[GET] Captive Prospects How To Plug A Leaky Sales Funnel With An Affordable Retargeting Software And

Captive Prospects Features:

Works with PC and Mac. No Technical Skills Needed, No Programmers Needed.

Instantly Build Multiple Custom Audiences Across Multiple Platforms With One Link.

Retargeting, Exit Pop Ups, Timed Pop Ups, Video and More.

Instantly Increase Sales, Lower Your Marketing Expense And Save Time.

Laser Focused Advertising Solutions 

Whether its re-engaging your website visitors across massive social networks or creating a targeted awareness campaign, we give you the tools and training to keep ahead of the competition.


We give you one custom link that can retarget, build multiple custom audiences and give you exit and timed pop ups.


Want to have a welcome video pop up and play once they have been on your site for 10 seconds? We can do that too!


Our advanced targeting solution helps you drive the right traffic back to your site.


Our friendly support team is eager to help you. We provide ongoing updates free of charge too.


When your prospects try to leave your site, your pop up will appear. This will increase your conversions instantly.


Gain brand ubiquity and be top of mind when your targets are ready to buy.


Get more out of your budget by focusing your ads on the right audience.


Captive Prospects does it all from our robust desktop software. Pc and Mac compatible.

Our Captive Prospects Software 
Works For Any Niche Or Offer…

JVZOO Offers

Affiliate Marketing

Teespring Campaigns

YouTube Videos

Any Blogging Platfrom

ClickBank Products

Why Are Internet Marketers Using Captive Prospects?

They know having all of our marketing functions from one link means more money in their pocket.

Your Time Is Money

We made this so easy to use with the Internet Marketer in mind. Your time is very important and with this software, you will save plenty of time and money.

Instantly Increase Sales

Retargeting gives you the upper hand on increasing your sales. You keep your offer or product in front of your prospects all over the web.

Our Software Works

Our software does the complicated work behind the scenes for you. All you need to do is set it and forget it. You can delete campaigns or add marketing campaigns within minutes.

Pc and Mac

This robust software is compatible with Pc or Mac. It runs in the background and set up is simple. Most users are set up and running within 5 minutes.

What Can Captive Prospects Do For You?

  • Create Multiple Custom Audiences From 1 Link
  • Tee Spring Campaigns, Amazon Sales, JVZOO Sales
  • Retarget on Facebook, Twitter, Google and More
  • Easy to Use Desktop Software Pc or Mac
  • No Restrictions on Networks or Sites
  • Increase Your Conversions and Marketing ROI
  • Works with ANY Niche, Site or Affiliate Links
  • Get Your Ad Seen Across The Web
  • Exit Pop Ups, Retargeting and More From 1 Link
  • Free Ongoing Support and Updates

Captive Prospects works on all major sites like Facebook™, Twitter™, Youtube™, Pinterest™, LinkedIn™ and ALL other sites!

Captive Prospects Examples of Use . . . 

There are tons of different ways people can benefit from and use Captive Prospects. Are you involved with an Affiliate program? Great! Imagine being able to take your uniques affiliate link and adding the power of our software to instantly increase conversions. How, you ask? The answer is simple. You will be driving traffic to that link anyway, why not add retargeting and pop ups to give you the cutting edge and increase your conversion ratios? We make it simple and very useful to the internet marketer. Never miss an opportunity with your prospects again.

Ever wonder how the “Guru’s” seem to always sell a ton more shirts on Teespring? The answer is simple. They have amazing tools like Captive Prospects to give them the cutting edge technology to increase their conversions across the board. When they advertise their links, they know they can also keep that shirt ad in front of their prospects across the web with a few simple clicks thanks to our software. The real secret to success online is marketing the right way. Quit wasting hundreds of dollars to see what works when we can offer all of this for less than $30.

How Does Retargeting Really Work?

The Illustrations Below Will Show You The Basics

You Visit A Website To Buy Shoes

Many companies are using retargeting to increase sales of products like this example of shoes.

You Get Distracted By Your Kids

We all love our beautiful kids but they have great timing. It is easy to get distracted when you’re online.

Later That Day You Are On Facebook

You settle down and get some free time to login to any of your favorite social networks.

There Is An Ad From The Site You Visited

While you are posting about the days events an ad pops up showing you an item from earlier.

Retargeting Basics Continued . . . 

Retargeting is the most powerful marketing technology for small to large scale businesses. Retargeting is so effective because it focuses your advertising spend on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently demonstrated interest. That’s why most marketers who use it see a higher ROI than from most other digital channels. 
This gives you the marketing edge you need to increase sales and get people spending money with YOU. Don’t spend thousands a month for retargeting software, get Captive Prospects.

Retargeting Video Examples . . .

This Retargeting Example Shows You How It Works . . .

Retargeting Example With Facebook Ad Exchange . . .

Captive Prospects Works For Any Niche . . . 

Are you an internet marketer who loves to sell products from Jvzoo? Now take your product selling to a whole new level with our amazing software. Imagine being to able capture everyone who visits any of your product sales pages you promote and instantly retarget them with your ads all over Facebook, Twitter, Google and more? We make it simple to do and give you the extra edge you need to stand out as a leader online. It’s no wonder almost every business online is using retargeting in their marketing budget. IT WORKS over and over again and the results are same day, not months down the road like typical marketing.

Let’s Make It a HUGE NO-BRAINER with This Amazing Guarantee…

Try Captive Prospects For 7-Days Risk Free

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Captive Prospects that we are offering a full 7-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee… We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

Get Captive Prospects Now for $97 Just $27*

*Launch day special price only, price will increase

10 Active Campaigns Per Month Included


Do I need any marketing experience?

Not at all, we make it simple for you. We built this robust software with the Internet Marketing Newbie in mind. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, we show you how to do the rest.

Can I upgrade To An Unlimited Version?

Absolutely! Once you make your purchase, you will have the option to upgrade to unlimited. We include 10 active campaigns per month with your one time purchase. Upgrade anytime.

Does Captive Prospects offer any training?

Absolutely. We offer all the training you will need to set up, use and maximize your software. We also offer, at no charge, training modules on PPC marketing on Facebook.

Is this software PC and MAC compatible?

Yes. We built it fully capable of PC or MAC operation. At this time we do not offer it for Linux or any other oporating system.

Can I use this for all of my offers or niche’s?

Yes, you may use it for any number of niche’s, groups, blogs or offers. We recommend using this for anything that you promote online. In fact, we do not restrict you on at all on what sites you retarget.

Can I use this on Facebook, Twitter and Google?

This can be used on many social networks, websites and blogs. Actually, this custom software can be used in conjunction with any media that allows or gives you a tracking pixel script.

Can I use any Youtube or Vimeo Video?

Yes, our software can use basically any Youtube or Vimeo Video that is allowed to be shared. We also give you the option to have the videos auto play or not, your choice.

Can I make the CTA go to any website?

Of course! We do not limit how you use this for your marketing needs. We know the power of this software and how useful it is. The possibilities are endless for use!


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