DOWNLOAD

[GET] Classified Commissions DOWNLOAD

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From the desk of Naidy Phoon,

Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur :

How would you like to make $195 or more per day on autopilot using FREEtraffic?

If you answered “yes”, please read every single word of this letter because 

what I’m about to share with you has the potential to change your life.

Do you suffer from the marketer’s “Broke, Lost And Stuck (BLS)” syndrome?

It’s a deadly illness that has killed the dreams of many people who try to make money online.

Here are some signs that 

you might be suffering from “BLS” : 

  • You’re just starting out are clueless on what to do.
  • You feel extremely frustrated because you’ve tried all the “make money online” systems out there but failed to make a dime.
  • You feel hopeless and want to give up because you think that making a full-time income online is impossible.
  • You’re constantly bleeding money because you’re buying product after product that just don’t work.
  • Your stress levels are through the roof because you’re struggling to pay rent, or because you’re stuck in that dead-end job that you hate.

    Truth is, 97% of people who try to make money online suffer from this illness – so rest assured that it’s not your fault. 

    In fact I suffered from it a few months ago.

    I remember it like it was yesterday.  

    I was clueless, frustrated and desperate.

    Hi, my name is Naidy Phoon.

    I’m just a regular 19-year old college dropout from Malaysia.

    Like everyone else I dreamed of living life on my own terms, buying that dream house, living the laptop lifestyle.

    So six months ago, I tried to make money online.

    But things were not as simple as I thought they were..

    I had no list, no experience, no knowledge – and I sure didn’t have a big budget. 

    For most of that six months 

    my affiliate accounts were empty : 

    I spent over $10,000 on “make money online” products and , with no results to show.

    I was getting desperate because money was running out and there was no turning back for me.

    So I decided to stop messing around and get coaching.

    I’ve learned from the best in the industry, 

    and created my own unique affiliate marketing system.

    And since then I’ve made thousands of dollars as an affiliate.


    Waking up every single day at the time of my liking, 

    Buying presents for my loved ones, going on vacations,

    Most importantly, having the time and freedom to do the things that I want..

    And I want to help you achieve the same (or even better) results.

    I’m going to spill the beans and reveal to you the exact affiliate marketing system that I use to generate easy $50-$195 days on autopilot.

    The Two Major Causes 

    Of  The “Lost, Broke, And Stuck” Syndrome 

    Gambler’s Fallacy

      You’re probably not suprised that gamblers lose billions of dollars a year to casinos.

      Gambler’s Fallacy is to blame for that. When people lose a couple of rounds at the slot machine, they think that the next round is “the round” that they win and recoup their money.

      Similarly in the Internet marketing industry, people buy product after product that don’t work, yet they continue to buy in hopes that they’ll find the magic pill. 

      Information Overload

        Do you remember your first time at the gym? You’re overwhelmed by all the equipment around you, not sure where to start or what to do.

        People who try to make money online suffer from information overload in a huge way.

        They’re bombarded by information all day long, learning about thousands of methods to make money online.

        I’ve been there, done that. Lost thousands of dollars and wasted months of my time.

        That’s why I’ve created a fool-proof money-making formula for you.

        A Life-Changing, 100% Guaranteed System

        I’m not saying that I’ve found that cure for Ebola or cancer, but what I have will change and save many lives.

        A proven system to make money online so you don’t have to gamble andwonder whether it works..

        And a step-by-step blueprint to take away any guesswork so that you know exactly what to do in order to start making money.

        Introducing : Classified Commissions

        A  newbie-friendly blueprint on driving floods of free traffic using traffic goldmines to your very own cash-sucking machine.

        Cash-Sucking Machines + Free Traffic = $$$

        This is an extremely powerful system, because the cash-sucking machines are completely automated and will convert every visitor that you send from the traffic goldmines into sales.

        These traffic goldmines receive millions of visitors per day, so the earning potential is huge here!

        The best part is… it’s free traffic, so you can get started without spending a dime!

        Nobody Else Is Telling You About These Traffic Goldmines

        It’s not your typical over-crowded traffic sources like Facebook, Youtube or Twitter…

        You’ll also be glad to hear that the system has nothing to do with SEO – no spending hours ranking and getting slapped by Google, which means predictableand consistent income for you.

        You won’t hear the gurus talking about these traffic goldmines. 

        But that’s great, that means more traffic and more money for us!

        Big Commissions Every Single Day On Autopilot

        Using this system you can easily make affiliate sales every single day.

        Even when you’re sound asleep at night, or on vacation with your loved ones. 

        And I’m not talking about measly $7 or $17 sales.

        I’m talking about big sales – $47, $97, and $197 sales. 

        1 sale/day = $3000/month in passive income.

        2 sales/day = $6000/month in passive income.

        See the potential here? You do the math!

        Oh yeah, this system works regardless if you’re promoting Clickbank offers,CPA offers or any other affiliate offers. 


        Full Disclosure

        Classified Commissions is not a get-rich-quick scheme. 

        You won’t make money without putting in effort. 

        If you’re not willing to spend 20 minutes a day setting up the system, this is not for you.

        I kindly request that you leave this page now.

        Also, most people that buy “make money online” products will not make any money whatsover. 

        That’s because most people won’t do anything with the information that they get. 

        But if you do take action and implement the system, you will achieve similar results.

        In fact if you could very well make more than I do with this system because I do this on the side.

        So, if you’re an action taker and are willing to spend 20 minutes a day to change your life, this is for you. 

        Please read on. 

        Here’s what’s covered in Classified Commissions :

        Module 1 : Selecting Smoking Hot Affiliate Offers

        Selecting a hot affiliate offer is the first step to making tons of money online.

        When you choose the right offer, making money online is as easy as A-B-C.

        Following my top 4 offer selection rules, you’re guaranteed the perfect affiliate offer that will sell like hot cakes. 

        Module 2 : Building Your Cash-Sucking Machine

        In this module I show you step-by-step how to build your very own simple yet powerful cash-sucking machine, even without any technical skills! 

        These cash-sucking machines are incredibly powerful and will turn any visitor that you send into sales.

        These machines are set and forget, and act as your 24/7 salesmen, selling affiliate offers with ease.

        Module 3 : Traffic Time!

        Once we’ve set up our machine, it’s time to drive floods of traffic to it.

        In this module I will show you the three types of traffic goldmines and how to extract the maximum amount of traffic from them.

        These traffic goldmines receive millions of visitors per day (yes per day, not per month) , so there’s zero fear of saturation (nobody uses them to make money anyway, except us.)

        Module 4 : Scaling And Automation

        Once you’ve got the system up and running, I’ll show you simple tricks that will literally double your income overnight. 

        I’ll also show you how you can outsource everything for true hands-free passive income. Don’t have a big budget? Don’t worry. 

        I’ll reveal my #1 resource to hire people for $5/hour.  You could easily get a 1000% return on investment with the resource that I share with you in the guide.

        A Paint-by-numbers, Fail-Proof Formula 

        As you can see this is a massive package and everything that you need to start making money online is included in Classified Commissions.

        I’ve laid the system out in a step-by-step manner for you so that you can succeed even if you’re completely clueless about Internet marketing and making money online.

        With Classified Commissions, there’s no reason why you cannot be making money immediately. 

        Don’t just take it from me,

         here’s what others had to say about it 

        “This is a crazy dead simple way of generating massive earnings completely on autopilot. 

        Man, you have done it again. Like all Naidy’s info guides, honestly this is a system

        that has the potential to make money for you over and over again..

        Imagine building several of these and let them run…4 figure paydays are not a dream anymore. 

        Just get it and follow those 4 steps. Highly recommended!”

        Tony Lucas

        “”All I can say is “WOW!” This is an absolute gem. 

        Just what I need to get back in the saddle after all of the Google algorithm changes. 

        Simply rinse and repeat the process with the millions of visitors that come to these sites daily!

        I especially love Pages 11 – 14 and the powerful way to choose the right product.

        Forget Google! Just focus on these traffic goldmines and the proven niches in this report.

        Thank you Naidy for sharing these life-changing strategies! I am truly grateful!”


        “Let’s face it, we’re all here for one thing….commissions. If we can help others out along the way, that’s even better:

        And BANG! here comes Naidy showing us even more solid techniques on how to do just that GET MORE commissions.

        As always, broken down so even the slowest of folk (like myself) can pick this up, 

        run with it and start bagging some serious cash injections in their business.

        Thanks for another rocking release Naidy! 

        Luke Blower

        “Hi Naidy and thanks for your review copy.

        Classified Commissions is really a solid technique,

        based on a new concept for affiliate marketing, that I’m more than sure it will work well.

        Naidy presents the method in a clear and digestible step-by-step, without leaving nothing out.

        It’s a lot of time I follow his releases, and each one is better than the previous.”

        Alessandro Zamboni

        “You guys MUST pick up a copy Naidy’s latest product, Classified Commissions. 

        Not only is the system SOO simple to implement, a newbie could do this, 

        but even better Naidy lays it all out for you so you can hit the ground running from the start!

        I already see myself implementing this simple system into my business very soon.

        Rock On!”

        Eric”The Las Vegas Ninja”Lovelace

        What could be more fun that getting Free tidal waves of traffic, build a list and start making $100/day?

        Hmmm..can’t think of a thing! Naidy’s courses are always First Class. 

        Get your copy, study it tonight, put it into action in the morning – BOOM! 

        You are on your way to your first profitable internet business.

        Kristie Chiles

        See What Internet Marketing Guru Kristie Chiles

         Had To Say About Classified Commissions :

        So you’ve read this letter.

        You know that the simple yet powerful cash-sucking machines is highly effective at making $47-$197 sales on autopilot.

        You know that the traffic goldmines that I reveal in Classified Commissions can send floods of traffic to your cash-sucking machines.

        And you know that a step-by-step, sure-fire system is the key to making money online.

        At this point you’re probably super excited and are wondering how much the system costs.

        Before that let me ask you some questions.

        How Much Is Financial Freedom Worth?

        How much is a $5000/month passive income worth to you?

        Can you put a price on your freedom and time to spend with your loved ones?

        How badly do you want to live life on your own terms, and quit that crappy job?

        I don’t know about you, but six months ago, I would have killed for those things. 

        Considering that I’ve paid thousands of dollars in coaching fees to learn the things that I reveal in Classified Commissions, $197 would be an extremely reasonable price.

        I know for a fact that many people would be happy to pay that price because the results generated with this method would pay 10 times the amount.

        But I’m not going to do that.

        In fact, I could EASILY charge $97 for this – but I know when you’re 
        first starting out – a whopping $97 just might not be possible.

        So instead, I want to make sure that you can get your hands on this at
        an affordable rate – just so you can start profiting off it immediately..

        For a limited time only, your investment to get your hands on 
        Classified Commissions is only…

        What’s the catch? Nothing, really. I just ask that you send me an email telling me your results with the system when you achieve success.

        I’m pricing it so low because I know that it will allow more people to get their hands on the system and I want the testimonials. Once I get the success stories, I’ll relaunch the product at a much higher price.

        Also, this product will only be available for a limited time, so get it now at thisrock-bottom price before I close the doors..

        Still not convinced?

        You may be thinking to yourself : 

        “Is this guy nuts? What kind of person does that kind of guarantee?”

        The answer is – a person that is 300% confident in his product.

        If you take action and implement the system, you will make money, no doubt about it.

        As you can see you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain..

        The risk is all mine…

        Click the buy button below to get started now.

        Don’t Miss Out On These Exclusive Bonuses : 

        When you invest in Classified Commissions today,  you get these exclusive bonuses :

        Niche Selection Handbook (Value : $17) 

        This is my exclusive niche selection blueprint 
        that I wish I had when I started out.

        This is a must-have guide that could save you 
        thousands of dollars and hours of your time.

        The Niche Selection Handbook Will Kick-Start
        Your Money-Making Journey Instantly!

        In this guide you will discover: 

        • 11 Free Sites That You Can Use To Instantly Generate Hundreds Of Niche Ideas (Nobody Is Telling You About These)
        • How To Validate Your Niche To Make Sure That It’s Profitable
        • How To Determine The Size Of A Niche To Gauge How Much Money You Can Make
        • My Top 3 Rules For Choosing A Profitable Niche
        • And much more…

          “How To Get Accepted Into CPA Networks” (Value : $7)

          If you’ve been struggling to get approved by CPA networks,
          this is perfect for you.

          Using my proven methods, you’re almost guaranteed 
          to get accepted into any CPA networks.

          You will learn : 

          • How to craft the perfect  application that instantly doubles your chances of getting approved
          • The #1 mistake that people make when applying to CPA networks
          • My exact copy-and-paste “rejection-reversal” email template
          • And much more…

            Youtube Traffic Grabber Software (Value : $47)

            My good friend James Knight is offering an amazing bonus 
            to customers of Classified Commissions.

            He’s spent thousands of dollars to develop this software and it sells for $47.

            Usually it’s exclusive to his high-ticket coaching clients,
            but he’s willing to give it to you for free!

            [GET] Classified Commissions DOWNLOAD

            In life, there are times when we need to make important, life-changing decisions.

            This is one of them.

            You have two choices here:

            Continue spinning your wheels and bleed money, banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to make money online..


            Grab Classified Commissions at this rock-bottom price and start generating easy $50-$195 days on autopilot.

            Which one will it be?

            I’ll see you on the other side.

            To Your Success,

            P.S. Considering the massive earning potential and the huge amount of value I’m giving, it’s a no-brainer. Grab it before I take it down after the launch period!

            P.P.S. It sucks being broke, lost and stuck – worrying about the bills, and sometimes even the next meal. You don’t have to worry anymore though. Just buy now and within 24 hours or less, you can start driving traffic and profiting. 

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