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Dear Friend, 

Recently the 2015 Build Grow Scale LIVE event was held. It was a gushing fire hydrant of CONTENT on money making, business building and wealth creating information which generated immediate gains for attendees businesses. 

If you are reading this page, unfortunately, you probably missed the event. 
That is the bad news. However, this is the good news.

If you’re struggling with growing your revenue… growing your profitability… scaling your company to 7 figures or even 8 figures yearly… Overpaying on your traffic costs… or automating you business to free up your personal time, then you’re about to be extremely happy.

But first… can you tell me if any of these apply to you?

  • Do you deal with lower conversion rates than you really wish you had?
  • Do you lie in bed at night struggling with how to add more profitable traffic to your business?
  • Are you just plain sick of not making the kind of money you KNOW you could be making with a little help?
If so, you’re absolutely going to get a tremendous step up for your business and your income with what I have to share 

with you. 

This Is Your Opportunity To 
Get The IMPLEMENTABLE Action Steps from
Build Grow Scale LIVE in Notes Form!

You see, I’ve gone ahead and worked a deal with Tanner & Los to be allowed to reveal the OFFICIAL Notes of the Build Grow Scale LIVE Event… These are amazingly copious notes of the BEST nuggets of gold… the exact processes making presenters money… the cheapest and most usable traffic sources… the conversion crushing funnels… the processes to scale your revenue… and the mindsets and actions which have changed everything for the people making tons of money online… 

People in the audience were literally saying they couldn’t take notes fast enough with ALL the nuggets of gold being given away. It was a massive content dump which was life transformational for the entrepreneurs in the audience. The general consensus was they gave away way too much information. Attendees couldn’t get it all recorded fast enough. Yet, Luckily for me, I was given the slides ahead of time and put the actionable steps, processes and nuggets of gold into these robust notes. 

These notes only take an hour to ingest and begin implementing… and these notes will help you:

  • Get more traffic right away
  • Dramatically jump your conversion rates
  • See solutions not 1 in 1,000 entrepreneurs know to grow your profitability (From elite 8 figure business owners)
  • Realize how 8 figure companies have scaled their operations to 8 figures 
  • Implement Faster for more revenue every month (and generate more recurring revenue than ever before)
  • Multiply profitability of every campaign you have currently
  • Install new profit centers in your business that generate massive cash flow
  • And give you exact processes for immediate and ongoing net profit growth
I know you might be a bit skeptical about all this. However, here are some of the successes of the presenters who trained attendees of Build Grow Scale LIVE:

  • Built a $100 million a year business (then stupidly broke his business and lost $30 million bucks along the way).
    This guy has since gone on to create five different companies, three of which are doing 7 or 8 figures yearly and are
    running very successfully
  • Created a $66 million a year supplement company (shows you how to compress your time to get more done in less time) while being a great father to 7 children
  • These two partners taught how to scale (and did $13 million in revenue last year)
  • Neil Patel teaches you how to make over $100,000 monthly from content marketing 
  • This Dynamic Duo give you the secrets to having 800% to 4,000% ROI on your marketing campaigns
  • An Automation specialist who shows you how to cut your working hours drastically while jumping conversions by up to400% with advanced automation techniques
  • A New Yorker who gives you his system for turning $1 into $9 over and over again with a very simple 25-30 minuteautoresponder install that gets customers to buy more often from you
  • And a heck of a lot more… 

Here’s The Success & Track Records 
Of The BGS Event Speakers:

Tanner Larsson (Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker) – Tanner Larsson is the co-founder of Build Grow Scale, a multimillion dollar digital publishing and software company. He is acknowledged as a leading expert on e-commerce and the sale of physical products over the Internet. Tanner is uniquely skilled at turning a complex business process into simple,
actionable steps.

Los Silva (Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Renowned Business Advisor) – Los Silva is also a co-founder of Build Grow Scale. Los Silva is a top direct response sales funnel designer and has consulted on funnels for entrepreneurs, startups, and companies including Disney, Driftrock, Ryan Deiss, Kent Clothier, and many others. Los is one of the most well connected people in our industry and has helped his clients earn millions of dollars from their campaigns.

Vincent Fisher (The 300 Million Dollar Man Speaking about scaling your company) – Vincent Fisher has posted over $300 million in sales since 2006. He has employed over 1700 people in his career. At Build Grow Scale LIVE he gave his best secrets on building, growing, and scaling your business to eight figures and beyond.

Ryan Coisson (8 Figure Business Owner) – Owns a very successful eCom business with his partner Daniel. He shared how to scale your business, how to delegate for growth, and the 6 step process he has developed to bring his own business to over $13 million a year.  

Damien Rufus (Build Grow Scale’s Business Systems & Automation Strategist) – Damien has developed brands for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses too. Damien shows you what behavior sequencing is and how to maximize your revenue per email subscriber.

Neil Patel – Neil helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the 

top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most
brilliant companies in the world. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age
of 30by President Obama and one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Drew Sanocki (Retail & E-commerce Aficionado Speaking on E-commerce 3.0) – Drew’s marketing automation and customer segmentation rules have driven over $100 million in transactions. Drew shared the secrets he’s learned from his own retail business on how to drive sales using customer data, customer segmentation, and focused email marketing.

Ed O’Keefe (Business Strategy Consultant, Entrepreneur) – Ed runs a $66 million a year company. He taught how to get what you want faster than you ever thought possible. 

Now that you can see the event was top notch and way over delivered…

Here’s Why The BGS Event Was So Valuable:

The BGS Event was immensely valuable to everyone there because the content was 100% from experience. 
Everyone shared what actually works from previous experiences and what they do that works NOW.


100% What has worked and continues to work. Broken down into processes and step-by-step implementation plans.

Case studies you can model. Examples of what works TODAY. 
How to deal with the challenges we face on the internet RIGHT NOW.

Exact HOW TO’s for growing your profits.

The mindset and thinking of 8 figure earners.

The exact proven systems to grow a real company that is scalable and able to be SOLD as an asset itself.

The “Shortcuts” that teach you how to enjoy massive success online in minimum time. 

Seriously, this was a powerful event with top players…the kind of people you only dream of having access too.

And now you can have the crystallized core takeaways from the event to implement in your business to make money right away. 

I know you want to stop stagnant growth and start growing your revenue quickly… so I wanted to do my best to help.

The Build Grow Scale LIVE Notes

I created Build Grow Scale LIVE Notes when I realized how many people really wanted to come to the LIVE event but were unable to due to us being held over Memorial Day weekend and not being able to get away from time with Family (Ya, they unfortunately didn’t think that one through too well on 
holiday timing). 

However, Judging by all the feedback I’ve already gotten, I’m quite confident these notes will help YOU massively.

You see, you must get these notes to stay on the cutting edge of what is really working in the internet game. 
This is all about what is Proven and what is working right now. Zero fluff.

  • If you own an ecommerce site, you must get these notes because they show you how to build, grow and scale your company.
  • If you do digital products you must look at these notes as they will help you fast track your growth in your company, get cheaper traffic, and up your conversion rates.
  • And if you want to really supercharge you business and run what I call a Hybrid business model that is a cross between an Ecom business and a Digital products business you’ll find ways to maximize your revenue in ways you’ve probably never even imagined before now.

You can think of this like the…

Cliff-Notes of The Entire Build Grow Scale LIVE Event

You see, The Build Grow Scale LIVE Notes are the core essence and usable content that was given at BGS Live for a fraction of the investment. This gives you exactly what you need to implement to take your company to higher revenues… and do it FAST! You’ll discover:

  • Why the digital landscape has changed and is getting TOUGHER for marketers like us… and how to combat these changes and do it while getting cheaper traffic that is more targeted than ever before
  • Traffic is still KING of the internet… and in this section you learn what the dominant QUEEN is.. and how to utilize her strengths to get traffic dirt cheap and grow a loyal following
  • New networks to 5x your traffic almost overnight
  • How to engineer the 5 most valuable targeting campaigns to get buyers, generate repeat buyers… and then win back defecting buyers from your Ecom business
  • How to use 30 minutes to generate a 900% ROI on every dollar you spend on marketing with your customer retention (Literally, this 30 minute install added $9 in PROFIT for every $1 spent and generated an extra $250,000 in profit for a Ecom business that badly needed an infusion of profit.) 
  • Secrets to automating your marketing and scaling your operations so you have more time with more money so you can go enjoy both
  • Exact, detailed and documented processes to scaling your organization to 8 figures and beyond. (These are the literal steps multiple 8 figure company owners agreed upon are the best to use for hurdling over obstacles and creating a valuable SALEABLE business that is NOT dependent on you as it scales past 8 figures in revenue)
  • The secret of how to view employees that will change your growth thinking for the rest of your life (Hint: if you are thinking of hiring Monkeys to do work for you, think again)
  • How to go from $0 to $100,000 a month with content marketing 
  • And much MUCH more…
And although this sounds like your investment in these notes is going to be tons of money… it won’t.

Access To The Build Grow Scale LIVE Notes

Is Only $47… For Now. 

I know, you might be wondering, “What’s the catch?”

After all… The exact step by step proven processes 7 & 8 figure earners use to grow their companies in a distilled notes form with JUST what to do and the actions to take should be much higher.

Heck, this is like having almost a dozen über successful entrepreneurs teach you what can instantly make you more money and have it all ingested in under an hour. You get the cutting edge information of what works today and you get it from the comfort of your home without having to pay to travel, hole up in a hotel for days and sit in an uncomfortable event chair for hours on end to get this valuable information.

But truth be told, it’s important to me to make sure you get a great value. I really want to help more people make more money online and these notes can help you do earn far more income. 

I’m not saying I’ll keep the BGS LIVE Event Notes at this price forever though. The value is undeterminable because any one of the content pieces can be THE transformational piece you need to double, triple or even quadruple your business. You are getting 8 figure business owners teaching you what to implement, step by step, so your business (and profits) grow. Right now this is extremely underpriced… and it won’t last long at this rate for long. Get The Notes 

One thing you must realize is… 

There are No Refunds On These Notes

Kinda like a steak dinner at Morton’s steak house, once you eat your steak you don’t get a refund. Once these notes are “eaten”, you’re committed. These notes give you the core systems, processes and exact how to’s of what is working for 7 figure and 8 figure entrepreneurs to make that kind of money. 

These BGS LIVE Event Notes give you the shortcut secrets to build your own business faster, with cheaper traffic costs and higher conversion rates. They are the compressed version of coming to the live event and pack a powerful punch of content through 40 pages of implementable How To’s.  

They are very, VERY good, otherwise I wouldn’t risk my reputation in offering them. Just realize this is commitment and one ensuring you implement what you choose to own because when you take action with what you are taught in these notes, your business can grow in extremely profitable ways.  

So remember, acting fast has its rewards: 

Price WILL Be Going Up!

This is an introductory offer special since the event JUST happened. The price WILL be going up… on June 16th. 

Price will be going up from $47… to $97 on June 16th. So grab you copy now, before you pay more. 

And remember – 

Here’s Everything You’re Getting:

The exact notes from every single presenter from the Build Grow Scale LIVE 2015 Event. 

You get each veteran entrepreneurs highest expertise handed to you in crystalized form so you can implement and profit. You will take away the best, most usable information and be able to install it right into your business right away. Yes, I want these Notes 

Here’s What To Do Now :

As you can see, I tried to make this as easy as possible for you.

As soon as you sign up you’ll get instant access to the Build Grow Scale LIVE Notes – All the presenters content, how to use the market changes to add new profits into your business, the step-by-step processes, the proven results you can model, the case studies, the content marketing strategies, the cheapest places to get mass quantities of targeted traffic, the best ways to increase your conversions, and the secrets to building funnels that produce insanely profitable ROI’s… and a heck of a lot more.
Simply click the button below and enter your payment details. You will then be sent an email with instant access to your BGS LIVE Notes. From there you will have all the experience and insights these hugely successful entrepreneurs shared, right at your finger tips. 

The process is extremely simple and you can look forward to enjoying tangible steps to make more money in your business in just 3 minutes from now. So go ahead and fill out the order form now and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the “other side”: 


Matt Stefanik

P.S. Remember, you must act on this now because the price will be going up. This introductory special of $47 will be going up all the way to a price of $97 after June 16th. Grab this while it’s available!

P.P.S. Remember you are being trained by 8 figure moguls and 7 figure earners. You are getting their best strategies and exact step-by-step processes which generate revenue and scale a company. Don’t miss out — secure your copy now!

P.P.S. You’re still here. You’re obviously interested. You obviously don’t want to continue living with stagnant growth or a lower income than your truly want to have. In 3 minutes time, you can have these notes and begin generating the revenues you truly want to enjoy. You owe it to yourself to try — especially considering the success levels of the people training you in these notes. Take advantage while the opportunity is in front of you because if you come back even 5 minutes too late down the line, I’ll have to apologize and charge you way more.

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