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In this report: The quickest and easiest way to …

INSULATE YOUR Ad Budget by spotting WEAK competition in High Traffic Areas… And Stealing Their Thunder right from under their noses!

GROW STEADILY RICHER by investing confidently in STRONG Proven Ad Placements that could hand you sales conversions of 8.2%… 11.7%… 18.4%… up to 26.2%!… As an affiliate!!

… Don’t just take my word for it…


Aweber Proof Snap

Building lists like that would do wonders for your business, as well as your life, right?

Responsive subscriber lists of this size is push button money! Accomplished marketers have been saying forever that each email subscriber is worth at least $1 annually(low-balling it), so let’s add up the total you see above.

$49,471 + 16,808 + 34,107 = 

$100,386.00!!!! per year

I built those 3 lists with the traffic methods covered in this course. Building those lists provide me with a 100K yearly income source I can tap anytime I want. Don’t you want the same?

Well, I’m here to tell you it can be you’re reality today…

Dear Fellow Entreprenuer

Whether you’re a fellow musician, or not, you want the same things I do: We want it All!

  • The money to plunk down for that vintage Gibson Guitar we’re itching for – or anything else we crave…
  • The freedom to blow off work and jam for hours in the park, catching the attention of strangers & making them fans – or to do anything else that pleases us – whenever we damn well feel like it…
  • The respect of our equals – and the time and money to make ourselves heroes in our own houses…

I’ve already got mine: When I set out to get my own money, freedom, and respect 6 years ago, I was a flat broke unemployed music teacher. Now, they (former friends who laughed at me 6 years ago) say I make more money than all of them combined, and beg me to teach them.

Tens of thousands of commission checks flow into my bank accounts each and every month.

See For Yourself!!!
Bank Proof snap

LOOK AT THAT^^^ Would doing numbers like this change your life?

My time’s my own to do with as I please.

Countless product owners write me long emails, and numerous Skype messages, begging me to promote their products.

And yeah, I get a huge kick spoiling my wife, and extended family rotten.

Now, I’m Going to Help You Get Yours In Far Less Time Than It Took Me!

Allow me to officially introduce myself:

Ari Protrait

Ari Rothland is a Coach with over 1,000 success stories to his name, a super affiliate, and consultant.

My name is Ari Rothland and I have just documented, and blueprinted my powerfully effective traffic generation techniques in a course called…

“The Cheap Traffic Revolution”

Cheap Traf Ebook cover

This course gives you, in plain & simple English, the exact strategies I used to make over $5 million in commissions in the last 3 years, with small lists, some as small as 800 people!

I did this without ever breaking the bank on paid traffic. I commonly pay a whopping $0.02 per click! Yes, you read that right. Let me make it even more impressive… I commonly bring in laser targeted traffic to my squeeze pages to the tune of 1,000 clicks for just $20!!

Scroll up to the conversion rates I mentioned earlier.  The weakest one was 8.2%!!!

Now, when you join today you’re going to know how to get a 60% opt-in rate on your squeeze, so that’s 600 people. A 8.2% conversion rate on 600 people = 49 sales!!

The average affiliate commission is $30… so you do the math… You spent $20 to get the list and you get 49 sales at $30 a pop… what’s your return on investment?


Got your answer?

You sure?

Good, because here it is…


That is very possible, and very easily doable with this system!

Now, I can’t promise you’ll get the same results but look at it this way, you make 1 sale you’ve already made a $10 profit. Who wouldn’t feel comfortable testing things out with those kind of margins, right!?!

Here’s a quick Glimpse of what you’re getting today:

  • Discover The $0.02 – $0.10 everything blueprint! Here you’re going to uncover how to never pay more than $0.02 – $0.10 per click ever again! (This makes driving massive traffic easy when you can get the best of it for dirt cheap!)
  • How to stick out like a sore thumb in even the most hyper-competitive and over-saturated markets! These marketing secrets are responsible for multiple 5 figure paydays! (You can reuse this as many times as you wish and it never fails to create monster campaigns!)
  • How to legally steal the biggest competitors in your market’s best customers without them having a clue that you’ve got your hand in their cookie jar! (This stealth tactic makes life as an affiliate so much easier, why start from scratch when you can swipe winners already making cash!)
  • How to access & leverage the best split tests in your market to swipe and launch with your campaigns(never have to test again!)
  • Ad Copy secrets that get your ads more clicks, faster than ever before, this is the key to paying a lesser bid than everyone else yet still getting the lion’s share of the clicks!
  • Discover exactly how to track offers to scale your offers to infinite heights! Uncover secret tools, and tactics that super affiliates use to maximize R.O.I. (Very powerful!)
  • Uncover how to build a list before you build a list that will lead to 4 times the conversions, subscribers, and repeat buyers! (This is a very under the radar tactic that quietly creates fortunes, master this and you can corner any market with no fear of the competition catching on for months!)

The key to this changing your financial outlook is simplicity. This course isn’t beating you over the head with a ton of content or fluff, it’s straight to the point. Spend a afternoon reading it, and have a campaign up the same day.

Who is This For:
  • Serious Entreprenuers who can’t be swayed from their vision of financial freedom by anything!
  • People who take quick & decisive action when given clear instructions
  • People tired of theory based courses & halfway taught methods
  • People who are willing to push through any learning curve they may encounter and persevere!
Who is This NOT For:
  • Anyone who thinks a lifestyle business strategy is ‘Too Hard’, that’s loser language and it’s not tolerated around here.
  • Anyone who thinks not knowing a term, technology, or how write content is a valid reason to quit. Please leave and head straight back to your job! You have a pension to work for.
  • Anyone who thinks the first time they try a method should be a home run an if not it’s trash… take the advice in the last bullet.
  • Lastly, anyone who’s going to waste their own time or mine. Please leave now!

If you genuinely believe you are the right person for this offer, then there’s only one thing left to discuss…

What’s The Price?

You can swipe all this money making power for the  very affordable, no brainer price of just…

GET Cheap Traffic Revolution DOWNLOAD

What’s a five or six figure commission producing traffic per month worth to you? If you have an action oriented mindset, $17 should not be a issue.

If you consider spending $17 unreasonably expensive for a $100K+ annual income it’s time to consider another profession, buddy. I’m just being honest with you.

Hop on this ground floor opportunity today while you still can. No fake scarcity here, search up my track record, I follow through on my promises to shut offers down.

But, wait… this offer wouldn’t be complete without an iron glad guarantee!

“That’s Right! When You Buy From Me, You ALSO Get My Award-Winning Customer Service, To Go With Your Rock-Solid 30 Day Money-back Guarantee!”

If you ever need help, or ever have a question, you will get a prompt response, from ME personally, within 24 hours, MAX! Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm EST. No lost tickets. No B.S. You get what you need, when you need it, every single time.

When you buy from me, you get the support you need, PERIOD.

And you ALSO get a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee You Can Count On!

Test drive the Sleep Money Method for 30 days.

If you need a refund for ANY reason, let me know, and you’ll get your money back right away. That’s a promise.

So, now you have a choice:

  • You can keep struggling to make money online, buying product after product making someone else rich…
  • You can keep on falling for latest miracle traffic bot, Google loophole, or some other scam with big promises and no results…
“Or…You Can Make 2014 The Year You Crush It By Following My Proven System for Building a Six-Figure Passive Income Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!”

GET Cheap Traffic Revolution DOWNLOAD

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