Get Buyers Bonus Profits Escape The Freebie Seeker Nightmare And Pack Your List Full Of Buyers DOWNLOAD

‘Escape the Freebie Seeker Nightmare and Pack Your List Full of Buyers!’

The Easiest Way to Gain PROFITABLE Subscribers Like the PROs… 
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Get Buyers Bonus Profits Escape the Freebie Seeker Nightmare and Pack Your List Full of Buyers DOWNLOAD

Fellow Warriors,

Shane Farrell here, back today to BLOW your mind!

For the last 4 years I’ve been ‘playing’ at internet marketing, but never really made a solid income. Maybe this story sounds familiar….

…Jumping from product to product
…Spending thousands trying to find a magic button
…Struggling to find the gold in ‘can’t fail’ strategies

Because if this is YOUR story, I can relate.
Having seen so many others succeed while I just kept struggling…

Guilty secret? Feeling jealous when other people crush it, wishing their successes were mine and obviously they knew something I didn’t…

After enough self pity it was time to get to work. So I reverse engineered what the full timers are doing to crush it online:

  • No fads
  • No trends
  • No gimmicks
  • No loopholes

With one simple goal: to find ONE PROFITABLE METHOD to focus on 110% until it worked… And wow did I find that method!

In a few short months of SERIOUS focus and work, I had the answer. Profits were pouring in. Frustration was over because the efforts were paying off!

All thanks to a SUPER simple method that FORCES BUYERS ONTO YOUR EMAIL LISTSso you’re never stuck with a pile of freebie seekers again…


Spending money to test opt-in pages and funnels is old news and spending money when you aren’t making any makes ZERO sense.

The market is flooded with solo sellers and the subscribers aren’t converting into buyers like they used to. I know because I used to spend $100 a day chasing subscribers and trying to turn them into buyers.

I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to add buyers to my list without having to spend a ton of money or staying up every single night on the grind to find something to sell.

For the last year I’ve been secretly building massive BUYER email lists for free and profiting with each email off these subscribers with this method that you all have seen but never knew how to take action on.

We all know how profitable buyer’s are compared to freebie seekers, don’t we?

The best thing is… I’m going to show you EXACTLY how I do it!

Check out what you’re going to learn INSIDE this awesome guide:

Module 1: Buyer’s Bonus Profits Overview

Whether you have heard of this method or not – I’m going to walk you through EVERYTHINGyou need to know to start or to take it to the next level!

• I add dozens of BUYERS each day to multiple lists using this method.

Module 2: Finding Product Creators

In this module – I’m going to show you EXACTLY where you can find high quality product creators that will welcome your offer – and what to say to close the deal.

• I snipe out new deals each day and I’ll walk you through how I find them in the easiest ways possible.

Module 3: ***SECRET*** Revealed in the Guide

I can’t tell you what’s in this module as if I did – I’d reveal the method… you’ll have to take a look on the inside!

• I can tell you it’s the identical step by step actions I take to make this work.

Module 4: Selecting Your Bonus

In this module I’m going to show you how to do things the ‘right’ way in order to benefit to the maximum so you’re not ‘wasting’ any deals!

• This is how I know that each new BUYER subscriber is going to increase my income.

Module 5: Buyer’s Bonus Profits!

Here I’m going to show you how I set this up in my business in order to make things as easy as possible – these are the EXACT strategies I use so you know they WORK!

Module 6: PROFITS!

The reason any of us pick up a new report…monetization! There are THREE key areas I focus on and want you to also. It pains me when I see a fellow marketer missing one of these components because they are leaving money on the table!

Module 7: Frequently Asked Questions

I go over all the questions I get from my students and other marketers I have helped to set this method up. This is not one of those guides that just glances over the info and expects you to fill in the pieces. 

Everything is here so you can get right to work making money, not wasting your time. Plus MUCH, MUCH more!

As you can see – the value I’m including in this report is HUGE…

… I’ve gone into GREAT detail in order to ensure that 

EVERYTHING you need is inside… from the method I follow all the way to the exact resources I personally use!


… Because of the value of this offer – I could probably charge $100+ like my coaching students pay and I’d get a ton of raving customers… but I’m not going to do that…

… I want this to be a truly amazing offer which is why I want to do something AMAZING, ON TOP of the amazing product…

That’s why I’m offering this starting at JUST $4.00!

That’s right – you can get your hands on the exact information that’s banking me passive buyer email subscriber lists and profits for less than your morning coffee and sandwich…

… But don’t delay! Because this is a dime-sale the price will increase each and every sale! So, if you’re serious about your online business and making money – click the buy button below NOW to jump in before the price raises!

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